Is super effective damage bugged in dynamax raids?

  1. On several occasions now, more often than not actually, when I dynamax in a raid battle my super effective attacks do very little damage. For example, in a raid against a 3 star Butterfree the max flare attached to my pyro ball on a level 100 Cinderace did hardly any damage, but the npc’s evee was able to chunk it with a quick attack. This is without the barrier up btw. I was just wondering if this is a bug or an effect I’m not aware of as it’s happening a lot and it makes it impossible for me to defeat what should be relatively easy raids because I can’t finish them before they faint my teammates four times.

    User Info: ImYaHuckleberry

    ImYaHuckleberry - 7 months ago

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  1. There are preset points on the boss's HP bar where they put up a new barrier. If you hit them with any attack, no matter how strong, it won't go past that point. So you could be (for example) 1 HP away from activating the barrier and hit them with a SE Pyro Ball and it will still only do 1 damage for that turn.

    User Info: -hotdogturtle--

    -hotdogturtle-- (Expert) - 7 months ago 7   2


  1. Stats also are part of the equation, just like normal attacks (which is why, say, Choice Banded Galarian Darmanitan is able to do so much even when the enemy's Shield is still up), but is it possible that your Pyro Ball hit the Butterfree first, so before its first set of Shields went down, while maybe the Eevee's QA hit after?

    Because Shields being destroyed harshly lowers the buffed Defenses of Dyna/Gigantamax Raid Pokémon, so you'll likely run into the scenario you described, with the conditions I delineated.

    Basically, you'll do much less damage, in the beginning of a Raid.

    User Info: Andrex_93

    Andrex_93 (Expert) - 7 months ago 2   1
  2. Furthermore, Shields have thresholds for their trigger, and you won't damage them further, when you reach said threshold and trigger them.

    User Info: Andrex_93

    Andrex_93 - 7 months ago
  3. that is entirely untrue... I've used the dynamax cannon and took half of its health away in one shot... what the OP is saying is that normal damage attacks are doing FAR more damage than Super effective attacks and I've noticed this as well

    User Info: Shrag911

    Shrag911 - 7 months ago
  4. It is absolutely true: Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokémon have basically hidden buffed Defenses, but destroying their Shields lowers their actual Defense Stats (the normal stages of boosting and lowering Stats, in-game, not the hidden ones), so even a neutral hit can do more than a super-effective one, if the former was dealt at the beginning of the raid while the latter was dealt when the Pokémon was already lower on Health, with several layers of Shields destroyed (even though, yes, the Dynamaxed mons often reset Stats).

    Dynamax Cannon is one of the attacks that does double damage on Dyna/Gigantamax Pokémon, so of course it's gonna deal more damage..

    User Info: Andrex_93

    Andrex_93 - 7 months ago
  5. Can't you also sometimes, with a super strong hit, do damage to the actual enemy, not just the Shield (usually through crits or supereffective hits)?

    User Info: Flygon_YEET

    Flygon_YEET - 5 months ago
  6. In addition to the other answers, I think for 4-5 star raids there may also be an absolute damage cap. For lower difficulty raids, especially those without barriers, damage looks much more normal and you can potentially OHKO a Pokemon with no barriers. (It's also possible at times to do a bit of damage while taking out barrier segments.)

    Your pokemon's level may influence the levels of the NPC's Pokemon. Unfortunately the game still doesn't give them evolved forms or do any type matching, and I think their levels are about 20 levels below yours.

    User Info: EdrickV

    EdrickV - 7 months ago 0   0

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