Best Ball to Use in Max Raids?

  1. So what is the best Pokeball to use on a G-Max Pokemon. I haven't done any Raids on my game for G-Max's aside from Butterfree and Snorlax since the others are rather rare and thats not what I'm focusing on at the moment. However I do tend to join random raids and it's rather frustrating when I join one, it's shiny and then it pops out before the ball even shakes.

    Now I've used Dusk Balls between 8PM and 4AM. I've used Repeat Balls as I have a completed Pokedex. I've even gone so far as to use Net Balls when up against Orbeetles and Centiskorch's. I've had little to no success.

    I do know that the catch rates for these Pokemon are also significantly lower as well making them much harder to catch, but I've missed out on Shiny Machamp, Charizard and Haterenne as well as many other regular G-Maxs like Kingler, Lapras, Duraludan and Coalossus.

    So what is the best ball to use overall besides the obvious choice of Masterball.

    User Info: JohnathanHyde

    JohnathanHyde - 2 months ago


  1. If you have the dex data on the pokemon in question, nothing beats a Repeat Ball. As long as you have the dex entry on the pokemon, Repeat Balls have the most reliable catch rate for raids. Gmax Raids just have absolutely horrid catch rates to anyone but the host. Even with a repeat ball, non event Gmax raids such as Gengar and Grimmsnarl have about a 9% catch rate.

    User Info: Thorgonator

    Thorgonator (Expert) - 2 months ago 1   1
  2. If you've caught and Gigantamaxed any of them before even once, Repeat Balls are the one for you. I believe it's better than most balls in terms of catch multiplier outside of Quick Ball although Quick Ball is useless on these raids do that's irrelevant

    User Info: AlternisDim1996

    AlternisDim1996 (Expert) - 2 months ago 2   3
  3. Wait so I have to have had the Gigantamaxed version of the Pokemon in order Repeat Balls to be effective? So if I'm going for say Grimsnarl G-Maxed and I don't have the G-Max entry in my Pokedex(just the regular entry), Repeat Balls are pointless?

    User Info: JohnathanHyde

    JohnathanHyde - 2 months ago
  4. Will having battled the Gigantamax Pokemon while having the normal Pokemon already suffice for its Gigantamax entry (so that Repeat Ball will work)? For example, battling Marnie in Pokemon League while she has Gigantamax Grimmsnarl and have already caught regular Grimmsnarl will automatically add its Gigantamax Pokemon entry?

    User Info: misty_lax

    misty_lax - 2 months ago
  5. Well, the best option is to loom for the raids yourself because then, non promo g-max raids have 100% catch for host and solo. Otherwise, depends on the pokemon of the raids. I recommend net balls for the bugs, as they are very useful. Dive balls for the water types, and if push comes to shove, just use ultra balls. G-Max Sandaconda has never failed me with ultra balls.

    User Info: ShulkerGuardian

    ShulkerGuardian - 2 months ago 0   4

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