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Reviewed: 02/10/20

Ignore the blatant troll reviews, this game is amazing

So, personally, I think this game is close to being a masterpiece, with literally none of the hate, backlash, and harassment being justified. Not to mention that "DexiteerS" are spreading lies and misinformation all because a few Pokemon got cut from the game for them to focus on making the game as great as it could be. And, they succeeded in that.

Personally speaking, I had an absolute blast with the game. The areas are beautiful to look at, the music is so freaking good, and the character development for almost everyone has been stellar, especially with Hop. I dunno if I can go into spoiler territory over it, though, and there doesn't seem to be any way to mark things here as spoilers, so here's that warning, I guess.

The development of Hop is arguably my favorite of them all, even considering Bede and how he found a new lease on life after the Chairman just abandoned him over a mural situation. Hop starts off as, well, most every main rival since Gen 6. Upbeat, happy, and full of confidence, as he doesn't even let his losses to you affect him.

Then he faces Bede, and gets freaking obliterated by him.

From that point on, he's clearly suffering from it mentally, trying to put on a facade of happiness and yet complains about how his head's not in the game after that loss, and every loss he suffers to the player puts him in more doubt, even to the point that he feels he isn't helpful in the post game, when he's not only been helpful there, but even helped in the climax of the main story with Eternatus going Eternamax on our butts. It's not until the post game's ending that he not only catches a Legendary Pokemon that, btw, he did without even battling it AND with a Pokeball, but then decides to become a professor in order to help everyone around the world like he did in the post game Dynamax battles.

As for the gameplay, well, it's what you'd expect from a Pokemon game. It's the traditional turn-based battle we've all known and loved since the Gen 1 days. New moves and new Pokemon alike help make it stay enjoyable, if not fresh. I will say that the limitations with Dynamaxing and the BIGGER limitations with Gigantimaxing is what keeps me from putting this at 5 hearts. Simply put, Dynamaxing is only able to be done in certain areas and most story-related bouts, and Gigantimax forms of Pokemon can only be obtained in Max Raid Battles, instead of them just being exclusive to specific Pokemon like how Mega Evolution is. Personally, I think that's a dumb choice the devs made, especially with the fact that you get ONE shot at catching a Pokemon you beat in a Max Raid Battle, and then, if you fail, the Pokemon leaves and you'll have to hope you find it again in another one. RNG, we cannot escape.

The villain, I wanna say, is alright. Though, I felt it was too predictable that he'd be the villain, even if I can kinda understand where he's coming from with why he did what he did, but his methods are, of course, the main thing that shows him as the villain. I found it odd that he did what he did due to a potential threat that wasn't gonna happen for at least a millennium, even thinking it must've had some relation to climate change, much like Corsola and Weezing's Galarian forms and Cursola. Still, he, I think, was the first villain that actually turned himself in to the authorities in these games. Well, if we don't count Ghetsis's Sage henchmen, but those were more or less arrests that were forced on them.

As for the alleged frame rate dips, there's really only one place that that happens, and it's the Wild Area. However, it only happens when you're connected online, and that's it. Everything else runs smooth as butter. As for the Wild Area, I found myself there a LOT more than in the main story, due to the amount of Pokemon I could capture there, as well as the dens for Max Raid Battles.

All in all, there was, and is, a LOT of misinformation and lies spread about these games, from the "performance issues" to the recent stuff about Pokemon Home. It ends up feeling less like concerned fans and more like a bandwagon that 4Chan popped up on just to cause chaos(as 4Chan prefers to do). However, whether you're a casual Pokemon fan, a hardcore one, or somewhere in between, this game is amazing and is fun for everyone, especially if you take those sticks out of your butt and just enjoy the game at your own pace instead of rushing through it to try and justify your claims about the game being too short.

Overall, I'd give it a 9 out of 10.

Rating: 9

Product Release: Pokemon Sword (US, 11/15/19)

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