Bug renaming received Pokémon?

  1. I've received a Pokémon through trade but I can't change its name even though it hasn't been nicknamed before.
    1. I'm playing the game in English
    2. The Pokémon has its original Japanese name (when it evolved it changed to its evolution's name)
    3. The name rater won't allow me to change it (I should be allowed once)
    4. This has happened with all Pokémon with Japanese names that I've received and never with one with an English name
    Example: trade Grookey can be renamed. Traded サルノリ (Japanese name of Grookey) can't be renamed

    Is that a bug? Do I need to give it to someone playing the Japanese game to rename it for me?


    User Info: asker09

    asker09 - 2 months ago


  1. You can only rename pokemon that you caught / received. You cant rename traded mon. This has been the case since the first game. However, in this game, you are allowed to rename traded pokemon for ONE TIME only, provided you have a high friendship with that mon

    User Info: Anthayashi

    Anthayashi (Expert) - 2 months ago 1   6
  2. That doesn't answer my question. I'm specifically asking about Sword and Shield, so mentioning the older games isn't really helpful.

    What's the difference between a Japanese traded Pokémon and an English one that's preventing me from nicknaming the first?

    User Info: asker09

    asker09 - 2 months ago
  3. They said they're isn't. It hinges on friendship, and the mention of previous games gives context to others who read this who are asking the same question.

    User Info: TacticianDaniel

    TacticianDaniel - 2 months ago

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