Whats with Shiny dens?

  1. So this may well be a stupid question, but are the shiny odds of a raid higher than normal odds? Also, how are people on the trade board getting "shiny dens" meaning they get guaranteed shinies out of all the Pokemon the can appear in the dens? I'm seeing posts like for, instance "Shiny den 64". How does this work?

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    Newsflash1356 - 1 week ago

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  1. Shiny odds don't change for dens as far as I know.

    As for knowing whats in it, what is in den is predetermined on the spawn. So when the Red or Purple light shines, that den has a spawn and no amount of soft resetting will change it.

    This allows people to abuse this to get items or Pokemon if the Den happens to hold something valuable, like a Shiny or G-Max or a shiny G-Max or even Hidden ability Pokemon that are also Shiny. All they have to do is save before entering the Den and to see what's in there. After that they can leave at any point during the battle and the game will treat it as if they lost the Raid so the Pokemon remains in the den.

    They can then go onto forums and boards and advertise what they have and ask for an admittance fee into their raid if they want or be nice and let others join for free. Whatever they want. They then go through the Raid but leave before completing it to preserve the Raid on their game but allowing those that joined to actually have the chance to catch it. What point this happens I'm not sure myself as I don't really do this.

    After this they then can go onto the forums and boards again advertise their Raid once more and potentially gain more items/Pokemon or just to help some people.

    This isn't forever though since all Raids reset at Midnight.

    And that's about it. Hope this was insightful!

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    JohnathanHyde (Expert) - 1 week ago 3   0


  1. The shiny odds for raids are the same as outside raids. People on the boards are likely using the den exploit to refresh for a shiny den, or have a way to see the RNG to manipulate it into a shiny den.

    User Info: shinryu_omega

    shinryu_omega (Expert) - 1 week ago 1   0

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