What is the best setup for squads?

  1. So I currently have 18 units I can use in battle I have 3 squads of 5 and one squad of 3 is that good of should I increase the amount of squads. Any thoughts or help would be much appricated.

    User Info: swordmaster367

    swordmaster367 - 11 months ago


  1. If 5/5/5/3 is working for you, then stick with it.

    The most common setup is usually 4/4/5/5, where one of the 5's is a mystic union since it tends to have lower HP units in it. But, if you've got units that have naturally high HP (such as Torgal, Blocter and Baulson...among others), then you might want to split away from the common setup and use 3/3/3/4/4. Breaking down into 5 unions will give you more options - specifically, they allow you to target more enemies. Or break away and heal/revive while still remaining deadlocked with a few unions. And if the fight is against a single enemy, you can get a couple unions on the Flanks/Rear to avoid getting retaliated.

    User Info: Atmaone

    Atmaone - 11 months ago 0   0

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