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  • Ever since Sun and Moon, a feature was introduced in that certain species of Pokémon try to learn a new Move automatically as soon as they evolve; this is colloquially known as "Evolve Move".

    If a Pokémon evolves, say, well after the Level it would have normally evolved, it's possible for the evolved stage to try to learn multiple Moves at once in that both the Evolve Move and the Move it normally would learn at that Level come up "at the same time"; in this specific instance, the Level Up Move takes precedence over the Evolve Move.

    For example, an Ivysaur that evolves into Venusaur at Level 51 will try to learn Double-Edge first, as Venusaur learns Double-Edge at Level 51, and then Petal Blizzard, Venusaur's Evolve Move.

    Contributed By: Andrex_93.

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  • By using the Google Lens app and pointing the camera at the front cover of the game's physical case or at the digital icon of the game on the Switch, these are brought to life, starting off with the Legendary Pokémon becoming animated, doing a few poses, and then some clips from some of the trailers playing out, in front of your eyes.

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  • In currently Promoted Raids, G-Max Alcremie saw its support end on the 30th, and now Milcery with the Gigantamax Factors have started to appear, instead, and will do so up until February the 16th (2020).

    These Raids are the only way, so far, to obtain Ribbon and Star Sweet Items, which were previously unavailable.

    Contributed By: Andrex_93.

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  • In the Isle of Armor DLC, there's a side-quest about gathering Alolan Diglett scattered throughout the isle and the neighboring islets; there are 151 Alolan Diglett in total (150 plus the initial one that triggers the side-quest's activation in the first place), which is almost certainly a reference to the original 151 Pokémon of the Generation 1 games (Red, Green, Blue and Yellow/Special Pikachu Edition).

    Contributed By: Andrex_93.

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  • One-Hit KO Moves will only affect Dynamaxed and Gigantamaxed Pokémon when, in Max Raid Battles, they have their shields up; this will remove 2 bars of the barrier and will display this quote:

    "What a vicious blow! It damaged the mysterious barrier severely!"

    This is the only instance of this quote being used, in the game.

    Contributed By: Andrex_93.

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  • If you speak to the Nursery Lady on Route 5 while having all the PCs completely full, she will do her usual animation while talking, but she'll then be stuck playing this animation even when the conversation ends and you go away, even if she goes off-screen from your view, only stopping if you change maps completely.

    Contributed By: Andrex_93.

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  • In the player's room, at his/her house in Postwick, there's a Nintendo Switch console: its Joy-Cons will match the color of the ones currently in use on the player's system.

    Contributed By: Andrex_93.

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Famous Quote

  • Leon: Let's have a champion time!

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  • Nurse Joy (after the January 2020 update, if the Event was not yet triggered): By the way...

    You may be able to see a rare Pokémon at Wedgehurst Station now.

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