Trade with someone who hacked ?

  1. If I trade with someone who usually hacks on their account, does that affect the legitimacy of my Pokémon/will it get me banned ? Jrg613 - 6 days ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. No, unless you're recieving a very poorly hacked poke from them. Even then, if you don't use it online, it's a very small risk, so you should be fine!! Glitterstar78 (Expert) - 6 days ago - report 2   0
  2. Would any of my stuff in home be affected by me trading with said person ? Jrg613 - 5 days ago - report
  3. If its hacked, maybe. I've heard nintendo is cracking down on hacked mons in home, but then again if it's well hacked you should be ok! Glitterstar78 - 5 days ago - report
  4. If it's not hacked, you're not at any risk really Glitterstar78 - 5 days ago - report
  5. I meant like. Will it affect the legitimacy of things I have in home that are legit Jrg613 - 5 days ago - report
  6. Like what's his name said, unless Nintendo catches you "cheating", they can't blame you for it. How are they supposed to know? It's not like they have the time to look at everything, even in tournaments. darkdeity9 - 5 days ago - report
  7. No it will not affect legitimacy. Legitimacy cannot be influenced by other players or pokemon. Glitterstar78 - 4 days ago - report
  8. What Glitter means is that the player you trade with (or the Pokemon you receive) cannot affect the legitimacy of the Pokemon you already had prior to the trade. Thard_Verad - 3 days ago - report
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