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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide


Subject Logs (List of Enemies)

So not only is this going to be a list down the line of every enemy listed in the Subject Log, it's also going to be brief primers on each individual enemy and how to deal with them. I don't intend to go into exhaustive detail, and honestly, for a lot of enemies there are a lot of ways to go about squashing them, but let's see if I can't help a bit on some of them.

I've separated this list by type, but the whole thing goes in order.

NOTE: I'm not going to call every unnamed chimera by their serial number because heck with that. For every chimera that doesn't have a given name, I gave it a simplified one that's not tied to Greek mythology. Please enjoy my attempts.

Legions -

  • Sword Legion
  • Arrow Legion
  • Arm Legion
  • Beast Legion
  • Axe Legion
    • All Legions are, of course, earned throughout the course of the game. To get your shots of them, simply summon them and ask them to say cheese.

Humanoid-type Chimera -

Humanoids actually run a considerable variety of types, but they're all based on the idea of being roughly human in shape. There's no one base strategy for taking all types.

  • HUM-C-84DFS-00 "Infantry"
    • This is a very common chimera. It carries a shield and swings a sword-like weapon. Pretty easy to defeat, but can block direct attacks up to a point.
  • HUM-C-84DFS-01 "Laius"
    • The first named chimera you face in File 01. Laius is a larger and stronger version of the typical Infantry.
    • Laius was a king in Greek myth, and part of the founding myth of the city of Thebes.
  • HUM-C-60D27-00 "Ice Maiden"
    • This rather rare Humanoid-type resembles a female figure with purple and blue highlights. Story-wise, only one is found, during the "Getting the Shaft" in File 11, but another two can be found in File 10 in the Red Case "Chimera Search".
    • This enemy can shoot ice shards, a concentrated ice beam, and also create a shield around themselves that can only be destroyed with repeated heavy attacks (Gladius or Axe). If you're not using a Legion that has Anti-Freeze, make this chimera your first priority, as getting frozen is no fun.
  • HUM-C-6F3CD-00 "Astraeus"
    • A unique chimera that only appears in File 06: Chapter 8 in the story, in Sector V as part of the "Rooftop Rescue" Red Case.
    • Astraeus controls wind. He moves around quickly, uses melee strikes, and can kick out tornadoes to attack.
    • Astraeus was one of the Greek Titans, the precursors to the more well-known Olympians. He was the Titan of dusk and winds.
  • HUM-C-B8FE7-00 "Capaneus"
    • A unique chimera that appears alongside Astraeus in File 06: Chapter 8 Red Case: "Rooftop Rescue".
    • Capaneus controls lightning. Like Astraeus, he moves around quickly and uses melee strikes. Unlike Astraeus, he can call down lightning to attack.
    • Capaneus was a mortal in Greek mythology. He was the son of Hipponicus and attempted to invade Thebes, claiming Zeus himself could not stop him. He was rewarded for his blasphemy by being struck with a thunderbolt.
  • HUM-C-5D0C8-00 "Astraeus-Capaneus"
    • This unique chimera forms from the previous two chimera during the fight with them.
    • Combining aspects of the two, A-C moves even faster, strikes even harder, and has a beam attack.
  • HUM-C-C460F-00 "Eris"
    • This chimera is red in color with blue highlights, with a wiry and feminine frame. Eris is a unique chimera fought in File 11's Red Case in Chapter 1: "The Little People".
    • In addition to swiping melee strikes, Eris can make the ground explode in certain places, and attacks with the four spikes floating around its head.
    • Eris was a Greek Goddess and the daughter of Zeus and Hera. She was the goddess of chaos and strife and helped kick off the Trojan War by dropping the Golden Apple of Discord amidst a party, causing a quarrel among three goddesses.
  • HUM-C-F5DB3-00 "Claw"
    • This is a common chimera that uses claws for attacks. They're rather speedy, but can't take a lot of punishment. A small group of these are the very first chimera encountered in the game.
  • HUM-C-F5DB3-01 "Pygmalion"
    • This is an advanced form of Claw. It is fought in in File 05, in Chapter 4. The case is called "Astral Investigation" and requires the Axe Legion to access.
    • In addition to high speed, Pygmalion has some nasty strikes and can cause localized explosions.
    • Pygmalion is a mortal in Greek mythology. He was a talented sculptor, who created a sculpture of a woman so beautiful that Aphrodite was inspired to give it life and be his wife.
  • HUM-C-158B8-00 "Diomedes"
    • A fierce warrior chimera that appears in red and carries a large flaming greatsword as a weapon. The first one is fought during the story in File 03, but you'll face several more over the course of the game.
    • Diomedes' attacks are slow, but I sometimes find it hard to pick a good time to counter with a Perfect Call. You'll see Dio get ready, but it might wait a second or two before striking. A great time to Perfect Call counter is when it goes into a spinning move. Get just close enough as it spins and it should be easy to knock it out. Do NOT directly attack it when it's spinning, because you won't be able to get through. It also has projectiles with its sword if you hang too far back.
    • Diomedes is a mortal in Greek mythology, and one of the finest warriors of the Achaens in Homer's Iliad. He is also the King of Argos for a time.
  • HUM-C-16C28-00 "Hector"
    • Looking very similar to Diomedes, Hector is largely black in color, and his weapon isn't aflame. It's found in File 07, Chapter 3, in the Red Case "Astral Investigation".
    • Hector's moveset is very similar to Diomedes as well. Large sweeping strikes and sometimes a spin move or projectiles. It has more of a reach, and is far more durable than Diomedes.
    • Hector in Greek mythology was a prince of Troy. He led the armies of Troy in the Trojan War, but did not approve of the conflict.

Wing-type Chimera -

As Wings can fly, they tend to hang back from the fight, largely out of reach of the player. Some dive and kick, but more often, they'll attack with feather-like projectiles. While projectile attacks work fine against them, simply sending out a Legion after them will have it float up to them to strike.

  • WIG-C-76E8F-00 "Hawk"
    • The basic Wing chimera (almost called it "Wing" but didn't want to confuse with the others), pale in color with green highlights.
    • Common in battle and rather frail, but like all other Wings, they tend to float back and away from the general melee, so singling them out for attacks tends to be required. They can attack with feather blades they shoot from their wings, and they can lower themselves to swipe with their talons.
  • WIG-C-76E8F-00 "Aello"
    • The larger variant of the Hawk, Aello is slightly stronger and faster than a Hawk. In addition to the feather blades and talon swipes, Aello also has speedy diving attacks that you can chain-counter. Annoyingly, Aello and other larger Wing-types can flap their wings to push you away. More annoyingly, Aello and all larger types can generate small tornadoes that home in on you and can toss you into the air.
    • Aello was a Greek monster, one of the Harpy sisters who looked like women apart from their wings.
  • WIG-C-F63C1-00 "Fire Hawk"
    • Appearing similar to Hawk but with red accents. You'll face your first set of these in File 08, Chapter 5, your first encounter in the Astral Plane.
    • Very similar to Hawks, but they have fire elements to their attacks.
  • WIG-C-F63C1-01 "Fire Falcon"
    • The larger variant of the Fire Hawk, this chimera is similar in size to Aello, but is red and has white trails out of its head. You'll face your first one in File 08, Chapter 5, shortly after facing your first Fire Hawks.
    • See Aello for the moveset. It's the same, only with fire elements to their attacks.
  • WIG-C-985BE-00 "Ice Hawk"
    • Ice Hawks have light-blue accents to their wings, which mostly look pretty white in a melee. Ice Hawks can storywise first be found alongside Kelaino in File 07, once the fight goes to the Astral Plane, but they're also in File 04 fought with Ocypete (see below)
    • Very similar to Hawks, but they have ice elements to their attacks.
  • WIG-C-985BE-01 "Ocypete"
    • The larger variant of the Ice Hawk, Ocypete is found in File 04, Chapter 6 in a case called "Chimera Takedown".
    • See Aello for the moveset. It's the same, only with ice elements to their attacks.
    • Ocypete was another named Harpy, a Greek monster who would torture men on their way to Tartarus.
  • WIG-C-E11FC-01 "Podarge"
    • Podarge is a unique chimera who is fought in File 11's Chapter 1 case: "The Third Wheel". It's recognized by being largely purple and having large leathery wings.
    • While similar to other large Wing-types, Podarge focuses on electric attacks. Also, in the particular case you face them, Podarge will flit around the battlefield chasing after its hostage rather than give you its full attention.
    • Podarge was another named Harpy in Greek mythology.

Arrow-type Chimera -

Similar to the Arrow Legion, Arrow-types hang back and strike with projectiles. They also have the ability to camouflage themselves. While they are slightly visible to a trained eye, the easier way to find them is to summon the Beast Legion, who can make them appear, albeit a bit hazy. Once struck, they become fully visible.

  • ARR-C-44A41-00 "Hestia"
    • Hestia is notable in its gray color with slight purple highlights. You fight your first in the story in File 06.
    • As the weakest of the crew, Hestia can honestly be stun-locked and destroyed in under ten seconds on one combo if you shut it down quickly enough.
    • Hestia was one of the Greek Olympians, and the goddess of the hearth.
  • ARR-C-424CB-00 "Callisto"
    • Callisto is recognized by their green highlights in addition to the purple. Also, its lower body comes to a point rather than a "dress" like form. You can fight it during the story in File 08 in the Red Case "Gate Explosion".
    • This Arrow-type is a little bit hardier than Hestia. Its attacks are also electric-element so it's basically like it's shooting out little bolts of lightning.
    • Callisto was a nymph in Greek mythology and one of Artemis' followers.
  • ARR-C-4D9BC-00 "Artemis"
    • Artemis is a unique chimera that is fought at the end of File 10's Red Case "The Gang's All Here". It appears as larger than other Arrow-types and has a lot more purple in its design.
    • The most resilient of the three Arrow-types, Artemis doesn't seem to have a specific element. It's just faster and more powerful, and like Hestia, tends to camouflage.
    • Artemis was a Greek Olympian, and the goddess of the hunt and the moon. She's very much associated with the bow.

Arm-type Chimera -

Arm-types are different from Humanoids in that they tend to be rather relentless in their attacks, and their ability to float means they can move quickly around the field of battle. They're all named and difficult fights whenever encountered.

  • ARM-C-DE08C-00 "Crius"
    • Crius is first encountered in File 09 in the motorcycle section, where you can't take their picture. You'll find another one in File 10 in the Red Case "Chimera Search", but it won't have a "naming cutscene" then, so you'll have to note when it shows up.
    • The non-elemental Arm-type. Attacks common to most Arm-type include a shoulder charge, a three-swipe combo, and a series of ground punches. One of Crius' signature moves is forming its arms into a laser cannon. The laser is really tough to dodge, but you can shield yourself under the Axe Legion or keep ahead of it while riding the Beast Legion.
    • Crius was one of the Greek Titans, although the myths say very little about his role in the war with the Olympians.
  • ARM-C-D0790-00 "Kronos"
    • Kronos is encountered in File 10 near the end of Chapter 3. It's red in color and constantly giving off steam.
    • Kronos is fire-elemental, which is worrying on its own, but it also has a unique design in that it can shoot projectiles from its fingers like rapid-fire bullets. Also, when first met, it will be encased in a shield that must be destroyed with heavy attacks (Axe or Gladius). Once the shield is broken, it becomes a bit less of a threat, and switches its tactics to a standard Arm-type.
    • Kronos (also spelled "Cronus") is the leader of the Greek Titans and the father of Zeus. He was deposed by his son in the Titanomachia.
  • ARM-C-D51C6-00 "Arke"
    • Arke is encountered in File 11 in Chapter 2. It has blue highlights.
    • This is the ice-elemental Arm-type. In addition to the normal Arm-type moveset, Arke's special move is to spin while shooting a constant ice laser from each hand, which starts pointed low and elevates. There are three ways to avoid this attack: riding the Beast Legion, hiding under the Axe Legion's shell, or positioning oneself directly under Arke while it spins. Still, it comes out quick, meaning it's not an easy attack to prepare for.
    • Arke is not a Greek Titan, but the granddaughter of one of them. In the Titanomachia, she and her sister Iris were messengers.
  • ARM-C-05EE0-00 "Typhon"
    • Typhon is fought in File 10's Red Case in Chapter 1: "Astral Investigation". It has yellow highlights and is pointy.
    • This is the electric-elemental Arm-type. The standard Arm-type moveset applies. Its special attack is to fire small electrical particles rapid-fire. Don't even try dodging these. Your best bet is to turtle under the Axe Legion's shield to weather the storm.
    • Typhon is a Greek monster that battled Zeus for supremacy. He either was a gigantic snake beast, or a humanoid with multiple snake heads, depending on who you ask.

Power-type Chimera -

You'll know Powers when you see them. They're gigantic chimera that tend to get a lot of attention in battle. While not especially fast in general, there are a few that have speed that belie their size. In any case, Powers are aptly named, as their strikes are wide and damaging.

  • POW-C-A91F5-00 "Briareos"
    • The Briareos is the "base" type of Power Chimera, which you'll be facing several times in the game, and is the first Power you encounter in File 02.
    • Briareos has the standard Power-type moveset: largely giant swings of the arms and ground slams. They're all heavily telegraphed, so I find Briareos to be a great enemy to practice Perfect Calls on.
    • Briareos in Greek mythology was one of the Hecatoncheires: hundred-handed giant monsters that were defeated by Kronos and allied with Zeus in the Titanomachia.
  • POW-C-27E37-00 "Brute"
    • The only unnamed Power Chimera, Brute has yellow horns coming out of its body and channels electricity. It can only be fought in non-essential cases, and can first be encountered in File 07's Red Case: "Astral Investigation".
    • To my observation, Brutes have a standard Power-type moveset accented with electric shocks.
  • POW-C-30EB5-00 "Aloadae"
    • A nasty customer, Aloadae is covered in spikes. It is fought in File 03 in the secret Red Case called "Chimera Takedown" in Chapter 3.
    • The best I can determine is that Aloadae is a bit quicker than your average Power.
    • The Aloadae in Greek mythology were giant brothers who tried to storm Olympus by stacking mountains on top of each other.
  • POW-C-75C4F-00 "Minotaur"
    • This green and horned Power-type is aggressive with its attacks. It is fought in a File 07 Red Case: "Chimera Takedown".
    • While this Power-type has no particular element or gimmick, it's quicker and more aggressive than other Power-types. It also had a few extra ground-slamming moves.
    • The Minotaur in Greek mythology is a monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man. It was placed in the middle of the labyrinth, a maze created by Daedalus.
  • POW-C-8D1E4-00 "Kottos"
    • This red Power-type controls fire. It is fought in File 09's Red Case "Missing Friend".
    • Apart from carrying a fire element to its attacks, Kottos has one interesting move when alongside Gyges: it will pick up the other and spin it around by its limbs like a giant swing.
    • Kottos in Greek mythology was one of the Hecatoncheires, a brother of Briareos.
  • POW-C-C5BD6-00 "Gyges"
    • This blue Power-type is fought alongside Kottos and controls ice.
    • If you don't have Anti-Freeze, make Gyges your priority in the fight against it and Kottos, as being frozen can put you in dangerous situations.
    • Gyges is yet another Hecatoncheires in Greek Mythology.

Beast-type Chimera -

The four-legged Beast-types move around the battlefield quickly and attack with the rage of feral animals. Their leaps can easily get them out of your range, so make sure you lock them down quickly. Also, the larger ones have an annoying habit of howling to call packs of their smaller versions.

  • BEA-C-AF063-00 "Mutt"
    • The basic Beast-type is much like described above and quite common. With their relatively low health, they're not heavy threats and can even be farmed during fights for quick healing while you focus on more dangerous enemies.
  • BEA-C-AF063-01 "Wolf"
    • The larger version of the Mutt. You'll first face it in File 03. As mentioned above, larger Beast-types can howl once their health gets low and they'll call a few extra Mutts.
  • BEA-C-E2921-00 "Fire Mutt"
    • Fire element Beast-types appear first in File 08: Chapter 5. You'll face both sizes in one fight.
    • The Fire Mutts aren't much to worry about, given their relatively low health.
  • BEA-C-E2921-01 "Fire Wolf"
    • The Fire Wolf, covered in red and orange swirly markings, is first fought alongside the Fire Mutts in File 08: Chapter 5.
  • BEA-C-86C3D-00 "Ice Mutt"
    • The lower level ice element Beast-types are actually not typically found in the story unless you can get Nemean to summon them with its howl. Like most mutts, you're dealing with low health cannon fodder.
  • BEA-C-86C3D-01 "Nemean"
    • This one is found in File 03: Chapter 4 in a Red Case called "Astral Investigation".
    • The Nemean is basically the "Ice Wolf". Its attacks are ice-based and its howl summons Ice Mutts.
    • The Nemean in Greek mythology is a lion with skin that could not be penetrated by normal weapons. Slaying it was one of the Labors of Heracles.
  • BEA-C-4AE2E-00 "Winged Mutt"
    • The lower level wind element Beast-types can only be found in the story when fighting Orthrus if it summons them with its howl. Like most mutts, you're dealing with low health cannon fodder.
  • BEA-C-4AE2E-01 "Orthrus"
    • Orthrus is found in File 02: Chapter 2 in a Red Case called "Into the Gate". It's tinged green in color, has wings, and hawk-like features.
    • Despite the wings, Orthrus doesn't really fly, so much as it flits around the field on the ground. Its special attack is to twist itself to generate small tornadoes that are tough to block against but don't really cause much damage.
    • In Greek mythology, Orthrus was a two-headed dog and the brother of Cerberus. Orthrus was owned by the giant Geryon.
  • BEA-C-B37F9-DIV "Fox"
    • This beast is only found in the story in File 10: Chapter 1, in the Red Case "Lost in the Fog". You'll fight and chase several over the course of the case. They look like golden foxes.
    • As combatants, they're pretty basic, but slightly more durable than the average mutt. They have electric element to their attacks.
  • BEA-C-B37F9-00 "Teumessian"
    • This enemy is found at the end of the Red Case "Lost in the Fog" mentioned above, the amalgamation of Foxes.
    • In addition to swipes and strikes and summoning Foxes with its howl, the Teumessian also has attack that call down lightning to your location, as well as shooting massive amounts of "electric bullets" at you. It's a pain to fight and not get knocked away when some of these attacks come, so it may be best to defend against the nastier ones except powering through them.
    • In Greek mythology, the Teumessian Fox was a fox so swift that it could never be caught.
  • BEA-C-A0DEF-00 "Sphinx"
    • This enemy is found in File 09: Chapter 3, the Red Case called "Chimera Takedown". It is a larger Beast-type mostly gray in color and it has long whiskers coming out of its head.
    • As an enemy, the Sphinx is largely a much faster variant on the typical Beast-type. It doesn't have too many surprises, and it can't summon mutts or anything, but it does take a lot of punishment.
    • The Sphinx is a monster in Greek mythology with the head of a woman, the haunches of a lion, and the wings of an eagle. It was cunning and vile, and posed passersby a riddle and would kill them if they couldn't solve it.

Serpent-type Chimera -

Serpents first show up rather late in the game. As their name suggests, they all adopt a serpentine form, and have a habit of burrowing underground. As main attacks, they can strike forward, spin around their tails, and most have some kind of mouth-based weapon. If they do burrow, you can see them with your IRIS and your Beast Legion can dig them out of the ground, which will open them up for attack.

  • SER-C-C85B9-00 "Hydra"
    • You'll first face a Hydra as part of the story in File 10, in the "A Dangerous Dump" case. The smallest Serpent-type, the Hydra is mostly white with some red undertones.
    • Hydra is the fire-based Serpent. If left alone, it'll pop up from burrowing far away and spit fireballs at you as well as a constant fire beam. Once you've cornered one, you'll find it doesn't have much health, so it can be dealt with pretty quickly.
    • The Hydra was a monster in Greek mythology and one of the Labors of Heracles. It was a multi-headed serpent with powerful regenerative powers, and could only be slain when fire was used to burn the stumps when each head was cut off.
  • SER-C-E1C0D-00 "Ladon"
    • Ladon is faced as part of a Red Case in File 10: Chapter 2 called "Astral Investigation". It is largely green in color and has a single large eye on its head.
    • Ladon seems the "non-elemental" of the Serpents. It can fire bullets and lasers, and will burrow, but is otherwise standard with is moveset. It does have a fair amount of health, compared to Hydra at least.
    • In Greek mythology, Ladon is another serpentine monster. It guarded the Garden of the Hesperides, and Heracles was tasked as another of his Labors to bypass it and take a golden apple.
  • SER-C-1B050-00 "Scylla"
    • Scylla is fought in File 11 during "Getting the Shaft" as part of the various chimera that attack on the elevator ride. It is almost entirely white some blue accents.
    • Another larger Serpent, Scylla's element is ice, and the shots and beams it uses focus around freezing you. It has decent health, but not as much as Ladon.
    • Scylla is a Greek mythological monster that appears in the Odyssey. Another multi-headed serpent, sailors moving through a strait had to choose whether to get close to Scylla or the whirlpool monster Charybdis.
  • SER-C-9F6DC-00 "Lamia"
    • Lamia is one of the few chimera not fought in the story. Instead, you can first find it in File 12's Case: R1-6. It has a yellow color scheme.
    • Lamia is the electric element Serpent. Watch for shocking strikes and electric bullets. It has health comparable to Scylla.
    • In Greek mythology, the Lamia was a woman cursed to have the lower body of a snake.

Elemental-type Chimera -

Well there's just the one, so....

  • ELE-C-D8790-00 "Fireball"
    • The Fireball shows up first in File 07: Chapter 3, but not as part of the story. You can only find Fireballs on side stuff. The case it first is found is one of the ones called "Astral Investigation." It's a small floating sphere-like creature with a face on the front.
    • Fireballls can charge and spew fire. They don't take a lot of hits, but they have a considerable danger associated with them. Once you get their health down, they will inflate in size and damage, and when their health is low, they'll swell up and explode. The explosion has a pretty wide radius and deadly on higher difficulties. Best to make sure the Fireball is destroyed before that happens.

Shell-type Chimera -

These chimera are somewhat named because of the small shell that they can move around themselves, but also because they encase other chimera in an energy shell to make them immune to damage. Typically, you'll have to use a Legion Special Action to sever the connection between the two chimera. When not focusing on shielding, Shell-types can strike with the pieces of the shell around them, and they can also put up their shells as shields to block attacks. For the most part, they have very low health, and getting one cornered will see it destroyed in a few seconds.

  • SHE-C-4F413-00 "Ker"
    • Ker has little ears on top of its head and is fully white. It is first found during the story in File 03.
    • When Ker protects other chimera, you can see an electric strand connecting the two. Sever that strand with the Sword Legion's Slash to stun it and finish it off quickly.
    • In Greek Mythology, the Keres are female death spirits that descend on battlefields and take the spirits of those fallen.
  • SHE-C-C10CD-00 "Axe Shell"
    • These guys are blue and have hoods on their head. They're not seen during normal story cases, but can first be found in File 09 on the "Gate Disposal" case.
    • They encase themselves in barriers when they shield another chimera, which can only be broken by strong hits, such as from the Axe Legion or Gladius.
  • SHE-C-7B74E-00 "Arrow Shell"
    • Mostly purple with weird bowls for heads. They're first found in the story in File 04.
    • Once they protect, they will float up high in the air, where they need to be shot down with Precise Shooting from the Arrow Legion.
  • SHE-C-104A7-00 "Beast Shell"
    • First found in File 05 after you get the Beast Legion, with the green color and leaves on their heads, these Shell-types look like plants.
    • In fact, once they shield a chimera, they'll burrow themselves underground. Use the Beast Legion to dig them up to make them vulnerable.
  • SHE-C-2D22C-00 "Dryad"
    • This special Shell-type is found in File 05: Chapter 5, in the Red Case "Chimera Takedown". It's red in color and has "hair" that sticks up.
    • Unlike most Shells, the Dryad focuses on attack, not defense. It uses its shell shards to form little weapons or just scatters them about. It can still shield itself with its shell, but all you have to worry about is making it sure it doesn't directly hurt you. It does have more health than the average Shell, too.
    • In Greek mythology, Dryads are nymphs that reside in trees.
  • SHE-C-1B635-00 "Naiad"
    • The Naiad is found in File 08: Chapter 4, in the Red Case "Not-So-Saferoom".
    • Naiad is special in that its role is to not attack or protect, but control. In any instance you fight a Naiad, there are humans lying on the ground. The Naiad will control these humans to attack you, and defeating any of them will just see them come back. Seeking out Naiad should be a priority in order to shut it down. It has health on par with a Dryad.
    • In Greek mythology, Naiads are nymphs that reside in water, such as wells, ponds, or fountains.

Gel-type Chimera -

Gels are squat, rubbery, and toad-like in appearance. The small ones are easy to defeat, but the large ones tend to be very aggressive both with physical and elemental attacks, with surprising speed despite their looks.

  • GEL-C-A68D2-00 "Frog"
    • The first Frogs you find will be in File 07 as part of the story when running through the tunnels of Central City. They're purple in color.
    • Non-elemental Frogs are focused around weak attacks, low health, and spitting goop that will slow you down. They're more of a nuisance than anything.
  • GEL-C-9A7EC-00 "Fire Frog"
    • The first Fire Frogs are found as part of the story in File 05. They glow red.
    • The only thing special about these ones is that their goop burns, setting you on fire.
  • GEL-C-9A7EC-01 "Zeus"
    • You'll first face Zeus in File 05 alongside the Fire Frogs. It's a large Gel-type that glows red.
    • Compared to the smaller Gels, Zeus and other large Gels can actually do some damage. They have tongue attacks, ground slaps and can bounce. They can also breathe fire. The attacks come out quick and can be tough to predict, so I'd suggest focusing on immobilizing it instead of trying to dodge or counter its attacks.
    • In Greek mythology Zeus is the ruler of the Olympians and the chief god in the mythology. He's the god of the sky and thunder.
  • GEL-C-B7904-00 "Ice Frog"
    • Ice Frogs first appear as part of the story in File 10, but can be found in side stuff as early as File 08.
    • They're ice-elemental, so their goop can freeze you, but that's about it.
  • GEL-C-B7904-00 "Ice Toad"
    • Similar to the Ice Frogs, the Ice Toads first appear in File 10, but can be found in side stuff as early as File 08.
    • Much like Zeus, the Ice Toad can be a handful. It breathes ice and has all the same quick and unpredictable strikes.
  • GEL-C-CB186-00 "Thunder Frog"
    • These guys can only be fought in File 11, in a Red Case called "Chimeric Camera". They are black and yellow and have whiskers.
    • They're electric elemental, so their attacks can shock. They also have slightly more health than Fire or Ice Frogs.
  • GEL-C-CB166-01 "Poseidon"
    • Like the Thunder Frogs, Poseidon is only found in "Chimeric Camera".
    • With electric powers, this large Gel is even more dangerous than its brothers. Also, it has more health than either Zeus or the Ice Toad.
    • The Greek God Poseidon is the brother of Zeus and the ruler of the seas.
  • GEL-C-A070C-00 "Slime"
    • There are ten gold-colored Slimes to be found in the main game, one in each File starting with 02. Once defeated, they will not reappear. Fortunately, you can find more Slimes in File 12.
    • Slimes will not attack and will just run away from fights. They shrug off normal attacks. It seems that only Legion attacks affect them, which means the best way to defeat one is repeatedly mash ZL to slam the Legion into it over and over again.

Black Chimera -

Pretty nasty customers, black chimera are all unique chimera. Some of them are bosses fought in the course of the story, others must be sought out to challenge them. While they have the major physical qualities of their type, they tend to have extra abilities to set them apart. I have no strategies here on how to defeat them, because I provide those in their sections that I'll link to.

  • HUM-C-EA76E-00 "Agamemnon"
    • This tall humanoid chimera is found in File 11, in the secret Red Case "Chimera Takedown".
    • Agamemnon was a king in Greek mythology and a participant in the Trojan War. Specifically, he was opposed to Troy because he was brother to King Menelaus, the husband of Helen, who was kidnapped by Paris, which started the war.
  • WIG-C-0FDF3-00 "Kelaino"
    • This winged chimera with red-lined wings is a major antagonist in File 07, hounding the player throughout the first half. Defeating it is required to advance the story.
    • "Celaeno" is the name of many figures in Greek myth, but likely refers to one of the Harpies.
  • ARR-C-C1DB9-00 "Hecate"
    • The black Arrow-type chimera is fought in a side case in File 09 while in Harmony Square called "Chimera Takedown".
    • Hecate is a Greek goddess of magic and witchcraft. She predates the Olympians and is not counted among their number.
  • ARM-C-B5FC7-00 "Enceladus"
    • The black Arm-type is a major foe fought midway through File 02, on your first trip to the Astral Plane.
    • In Greek myth, Enceladus was one of the "Gigantes", giants birthed by Uranus. He participated in the Gigantomachia, warring against the Olympians.
  • POW-C-D82C0-00 "Tartarus"
    • The black Power-type is fought as a mid-boss in File 06, at the end of that File's trip to the Astral Plane.
    • In Greek myth, Tartarus typically refers to the underworld, specifically where the Titans were banished after the Titanomachia. It is also the name of a primordial god that predates the Titans.
  • BEA-C-E9AF5-00 "Cerberus"
    • The black Beast-type is notable in that it has three heads. It's fought midway through File 03, at the end of the first trip to the Astral Plane.
    • Cerberus is the guardian of the underworld, a great dog that in most tellings has three heads. His name means "spotted", so when you name your dog "Spot" consider who you're actually naming it after.
  • SER-C-BC47F-00 "Echidna"
    • The black Serpent-type is fought in File 11, in a Red Case called "Chimera Takedown".
    • Echidna in Greek myth is often described as the "mother of all monsters", having given birth to Cerberus, the Gorgons, and the Chimera. She typically appears as a woman with the lower half of a snake.
  • ELE-C-F67BD-00 "Deimos"
    • The black Elemental-type is fought as part of the story halfway through File 05.
    • In Greek myth, Deimos is one of the sons of Ares and Aphrodite, and is the god of dread. He is often partnered with his brother Phobos, the god of fear.
  • SHE-C-2F4ED-00 "Lampas"
    • The black Shell-type is fought in a Red Case in File 11, in the ARI, called "Astral Investigation".
    • While "lampas" simply means "lamp" in Greek, this chimera may refer to the the "Lampades" in Greek myth, who were the nymphs of the underworld, specifically ones who assisted Hecate.
  • GEL-C-AC61E-00 "Ares"
    • The black Gel-type is only fought in FIle 12, first in case "R3-B1".
    • Ares seems to be a simple foe. He is deadly in his attack, and that's about it. He has a goop spit, a bounce, and a tongue lashing like all other sizable Gel-types; they just hit like a truck. Once you cause enough damage, Ares will break apart into a bunch of smaller Gels. The real one is hidden among the group, but it's still a good idea to clear the area of the little guys as best you can. After a while of being small, Ares will grow back to full size and attack. Best to finish it before it regrows.
    • In Greek myth, Ares is the god of war. Son of Zeus and Hera, and lover of Aphrodite. Whereas his sister Athena was wise and strategic in battle, he was violent and cruel.
  • GEL-C-AC61E-DIV "Black Frog"
    • These are little pieces that Ares splits into during battle. Use wide sweeping attacks to ferret out the ones that aren't him. The real Ares is slightly larger than his split personalities.

Enemy Legions -

This next section covers the protolegions created by Jena, the Nemesis Legions, and the Type R Legions.

  • Protolegion
    • The base proto is fought at the end of File 05 as a pair of the two.
  • Sword/Shield Protolegion
    • This proto is one of four fought on the roof of Rayleigh Plaza at the end of File 07. It carries a sword and shield like Laius.
  • Claw Protolegion
    • This one isn't fought until File 09, as you face the final boss of that file. During the run up to the boss, you'll have to fight some protos, the Claw being one of them..
  • Archer Protolegion
    • This proto is one of four fought on the roof of Rayleigh Plaza at the end of File 07. It carries a bow.
  • Glove Protolegion
    • This proto is one of four fought on the roof of Rayleigh Plaza at the end of File 07. It has long extended arms like massive gloves.
  • Gladius Protolegion
    • This proto is one of four fought on the roof of Rayleigh Plaza at the end of File 07. It carries a greatsword like the Axe Legion's.
  • Sword Nemesis
    • The final enemy of File 02. Make sure you come back once you get your camera.
  • Arrow Nemesis
    • The final enemy of File 03.
  • Arm Nemesis
    • A boss fought late in File 04.
  • Beast Nemesis
    • A boss fought midway through File 05.
  • Axe Nemesis
    • The final enemy of File 08.
  • Type R Blade Legion
  • Type R Bowgun Legion
  • Type R Heavy Arm Legion
  • Type R Wolf Legion
  • Type R Bardiche Legion
    • While you face some Type R Legions at the end of File 10, don't bother getting pictures there, because you fight all five near the end of File 11.
  • Akira-Legion Fusion
    • The final enemy of File 10.

Aberrations -

Humans who received data corruption that are unfortunately beyond the redshift threshold. The corruption has turned them into mindless monsters, and essentially cannon fodder for the Astral forces. They are typically quite weak, but if fought in large numbers can totally gang up on you. Unfortunately, each individual Aberration is its own file in the Subject Logs, and not all can be fought in the story. Glove and Gladius Aberrations, no matter what skin, can be a bit of trouble. They're durable, if nothing else.

  • Aberration M (Sword)
  • Aberration M (Sword/Shield)
  • Aberration M (Claw)
  • Aberration M (Archer)
  • Aberration M (Glove)
  • Aberration M (Gladius)
  • Aberration F (Sword)
  • Aberration F (Sword/Shield)
  • Aberration F (Claw)
  • Aberration F (Archer)
  • Aberration F (Glove)
  • Aberration F (Gladius)
    • The civilian Aberrations are fought in civilian locations. All of these can be found during the story, but not all at once. There's one File 12 case that has all of them: R1-4.
  • Researcher M (Sword)
  • Researcher M (Sword/Shield)
  • Researcher M (Claw)
  • Researcher M (Archer)
  • Researcher M (Glove)
  • Researcher M (Gladius)
  • Researcher F (Sword)
  • Researcher F (Sword/Shield)
  • Researcher F (Claw)
  • Researcher F (Archer)
  • Researcher F (Glove)
  • Researcher F (Gladius)
    • Only a few Researcher Aberrations appear in File 11 in the ARI, but make sure you get pictures of each. The only other File you'll find them is in File 12: Case R3-3. The sixth wave is a large group of them, and it's all possible types except for an F (Glove) and an F (Gladius), both of whom are found in File 11.
  • Officer (Sword)
  • Officer (Sword/Shield)
  • Officer (Claw)
  • Officer (Archer)
  • Officer (Glove)
  • Officer (Gladius)
    • There are a couple of Officer Aberrations in File 07, but the place you're going to find most of them is a File 12 case: R2-17. One of the waves is twelve Aberrations of all Officer types.
  • Filthwing (Claw)
  • Filthwing (Archer)
  • Filthwing (Gladius)
    • Filthwings are the flying type of Aberrations. They're actually the very first enemy you face in File 01, but it's not like you can take a picture from your bike. There are a couple of Archers in File 01, and some Gladius in File 11, but you can find all types in File 12's case: R1-4.
  • Hermit (Sword)
  • Hermit (Sword/Shield)
  • Hermit (Claw)
  • Hermit (Archer)
  • Hermit (Glove)
  • Hermit (Gladius)
    • You'll face a couple of Hermit Aberrations late in File 06, but there's a File 12 Case where you'll fight all the types: R2-B1.

Living Weapons -

This is a short list of biological enemies created by Jena who are not chimera.

  • Tentacle
  • Poison Tentacle
    • Both kinds of Tentacles are first found in File 04 in the Ark Mall. Size isn't important when differentiating the Tentacles. The only distinguishing characteristic between the two types is that the Poison Tentacle has a slight purple sheen to it, which is hard to spot at a quick look, but just keep your distance from them and scan any groups of Tentacles to find which are which.
    • The Tentacles themselves as enemies go down pretty quick, but they can be annoying, what with the goop they spit that can restrict or slow you down.
  • Gas Generator (Body)
    • The origin of purple poison gas, these are spherical pods with red eyes surrounding them. You can first find them in File 03. They need to be destroyed to shut down poison gas in the immediate area. Fortunately, they don't take much punishment.
  • Gas Generator (Pod)
    • These are first found in File 02, but also in File 03 so you can take their picture there. These are flat purplish pods on the ground that routinely spit purple poison gas, which you'll see long before you see the pods themselves.
  • Walking Explosive "Berthold"
    • Not quite chimera, the Berthold are small spider-like foes with glowing red eyes first encountered in the Astral Plane late in File 08. All they do is plod towards you and detonate. Shoot them down with the Blaster before they can do so. There are some File 12 cases with a LOT of Bertholds, so be ready to fire fast.
    • Berthold is not a Greek figure in myth at all. The closest thing I can find is a German historian named Barthold Niebuhr, who had a fancy for Greek heroes and myth.
  • Laser Generator (Body)
    • Looking similar to Gas Generator Bodies, but with brighter red eyes. You can find one in File 02. Like the Gas Generators, they don't take much punishment.
  • Laser Generator (Pod)
    • Much like with the Gas Generators, you'll see the laser long before you see where it's coming from, but these are the origin points, and are invulnerable to damage. You have to destroy the body to remove them.

Drones -

A short section on mechanized drones fought in the game. They have low health, so they can be shot down with relative ease. If you're really hurting on getting pictures of these guys, File 12's Case "R3-10" will have all four attack you at once.

  • Gunner Drone
    • If you want to get this one easily, go to File 03 in Maison Forest. The drone that's part of the Case "A Drone's Fate" is eligible for picture taking.
  • Missile Drone
    • The Missile variant of the police drone is a bit trickier. You cannot use the ones you deploy yourself. The only way to get these suckers to appear in the story is to go to the File 06 stealth section, get spotted, and fight your way through the cops and drones that appear.
  • Gunner Drone (Hermit)
  • Missile Drone (Hermit)
    • These two drones are marked up with Hermit color and symbols, but are roughly the same type of Drone. You can only fight them when fighting Hermit Pilot enemies. They continue to summon new drones if you destroy the one they're currently carrying.

Homunculi -

These are major enemies, and the result of Jena's research into living weapons. They're mostly fought as bosses.

  • Homunculus α
    • The Alpha is the final enemy of File 04.
  • Homunculus β
    • The Beta is the final enemy of File 06.
  • Homunculus γ
    • The Gamma is the final enemy of File 07, but only appears as such once you face it on Rayleigh Plaza's roof and it stands up on its back legs.
  • Homunculus Δ
    • The Delta is fought early in File 09 as a giant homunculus.
  • Homunculus Egg
    • Fought halfway through File 09 in the Astral Plane.
  • Mini Homunculus
    • As you go through the Astral Plane in File 09, you'll see these smaller homunculi clinging to the walls. They will eventually attack, but aren't huge threats.

Hermits -

Regular old humans, these guys are a faction known in full as the "Holy Order of the Digital Hermit". They're a hacker collective who are seeking to better the lives of the forgotten Uppers living in Zone 09.

  • Kyle
    • The leader of the Hermits, to get this entry, you must take Kyle's picture while fighting him partway through File 06.
  • Hermit Brawler
    • These Hermits are completely unarmed, and if you want you can even get their picture later in File 06 when they're not fighting you.
  • Hermit Shocker
    • These Hermits carry small stun guns which aren't easy to see, so make sure you watch for them.
  • Hermit Slugger
    • These Hermits carry bats.
  • Hermit Slasher
    • Hard to miss. These Hermits carry large orange and blue greatswords.
  • Hermit Burner
    • This Hermit type carries a bottle full of flammable liquid and tends to hang back in fights.
  • Hermit Pilot
    • The Pilot is the drone operator. He will always hang back and is furiously tapping at his tablet to work his drone.

Major Foes -

This last section is quite simply all the rest of the major enemies in the game, each of which are described more fully in their walkthrough section. Also there are pretty heavy spoilers from here on out, so beware.

  • Jena Aberrant
    • Fought for a short while at the end of File 04 and fought for keeps midway through File 09.
  • Jena Asymptote
    • Fought at the end of File 09.
  • Jena Apoethosis
    • The final enemy of File 09.
  • Raven Officer
    • Fought in both File 10 and File 11. Probably easier to get a picture in the latter.
  • Akira Clone
    • Fought midway through File 11.
  • Noah, Soul of Ambition
    • Fought (sort of) near the end of File 11, the giant with three heads. The picture may be tough to get, but it can be got.
  • Noah Core
    • Fought near the end of File 11, the wobbly core with polygons all over it.
  • Noah Prime
    • Fought at the end of File 11.
  • Final Noah Prime
    • The final enemy of File 11.
  • Aether
    • The final boss at the end of File 12's Cases.
    • Aether is considered a primordial deity in Greek myth, preceding even possibly the Titans. Aether represents the upper sky, where the air was so thin only gods could breathe it.
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