How do I get the Mario statues to start appearing in the trendy game?

  1. The statues have never been in the claw game, aside from Yoshi early on. is there some way to initiate this sequence?

    User Info: Hdfixer1

    Hdfixer1 - 4 weeks ago


  1. To make the figurines appear you need to get the Yoshi Doll first. So, getting the Yoshi Doll will initiate the sequence.

    You can only get one at a time and you need to place it on its corresponding pedestal, before the next one can appear. But at the beginning of the game there will be only one (CiaoCiao), the other nine figurines will be unlocked one by one by collecting the eight Instruments of the Sirens and beating the game.

    User Info: TourianTourist

    TourianTourist - 4 weeks ago 1   3

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