Random Messages during battle mean?

  1. I keep getting these messages during battle and I’m not sure what they mean? Some of them are as follows:

    Pikachu is dozing off...It must be sleepy.

    Pikachu seems a little bit worried about being able to battle.

    Pikachu seems like it wants to be petted...

    What do these messages mean?

    User Info: LeoBlue026

    LeoBlue026 - 2 weeks ago

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  1. Those messages indicate that you have raised affection with your pokemon. Some pokemon need raised affection to evolve, so you can measure it that way.

    Pokemon with raised affection can also land critical hits more often, survive fatal hits with 1 hp, and recover from status ailments right away. So you can check if you are getting this buff.

    User Info: shadowgendo

    shadowgendo (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 5   1


  1. These are presumably flavor text generated by the Pokemon having a raised Affection stat. This is done in Camp, and similar phenomena were in Generations VI & VII as well (for Pokemon-Amie and Pokemon Refresh respectively).

    In and of themselves, these are just flavor text. The benefits you get from it - actual benefits, like recovering faster from statuses - are probably the same as in the past games or augmented from them.

    User Info: Eevee-Trainer

    Eevee-Trainer (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 3   0
  2. So basically there's no point to them?

    User Info: LeoBlue026

    LeoBlue026 - 2 weeks ago
  3. I believe these messages indicate the affection value of the Pokemon. Higher values give various benefits and it is raised from camping.

    If the Pokemon gives a message and the does no action, it indicates your Pokemon level is to high to be controlled until you get better badges.

    User Info: AleyColt

    AleyColt - 2 weeks ago 2   2

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