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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

Controls and Techniques

Sword Legion

The very first Legion you get, near the end of File 01, the Sword Legion is a melee attacking Legion that uses the blades attached to its arms. It's pretty fast compared to the others, but not the fastest. Personally I find it to be the workhorse "all around" Legion, effective in most situations.

The chart for Legion Learning is to the right, with all nodes revealed. The numbers are as follows:

  1. Perfect Dodge + Sync
  2. Chain Bind + Sync
  3. Perfect Call + Sync
  4. Defense +5%
  5. Defense +5%
  6. Defense +10%
  7. Defense +10%
  8. Defense +20%
  9. Attack +5%
  10. Attack +5%
  11. Attack +10%
  12. Attack +10%
  13. Attack +20%
  14. Add Ability Slot
  15. Add Ability Slot
  16. Add Ability Slot
  17. Add Ability Slot
  18. Perfect Call
  19. Command Skill: Sword Assault
  20. Command Skill: Sword Spin
  21. Skill: Hit Rush
  22. Skill: Round Sword
  23. Skill: Power Charge
  24. Skill: Auto-Bind
  25. Skill: Speed Star
  26. Skill: Sync Keep
  27. Skill: Triple Sword
  • Legion Special Action: Slash - Press L and the Sword Legion will float next to you and the camera will get close up. Press ZR and the Sword Legion will slash along the vertical line in front of you. Use the Left Stick to change the angle of the slash. This slash can sever electrical connections and cause damage.
    • Focus - Click the Right Stick to slow down time so you can aim your slash more easily. Note that Focus drains the limiter energy faster than normal.
    • Slash to Sync Attack - If your slash stops an enemy from attacking, you have a Sync Attack opportunity.
    • Legion Counter (Sword) - You can still dodge in Slash Stance. If you get a Perfect Dodge, respond with four ZRs and a ZL Sync at the end.
  • Skill: Round Sword - Activate this skill and a circle of floating swords will surround the Legion, damaging any enemy caught in its spinning. While this skill doesn't cause much damage with each individual hit, the amount adds up, particularly adding onto damage the Legion is already doing with its attacks. I highly recommend having this Skill on the Legion.
    • This Skill has a cooldown of twenty seconds.
  • Skill: Triple Sword - Activate this skill to send a series of rotating blades down the Astral Chain to the player and back to the Legion. When the blades reach the Legion again, a Sync prompt will trigger, and hitting ZL will make the blades travel back and faster, and so on until the limiter energy is drained. While this sounds like it might be neat, it's hard to keep going and will occupy attention that should be spent directing your attacks or setting up combos. I do not recommend having this Skill on your Legion.
    • This Skill has a cooldown of nine seconds.
  • Command Skill: Sword Assault - To execute this attack, flick the Left Stick away from and then towards the intended target, then press ZL. The Sword Legion will swipe upwards with both blades, knocking enemies into the air.
  • Command Skill: Sword Spin - To execute this attack, spin the Left Stick in a circle, then hold down ZL. As long as ZL is being held, the Sword Legion will continue spinning, and you can move it with the Right Stick. Release ZL and it will finish with a rising spin.
  • Special Sync Attacks - The Sword Legion has the following situations that are neater than normal Sync Attacks. By far the most of any Legion:
    • Ground Combo with Baton - After the Sync, attack again and Sync again.
    • Midair Combo with Baton - After the Sync, attack again and Sync again.
    • Delay Attack with any mode - After the Sync, attack again and Sync again.
    • Spin Attack with any mode - After the Sync, attack again and Sync again, and then Sync again once the multi-spin is complete.
    • Perfect Dodge - After the Dodge, Sync Attack, then Sync again.
    • Perfect Call - After the Call, Sync up to four times.
    • Chain Bind - After the Bind, Sync Attack, then Sync again.
    • Somersault - After the kick, Sync Attack, then Sync again.
CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

If you're looking for other guides by him, you can search the Yakuza series or the LEGO series on GameFAQs.