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Can anyone trade me a Galarian ponyta ? Main Quest 2 29 minutes ago
Anyone who has a Zacian to trade? Side Quest *new* 1 1 hour ago
i want deino and Jangmo-o for trade? Main Quest *new* 1 3 hours ago
Can I use the sweet/tart apple more than one time? Side Quest *new* 1 5 hours ago
Can Silvally do any job if it has the right disk? Tech Support *new* 1 5 hours ago
Can I evolve Inkay into Malamar with a Switch Lite? Side Quest *new* 1 14 hours ago
Anyone have a zacian i can trade for? Side Quest *new* 1 15 hours ago
How to trade between games? Tech Support *new* 1 18 hours ago
can anyone trade me a shiny FEMALE eevee? (preferably with HA) will trade you a shiny male eevee for it! plz? Side Quest *new* 1 21 hours ago
Can somebody trade Cursed body Corsola? Side Quest *new* 1 1 day ago

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