What is the best moveset that my Pokémon should have?

  1. My Pokémon have handpicked movesets, but I’m wondering if I should change them. Got any ideas?
    -Cinderace (Fire Pledge, Acrobatics, Pyro Ball, Blast Burn)
    -Zacian (Sacred Sword, Swords Dance, Behemoth Blade, Moonblast)
    -Eternatus (Cross Poison, Draco Meteor, Flamethrower, Dynamax Cannon)
    -Obstagoon (Night Slash, Counter, Obstruct, Shadow Claw)
    -Aegislash (Shadow Claw, King’s Shield, Swords Dance, Sacred Sword)

    User Info: Flygon_YEET

    Flygon_YEET - 4 weeks ago
  2. Forgot this:
    -Corviknight (Drill Peck, Steel Wing, Fury Attack, Steel Beam)

    User Info: Flygon_YEET

    Flygon_YEET - 4 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Since you already have Zacian are you pertaining to competitive battling or Battle Tower?
    Cinderace - too many Fire moves. Blast Burn is garbage replace it with Zen Headbutt or Iron Head. Fire Pledge is also useless. If you can bred High Jump Kick to it, much better.
    Zacian - is okay. Although replace Moonblast with Play Rough (TR) since it is physical
    Eternatus - Cross Poison is physical and Eternatus is leaning towards Special. Replace it with Sludge Wave. I dont think you would need Draco Meteor.
    Obstagoon - not sure what you would do with this but Counter is a terrible move. Use Double-Edge for STAB instead. Night Slash and Shadow Claw has the same coverage replace one with something like Close Combat or Seed Bomb
    Aegislash - is okay. Might want a Shadow Sneak for priority?
    Corviknight - is better with defensive set. You can try Iron Defense+Body Press. All of its moves are not good. Brave Bird, Roost, Defog (for Hazards) if you have them

    User Info: misty_lax

    misty_lax (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 3   0
  2. I just don't like to use non-attacking moves (unless I'm fighting low level stuff) except Protect and the like.

    User Info: Flygon_YEET

    Flygon_YEET - 4 weeks ago
  3. P.S. Drill Peck and Steel Wing got me through the Fighting and Fairy Gyms respectively.

    User Info: Flygon_YEET

    Flygon_YEET - 4 weeks ago
  4. Oh yeah, my Eternatus came with Cross Poison, and I replaced Dragon Pulse with Draco Meteor. Should I put it back?

    User Info: Flygon_YEET

    Flygon_YEET - 4 weeks ago
  5. Any moves will do for story purposes. However, you have defeated the story already since you already have Zacian so I assume you are going through Raids or Battle Tower. Drill Peck and Steel Wing may get you through the story but competitive and Battle Tower is another story

    User Info: misty_lax

    misty_lax - 4 weeks ago
  6. Also I use Zacian for Raids a lot because Steel + Fighting + Fairy + a two stage attack boost making OP for raids lol

    User Info: Flygon_YEET

    Flygon_YEET - 2 weeks ago

Other Answers

  1. I set up my Pokémon differently for battle tower vs raids. I used Eternus with Sludge Wave and a ghost move to get through Doubles Masters Zacian has Thunder Fang and Play Rough. Of course sludge wave in a raid would not make you any friends (although Isabella, Patricia, Martin, Oscar, et al will stick with you no matter what)
    Another example is Moxie Gyrados doesn't help in Raid but it's awesome in battle

    User Info: Cameo

    Cameo - 4 weeks ago 1   0
  2. First make sure you have maxed their levels to 100 to learn all their moves available. Look at their stats and match moves to them. Go back to remember moves if needed. Blast burn is a great move for charizard but not Cinderace.

    User Info: musicforlife333

    musicforlife333 - 4 weeks ago 1   0
  3. if you wanted to use sirfetch'd do what i'm doing with my Kanto team set up with swords dance

    User Info: KingEzra123

    KingEzra123 - 4 weeks ago 1   0

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