Where is Hatenna max raid locations?

  1. Hi! I really want a gigantamaxing hatterene, and I really want to get a hatenna from raid battle as early as I can, where exactly I can see raids of her? I've only visited Motostoke wild area once, I've read that she is uncommon here, but I really want to catch her in a raid, because I want her to be able to gigantamax. Where is the best locations with hatenna raids?

    User Info: hochulia

    hochulia - 3 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Den 13/BF-8, You can lookup @DensPokemon to find a spreadsheet with a link to pictures of all dens and their corresponding numbers.

    User Info: Makii99

    Makii99 - 2 weeks ago 3   1

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