What can you do if you hatch a shiny without its HA?

  1. I am hatching competitive Snoms with perfect IVs and its Hidden Ability (HA), Ice Scales. I am afraid I’ll get the shiny, but it won’t have Ice Scales.

    What would I do if that happened?

    User Info: Kurutto

    Kurutto - 2 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Legally, you can't do anything. While Ability Capsule exists, it can only change ability to the other common one (so it can't give a Hidden Ability or take it away).

    If you hatch a non-HA shiny Snom, you can do two things:

    - Keep hatching, until you get another shiny Snom, hopefully with Ice Scales. You can use your non-HA one for trading too (legal)

    - Find a genner who would "tweak" your Snom so it'll have Ice Scales (illegal)

    I don't doubt you know how to breed, but make sure a female/non-Ditto parent has Ice Scales. HA has around 60% chance of passing down.

    Hopes it helped! ^^

    User Info: Axews

    Axews (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 3   0
  2. Thank you for such a detailed answer!

    I think posting this question actually gave me good luck, as I managed to hatch one with Ice Scales a few minutes ago!

    User Info: Kurutto

    Kurutto - 2 weeks ago
  3. Good to know you managed to get it on the first try ^^

    User Info: Axews

    Axews - 2 weeks ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. You can't change to or from a HA, so if you really want a shiny with the HA, you unfortunately just need to keep breeding and get lucky.

    User Info: shinryu_omega

    shinryu_omega (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 2   0

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