How do you cheese FF8 remastered?

  1. TLDR: how do I avoid all the combat in FF8?

    So I’m a huge Final Fantasy fan and Final Fantasy VIII is one of the last ones I haven’t beaten. I’ve tried the vanilla PS1 version multiple times but an hour or so in when it really wants you to start summoning GF’s I lose interest. I love it’s story and music and even the trading card game but hate its combat and wonder if there is a way in the remaster you avoid it. I know you can auto limit break and maybe turn off random encounters but I didn’t know if there was an easy way to cheese fights like a cheat code to unlock every summon and make your characters level 99 or something. I’ve looked into let’s play videos but I want someone to read all the dialogue so I can put it on the background while I work / do chores. After digging for about an hour I found one guy who does this but I don’t know if he’ll beat the game or not (YouTuber: Mage Masher).

    Do you guys have advice for the Nintendo Switch version on how to largely avoid combat or a better let’s play of the game?

    User Info: craponu

    craponu - 1 year ago

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  1. There are no easy cheat codes to max your level. However you can get stupidly powerful very early on in the game especially if you are running a low level game. Basically, once you get Quezcotyl and learn card mod, you can play the game without gaining exp for your lowbies. That way, once you get a lot of cards from the tetra master card game, you can card mod them for items, which when GFs learn their respective refine abilities, can give you stupidly powerful elemental / healing magic very early on.

    When junctioned correctly, you can pretty much one or two shot the bosses (as they scale with Squall's level.. so keeping him low level and having junctioned high magic / strength stats to your party can make them a pushover)

    The game itself has a ton of sidequests and little hidden dialogue / miniquests in it... it's a very good story with little bits of world side stories going on.

    Also, you don't need to summon GFs at all in the game.. it's not mandatory to use them other than to junction magic to stats, and gain skills (some of which are mandatory at the end of the game - such as call shop etc)

    User Info: Waraila

    Waraila - 1 year ago 2   0
  2. Okay that's cool but my head is spinning from all that. Like if I use the unlimited limit breaks would that make every encounter a cakewalk?

    User Info: craponu

    craponu - 1 year ago
  3. Pretty much, although to be honest not as much as getting the right amount of strength / magic to make them useful.

    There's good guides to low level farming / card mod etc farming on the FAQ page. Also yes the card game is fun. but beware the random / plus rules later on :)

    User Info: Waraila

    Waraila - 1 year ago

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