• Play as Octavo

    In order to unlock Octavo as a playable character, make sure you have your Cadence of Hyrule game updated to the latest version. Then complete the main story by defeating Ganon. After you scroll through the credits, you’ll get an onscreen prompt saying “You can now play as Octavo!”
    To play as him, start a new game, scroll through the game modes, and select “Story Mode- Octavo”. His adventure contains different dialogue, and he even has his own voice actor!

    Contributed By: Neo64.

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  • Play as Yves the Deku Scrub

    To unlock Yves, a special hidden character, you must first gather 20 deku nuts.
    Go find Tingle in the lost woods, then speak to him, he will let Yves join your team.

    Contributed By: zog79.

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Easter Eggs

  • I AM ERROR - Easter Egg

    There is a reference to the ERROR character from the second Zelda game. To find it, go to Gerudo Village in the desert. In the middle of the village, there is a block you can push. You'll want to push it to the left side of the village (below the Sheikah Stone). There is a low ledge that you can climb onto using the block. Heading to the left screen, you will end up at a house in the middle of nowhere! Go inside and there will be an NPC selling boots for 500 rupees. They let you move freely rather than on-beat. Keep in mind that they CAN wear out, and it seems they can only be purchased once. Talking to the NPC, he will say, "I AM ERROR," a reference to an NPC with the same message in Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. Keep talking to him and he will offer new dialogue. "Error Houlihan," which might be another reference, this time to the Chris Houlihan room in A Link to The Past.

    Contributed By: timeternal.

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Area/Level Hints

  • Getting through the Lost Woods without the Tingle's Dowser/Rumble

    Every section in the Lost Woods has a bunch of enemies, but one enemy will always be either a discolored, stronger variant of the same enemy, or a different enemy altogether. The exit closest to where that strong enemy spawned is the way to go.

    Contributed By: Dark_Bass.

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  • Unlimited Diamonds

    In the Lost woods, if you have a spear and you go down into the place with the puffstools, you can use the spear so you are out of their range and kill them. After, you can go up and back down so the enemies are reset you can kill them again

    Contributed By: Super_123.

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