What is the best moveset for Kubfu/Urshifu?

  1. I still am not sure what style I will evolve my Kubfu into, but I'd like to know what moveset would you recommend me for Kubfu and both styles. I am not into competitive play, I only want a moveset that will allow me to counter the weaknesses (the main ones like psychic and flying and fairy for the dark style of Urshifu). Also, what style would you recommend me? The water style has that water move with 3 attacks which is useful against pokemon with sturdy or with endure, but has lots of weaknesses and the dark style a dark move with only a single strike and few weaknesses, but a huge weakness to fairy types.

    User Info: KradMax

    KradMax - 2 weeks ago


  1. Which one is better is still up in the air, in the community, but it also depend on the format: if you're just playing in-game, though, go for whatever you like (although the Water one not having a x4 weakness I guess could be considered "safer").

    As for in-game Movesets:

    Single Strike-Style:
    Wicked Blow
    Close Combat
    Iron Head
    Thunder Punch

    Rapid Strike-Style:
    Surging Strikes
    Close Combat
    Iron Head
    Ice Punch

    These should help you take care of some of the weaknesses (Aqua Jet is often cited, for the Water one, but, for in-game, you can do without Priority).

    User Info: Andrex_93

    Andrex_93 (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 1   1
  2. for the single strike, I'd suggest Poison Jab, since he'd have a x4 weakness to Fairy types. Drain Punch or Power-Up Punch are also good choices

    User Info: yukicrewger2

    yukicrewger2 - 2 weeks ago 0   1

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