Can someone give me a list of chamber stone locations?

  1. I’ve looked and that there are a total of 14 stones but can’t find a list containing them all

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    swearing-is-bad - 3 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 2 - From catching Ol' Baron [The Giant Blue fish in the Fishing Mini Game] I managed to get both on 1 pull because the one I caught was the biggest one you could catch, I can't remember the size, I think 66 lbs or whatever the unit of measurement they use, it was worth 120 rupees. Every subsequent Ol' Baron I caught was smaller and yielded nothing... I got 4 total. There's one in his mouth and one you get from the Fisherman because you caught such a huge fish... probably has to be 60 lbs or over to get it.

    1 - From the Rapids Race mini game, you need to finish it in under 30 seconds, I managed 29.07 using the hook shot, it's the only way to finish it quickly and every shot needs to count. You also get your 100 rupees back, save the game before you attempt this and reload if you fail.

    1 - From the Crane Game in Mabe village, you need to first grab other things first like the Yoshi Doll, the Heart Piece (there's 2 of these as well btw) and the Seashell (2 of these as well I think). A stone should show up after you collect 1 of each of the mentioned items.

    1 - From collecting all of the Mario figurines, you have to beat the game first and save your clear game save to unlock Bow Wow. If you've collected all the other figures, the last one in the crane game will be Bow Wow. After collecting Bow Wow, the Crane Game owner gives you a chamber stone automatically.

    2 - From collecting 30 and all 50 Seashells around the world, go back to the seashell hut and it'll give you a dungeon tile for 30 sea shells and a room buff where hearts will drop from the ceiling, it's great to put this just before a Nightmare door so you can refill your life before the dungeon boss. Not sure if these qualify as "Chamber Stones" but they're part of that side quest so if you're looking for 100% completion, those are there.

    I can't honestly remember where I got some of the other ones, just make sure you open every chest in the game, you never find any inside of dungeons, from what I remember.

    Make sure to progress Dampe's dungeon assembly challenges, he might give you 1 but from my experience I think you get them outside his house and have to deliver them to him.

    You also unlock 1 in the shop for every dungeon you complete. For some reason some don't show up until after you beat the game or progress the story really far, I don't think any show up in the shop until after the 3rd dungeon is complete. They each cost 1280 rupees and I've probably purchased about 5 of them so far.

    I beat the game and have 12 on me, there's 1 more currently in the shop and I'm praying there's another one after that otherwise I have no idea where I might have missed one.

    Again, I might be wrong on the seashell house ones, they may not count as chamber stones so don't quote me on that but from my memory that's the best I could do. The majority of them though, you have to buy, so save your rupees.

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    Neo_Rizer - 3 months ago 4   1
  2. I can safely confirm that you can buy 7 chamber stones from the shop and the 7 I mentioned in the outline are the ones you get outside of the shop. You will need to beat the game to access them all though. There were 2 left in the shop like I had hoped for.

    I ended up with 6000 rupee's after finishing the entire golden shovel tier of Dante's dungeon challenges, so if you're looking to farm rupees, I wouldn't even bother if you have only 2 or 3 chamber stones left to buy, you'll get plenty.

    Just make sure to buy them as you play so you can get access to extra rooms, because the requirements for some of those maps are ridiculous, especially the "Nothing but Stairs" challenge.

    Also the unit of measurement in the fishing game was inches I believe, not pounds, but whatever... Just get over a 60 inch Ol' Baron to have the fisherman reward you with a chamber stone.

    User Info: Neo_Rizer

    Neo_Rizer - 3 months ago

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