Can pokemon caught in raid battles get special marks?

  1. It's possible to catch wild pokemon (overworld or grass) having random marks. I've checked everywhere, but I couldn't find if pokemon caught in a max raid battle could also get those marks.

    For those of you who don't know what are those marks, you can get information on serebii.

    However, my question is obviously towards people who knows about marks, because I'm not looking for answers like "From what I read there, it seems you can/can't". Is there someone out there who caught a raid battle pokemon with a mark?

    I'm asking this because I'd like to get a mist drifter Riolu/Lucario, but mist drifter mark is only obtainable in fog, and Riolu is only catchable during snowstorm.

    So, my plan would be to get into a raid battle against a Riolu or Lucario, while there is fog in the area of their den. It seems the weather is still taken account during raid battles as you can see the weather icon on the bottom left corner of the raid battle menu. Anyone knows if that could work? And if it's possible to soft reset at some point?

    User Info: Imboto

    Imboto - 1 week ago


  1. No, sadly, raid Pokémon canot have marks. This is from experience, not from reading an article on marks. It pertains ONLY to wild encounters, and raid dens are their own unique encounter type. It is not possible to legitimately obtain a Riolu with that mark.

    User Info: Thorgonator

    Thorgonator (Expert) - 1 week ago 0   0
  2. Aww, what a shame. How did you find this out , if I may ask? I guess you caught a lot of raid pokemon and none of them had a mark, or something similar.

    User Info: Imboto

    Imboto - 1 week ago 0   0
  3. Yes, ive stocked up on literal hundreds of raid pokemon (I'm a breeder so I'm always going for new abilities and ball combinations) and out of hundreds, not a one had a mark of any kind. Then I got my brother to check his, etc.


    Then I searched around to see if anyone was trading raid pokemon with marks on places like reddit, and also found nothing.

    User Info: Thorgonator

    Thorgonator - 1 week ago
  4. Hmm, I see. That's a real shame then. Let's hope they get to change that in future generations.

    Thanks for your answers!

    User Info: Imboto

    Imboto - 1 week ago 0   0
  5. All might not be lost! Riolu is an overworld encounter, and changing the weather will not despawn any active overworld Pokemon.

    So change the date to Feb 1st to get snowstorm weather and spawn some Riolus. Then change the date June 1st. The weather should change to fog, and the Riolus will still be in the overworld.

    I don't know for certain that this method works (and it'll be slow going even if it does), but it's the best I can come up with.

    User Info: JiggyNinja

    JiggyNinja - 1 week ago 0   1
  6. I have actually specifically tested this (using naturally occurring circumstances when Pokemon can spawn at the edge of loading zones where the adjacent area has different weather). I used a Milotic in a sandstorming Lake of Outrage and captured it repeatedly until it had a title. It ended up being Milotic the Mist Drifter, not Sandswept. This proves that titles are generated at the time that the Pokemon spawns on the overworld, as Milotic was spawned during the fog even though it was captured during the sandstorm.

    User Info: -hotdogturtle--

    -hotdogturtle-- - 1 week ago
  7. Sadly, no. Over world Pokemon have their stats determined the second they spawn. As stated above, it will still have the mark as if it were still the original weather effect.

    User Info: Thorgonator

    Thorgonator - 1 week ago
  8. That would have been a great way to work around this issue! That's a shame it still won't work.

    User Info: Imboto

    Imboto - 4 days ago

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