How do I view additional tasks in Repair Order?

  1. I'm fairly early in the game. When I accept a project with multiple tasks with lists included for each, I don't know how to select/change the different tasks within the Repair Order screen. For example, I have a car that has 2 major tasks. One is for bad handling and it includes the list of items to replace, and the other is for noise coming from engine bay (list also included). However, after changing out all parts for the handling problem, that task is shown as completed, yet I can't switch to the noise task to be able to view the list of components that need to be addressed. No matter what buttons I press, nothing happens. Am I missing something here? Is there a specific button I should press to switch between tasks?

    User Info: od119

    od119 - 1 year ago


  1. thats a very good question, i was wondering the same thing and gave up trying to figure it out and if i couldnt find the faulty part id just end the job without fixing it, im also wondering if there is a junk yard on the pocket version because getting the cars through auction us quite expensive

    User Info: JuggalotizDrew

    JuggalotizDrew - 1 year ago 0   0
  2. I am also having the same issue. I have no idea if there even is a developer to contact about it. I've looked around and the game seems to be put out by different people for every platform, and finding human contact for support is nonexistent. I doubt Nintendo would be able to find the issue as they don't oversee the game. Emailing the people that put it onto the store might be the best solution, but who knows if anything will happen.

    User Info: pumpkincup

    pumpkincup - 1 year ago 0   0

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