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Disney's Aladdin Cheats


  • Codes

    Press the start button and enter the following codes while the screen is paused

    All ItemsRight, Left, Up, Up, Down, Left, Left
    InvincibilityUp, Right, Down, Left, Left
    Toon WorldUp, Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down

    Contributed By: NextBigThing and KeyBlade999.

    34    60


  • Level Skip

    Press Pause on any level then press A, B, B, A, A, B, B, A.

    Contributed By: Dyse and KeyBlade999.

    27    24


  • Cheat Menu

    At the title screen-while the words "Press Start Button" are flashing - press the following:

    Cheat MenuUp, Right, Down, Left, 1, 2, 1, 2

    Contributed By: shadowcore76.

    12    12


  • Level Passwords and Invincibility

    Enter the following passwords.

    Stage 01A J G J
    Stage 02L A E A
    Stage 03A S N F
    Stage 04D M I A
    Stage 05D I E R
    Stage 06I N S I
    Stage 07N E U A
    Stage 08A A L G
    Stage 09B L T O
    Stage 10U I A N
    Start with invincibilityA I Q Y
    0    2


  • Cheat Menu

    At the options menu, press A, C, A, C, A, C, A, C, B(x4). If done correctly, you'll be taken to a screen where a message and a smiley face of David Perry will appear (the co-developer of Virgin Games), and you'll hear Aladdin say "Yeah!" A cheat menu will appear, giving you access to such options as invincibility, level select, and more.

    Contributed By: PrintScrnsRq and kobra2k15.

    28    11

  • Level Skip

    On any stage Pause the game then press: A, B(2), A(2), B(2), A.

    Contributed By: Dyse.

    9    21

Easter Eggs

  • Life from Mickey ears

    In the Desert level, you will come across a washing line with a pair of Mickey Mouse ears hanging up. If you position Aladdin in the correct spot, he will move slightly forward if you aren't pressing anything and his head will appear to be wearing the hat. This causes a life to appear.

    Contributed By: SuperFlip.

    14    7


  • Rug ride level skip

    You can skip this level without entering any code. To skip this level you must die at least three times. How it works. In the begining of this level, on top side of screen, you will find extra life. Then on low side of screen, you will find stone. Wreck onto it and loose life. Do this (find extra life and loose it) at least three times. If you done all correctly, you will be thrown on the next level with words "nice try".

    Contributed By: Korin.

    2    2

  • Secret life on Desert Level

    If you turn around from the start you will find 4 apples. If you go past the tree on your right and then go back to these apples, you will find an extra life waiting in the middle of them

    Contributed By: SuperFlip.

    9    0

  • Secret shop in Desert Level

    You will come accross a pillar which has a picture of Goofy on, if you jump while behind it, you will fly upwards into a secret shop.

    Contributed By: SuperFlip.

    10    0

The Lion King Cheats


  • Level Skip

    During game play, press [Select] to pause the game. Once paused, press B, A, A, B, A, A to skip to the next level.

    Skip to the next level/credits(While paused) B, A, A, B, A, A

    Contributed By: mikaa.

    0    60

  • Suicide Cheat

    Press Select during gameplay to pause the game and press:

    Suicide CheatB, A, A, Left while the game is paused.

    Contributed By: Mezmorize99.

    5    18

  • Cheat Screen

    In the options screen Press Right, A, A, B, Start and the Cheat screen will appear. It gives level select and invicibility.

    Contributed By: johnnybluebacker.

    71    47

  • Unlimited Roars

    Press Right, A, B, C and then Start in the options section. Simba will roar as an adult to confirm correct code entry.

    Contributed By: johnnybluebacker.

    15    10


  • Special move- beating Scar

    If you have a six-button contoller, you can knock Scar off the cliff by pressing the X button

    Contributed By: Bodobodot.

    8    8


  • Codes

    Secret Options MenuGo to the Options menu and push B, A, R, R, Y.
    Turns Simba and his gravity upside-downUnlock the Secret Options Menu, then push R, A, A, B on that screen.

    Contributed By: ElementalKnight and ironyisntdead.

    23    22

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