I'm planning to raise an Ice themed Monotype squad, but i can't decide wich pokèmon i should pick up. Some ideas?

  1. Hello to everyone! This is the my first post that i've ever made on this website, so i'm not sure about how i should format this post. I apologize in advance if i'll make some errors.

    In few words, after that i've just finished the game after 300 hours, i've started to make some experiments with monotype themed squads, both for casual and compettive purposes. So far i've raised a Dragon, Psychic, Dark, Ghost and a Fairy squads, now i'm really interested about trying an ice monotype squad, but i just cant decide wich pokèmon i should pick up, since it's a type that i don't have ever used for entire years. Weavile is the only ice mon that i've ever used and i know really well how is a good mon, i've used it just as a member of the my dark squad.

    Talking about an ipothetical Ice Monotype, i've got a Gmax Lapras and an Alolan Ninetales that i'll surelly use, but i don't have any kind of idea for the remaining 4 mons. I would really apprecciate some help, thanks to whoever would like to waste their time whit this post!

    User Info: Jador96

    Jador96 - 1 month ago

Accepted Answer

  1. First of all, welcome to the site!

    I'd say that it depends on what do you mean by "competitive purposes".. Mono-Typed teams tend to not do well at all, on a serious competitive level, due to the large amount of weaknesses they share, resulting in bad overall synergy, but, I'm moreso going with a "pseudo-competitive build for mainly in-game purposes", with my suggestions.

    G-Max Lapras and A-Ninetales are quite good, indeed, because of their setting Aurora Veil and Hail through their G-Max Move and Ability, respectively; Weavile is a fast glass cannon, which lends itself well to its Ice/Dark Typing, so, while it doesn't have great Abilities, it can clean up, if properly supported, or dent to then let someone else clean up the weakened opponent, so it is also a fine choice.

    Mamoswine, depending on the format, can be quite good, and you can either go for Thick Fat, to not be weak to Fire and resist Ice, or Oblivious, since that stops Intimidate from working, this Gen (again, Intimidate might be more or less relevant depending on the format you wanna play; if you're mainly sticking to the in-game, Thick Fat will be more beneficial, for sure).

    Vanilluxe could be an alternative Hail and Aurora Veil setter, since you might not want to send out A-Ninetales and might not want to Gigantamax Lapras (again, especially in a competitive format, having variety and versatility in strategy are always welcomed aspects of a team). Abomasnow is another Snow Warning mon that can help pick off Water Types (although the Move Freeze-Dry can help with that, and most Ice mons can learn it), Galarian Mr. Mime is a somewhat fast (for this game especially) Screen remover thanks to Screen Cleaner (could be very helpful if you run into Grimmsnarl in VGC) and Galarian Darmantinan is a really strong physical attacker, more than Weavile, but it can be a bit harder to use, if you're used to it, due to Gorilla Tactics locking you into a Move.

    To have as wide a spread of options as I can, I'd personally probably try to run G-Max Lapras, A-Ninetales, Mamoswine, Abomasnow, Weavile and G-Darmanitan, but ultimately the choice is up to you and what your goals are, with your team.

    Hope this helped in some way!

    User Info: Andrex_93

    Andrex_93 (Expert) - 1 month ago 1   0
  2. Thanks for the answer! Actually, i'm more a "casual" player than a competitive trainer, even if i've partecipated to some competitive match, mostly when i was bored. Yes, monotype teams aren' tsupposed to be the best strategic choices for a serious competitive match, but they're still quite interesting and fun, even when you'll lose!

    Btw, i was thinking just about using one of the most underused and underrated ice mon ever exsisted for taking the role of a phisical wall: Avalugg. What do you think about it? I've heard that it can tank without problems Excadrills and other notorius stell/fighting wallbreakers. Even if he's extremely weak to special fire type, could it be worth using him?

    User Info: Jador96

    Jador96 - 1 month ago
  3. Oh, don't get me wrong, I like Mono-Typed teams; I was just warning you in case you were hoping to seriously venture in the competitive scene.

    If you're looking for an underrated Ice Type, yeah, Avalugg's the way to go: it's really bulky, physically, but be wary of Special Moves, as pretty much any of them will mean Avalugg's demise, due to its incredibly low Special Defense. It's less reliable than others due to this reason, unless you know your opponent is gonna go all Physical or are able to remove all Special threats, but, for fun, I'd say it's worth a shot.

    User Info: Andrex_93

    Andrex_93 - 1 month ago
  4. Got it, Thank you, i'll follow your advices!

    User Info: Jador96

    Jador96 - 1 month ago

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