Local trading in Pokemon shield isn't working?

  1. Me and my cousin both have Shield on our switches but we don't have Nintendo online. When we set a link code on local communication, we see each others stamps but nothing else happens. Can't click on it or nothing. We're on the same WiFi too. I am "gamesharing" sheild to him to I don't know if that affects that.

    User Info: DarkTherapist43

    DarkTherapist43 - 3 months ago


  1. I find myself with the same problem. It seems to be that, for some reason, I cannot trade locally with someone who has the same version. Opposite version is fine. This includes with the link code.

    I am dealing with primary and secondary Switches and gamesharing as well. But as I said, it is fine when doing opposite versions, just not with the same version. I feel that, since it is a local trade that doesn't use wifi, gamesharing should not matter. But perhaps those not gamesharing (with separate digital purchases and/or use cartridges) can give us input to let us know. Then we can rule out if gamesharing is at fault.

    It sounds like Y-Comm is just very messed up. It feels better to know, though, that it is not just me and my devices.

    User Info: Digizard

    Digizard - 1 month ago 1   4
  2. First off, linking to trade happens automatically, you don't need to click on anything after you start looking for a trade. Secondly, can take up to a minute for the games to link-up. Third, BOTH players have to be activity looking for a Link Trade. If you're using a link code, then BOTH players have to be looking for a trade usng that link code. Forth, you CAN"T be in a menu or a battle for it to happen. You won't link-up if you're in a menu (like the Y-Comm menu), in a battle, or even talking to an NPC.

    User Info: CardTamer

    CardTamer - 1 month ago 1   6
  3. You have to go to link trade then both search for each other

    User Info: Oogam920

    Oogam920 - 3 months ago 1   24
  4. I am having the same problem. Using a link code, as you have suggested, does not remedy it.

    User Info: Digizard

    Digizard - 1 month ago

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