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by vreaper

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Guide and Walkthrough by vreaper

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/30/2018


Now before we begin I will quickly state what this guide will cover and some minor info regarding this game. Firstly let me clarify that this game is a sequel and i highly recommend NOT to play it until you have played the first game from end to finish, story wise at least. The main reasons i'm saying this is because much of the plot line directly connects to the events in the first game and mean almost nothing without the proper context, furthermore the mechanics of this game are almost completely identical with some fine tuning.

Now in regards to game mechanics, this guide will NOT cover most of these as the main major mechanics such as battle, digimon farm, digivolution and various other systems are completely identical to how they were in Cyber Sleuth and there is already an existing guide on this site that covers them. However new mechanics such as the improved online coliseum, domination battles and the abyss dungeon will all be covered.

This guide will include a walk through of the entire main game from the beginning to end, A list of all digimon in the game and their evolution lines as well as info from the games field guide, a list of collectibles such as medal and the like and where to find each one, a list of shops in the game (only those unique to this game shops also in cyber slueth wont be touched upon as they are l aready covered in CS guide), and of course a trophy guide.

Again i will reiterate there will be no info in this guide that is already available in the already existing cyber sleuth guide unless it is in regard to digimon and their evolutions.

Also this guide will constantly work under the assumption you have played the first game.

Update Information

Current version no. 1.0 The guide is now complete from top to bottom. Thank you for reading. Please feel free to message me if you have any question or have anything you feel should be added to the guide.

Carry overs

Cyber sleuth save carry over and clear save

As this game is a sequel it is actually possible to carry over save data from the first game if it is in your save data on your console or in the cross save server. If you have completed the story doing so will give you several items including:

  1. Cyber Sleuth goggles - An accessory item for digimon
  2. Yugo Special Program - Equipment, All attribute damage -10%
  3. Kyoko's Special Coffee (Rainbow) - Consumable, Raises one ally's base stats by 30% for 5 turns and poisons them in battle
  4. Nokia's Strange Candy - Consumable, Increases Cam by 100
  5. Arata's Prized Comic - A rare item you can sell for money about 100000
  6. Yuuko's Grand Feast - Consumable, Removes abnormal statuses from all party member and restores HP & SP

Each consumable item is a one time use only per new game. Furthermore your digimon field guide from the previous will also carry over, you won't get any digimon but the field guide will be filled up to the same amount on your cyber sleuth save. In other words if you had 249 digimon (all of them) registered in your cyber sleuth field guide that same amount will be registered in hacker's memory.

The last and most valuable part of this is that your medal progress is also carried over meaning the exact same number of medals from your cyber slueth save will be brought over.

There is also a feature which when you have completed Hacker's memory you can bring over digimon from cyber sleuth however this is only possible in the original japanese release and is not possible in over sea releases such as NA and EU.

WARNING: Saves can only be carried over if the regions of the two games are the same.

New Game +

When you start a new game plus everything in your digimon farm will carry over as will all your items, money, digimon, field guide pretty much everything except for your case progress and hacker's memories. All chests will be restocked with the same items and all Shiny objects will respawn. You will also get the following items as a bonus:

  1. Memetan Replica- equipment for digimon which reduces int/def penetration damage 100%
  2. High powered visor- An accessory
  3. DVD: Gangster girls- one time use stat boost item increases atk and eva of 1 ally by 50%
  4. Popular guys guide- Gives 800000 exp to one digimon
  5. Vanguard K's mask- An item to be sold will give you 100000 yen