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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

Other Gameplay Features

Ranking and Awards

At the end of any Red Case, you're ranked on your performance, as long as you're playing on Pt Standard difficulty or higher. The ranking goes from D to C to B to A to S to S+ as the top. This rank is assigned in direct relation to how many points you earn over the course of the Case, which are earned via three methods:

  • Time - The quicker you do a Case, the more points you'll earn. The allotment is different for every Case. Typically the absolute minimum for time is 1,250 points. The maximum is different depending on the Case, and can run from 5,000 to over 10,000. In most Cases, the time which you complete it will be a major factor towards whether you can get an S+.
  • Score - For several Cases that are non-combat, you can be scored by earning points, such as the Shooting Trials. That score is directly applied to your final score in the Case.
  • Awards - If you can't be fast, at least be stylish. Awards are given at the end of every Case for certain "tasks" you did, whether it was direct combat, how you fight, any special stuff you do, taking no hits, and even some pity ones for screwing up a lot. There's a bunch of Awards and below I'm listing as many as I've found by myself and via the Menus. Some Awards are for things done once and give you a flat rate. Some Awards give you points for each time you do a certain thing (like a Sync Attack), but all of these have limits. For example, no matter how many Sync Attacks you do in a Case, you can never get more than 2,000 points directly for Sync Attacks, which is great regardless.

For most combat-related Cases the threshold for getting an S+ is 10,000 points. So if you're wondering what to be shooting for, that's it for most of the regular combat. In the sections for Cases, I break down if it's a different amount.

Anyway, here's a bit list of Awards, and I try to separate them by how the Menus put them. The combat stuff is all in the beginning, with special stuff further down the list. I fully admit that I don't have all the perfect numbers on each of these, so if you learn something and feel like assisting, I'd very much appreciate it.

Double Defeat1,000Defeat two or more enemies at once.
Finishing Touch300600Use a Finishing Move on a chimera.
Multiple Legions500Defeat an enemy using a Legion and use a different Legion to defeat the next enemy.
Full Arsenal500Defeat an enemy using one mode of the X-Baton and use a different mode to defeat the next enemy.
Faulty Footwork100Take damage during dodges.
Standing Strong700Don't dodge during the Case.
Naked Eye100Don't turn on your IRIS during the Case.
Running on Empty100Run out of energy several times during the fight.
Accident-Prone100Fall off ledges frequently during the fight.
Working Overtime?Take a long time to clear a Case (Don't know the amount yet).
Takin' It Easy300Stand still for a percentage of time during a Case.
Sync Attacker2002,000When you connect a Sync Attack, you increment this bonus.
Sync Attack Master1,000Hit enemies with at least five different Sync Attacks.
Dodge and Sync300600Perform a Perfect Dodge Sync Attack.
Drop and Sync200400When knocked down, perform a Sync to get back to your feet.
Legion of Legions500Switch Legions a bunch of times during the fight.
Legion Skill300900Use a Legion Skill to increment this bonus.
Legion Skill Master700Use at least three different Legion Skills in a Case.
Legion Fusion400Perform Legion Fusion in the Case.
Simultaneous Slash700Using the Sword Legion's Slash (L button), hit multiple enemies with one Slash.
Long-Range Only400For this one you have to use long-range attacks a lot. Possibly at least 50% of the time.
Item Master?Use Combat Items during the Case.
Medicine Master500Use a certain number of Recovery Items during the Case.
Chain of Command200400Have both the player and Legion use Command Skills (Assault Attacks and Spin Attacks)
Headshot200600Using the Arrow Legion's Precise Shooting, shoot an enemy in the head.
Perfect Call5001,000Perform Perfect Calls.
Backstab200600Strike an enemy in the rear, causing critical damage.
Stealth Attack400Attack an enemy when they're unaware of you. This can only really be done when you're approaching fights that are already happening.
Stunning300900Stun enemies in battle however you can.
Limiter Expert1,000Keep the limiter gauge above 50% during the Case.
Item Hoarder500Don't use any Items during the Case.
Chain Bind2001,000Bind an enemy.
Multi Chain Bind600900Entrap multiple enemies a single binding. You get 600 for two enemies, and 900 for three.
Chain Counter300900Perform Chain Counters.
Unscathed5,000Take no damage during a combat Case. On Pt Ultimate difficulty, if the Legion takes damage, it doesn't count against this.
Motorcycle Missions
Run and Gun100 per killThis appears to be for every enemy you shoot down on the bike.
Defensive Driver2,500This bonus is earned on the bike missions for not colliding with anything while driving. You can still take damage and get it, but not if you're smashing into stuff.
Not a Scratch3,000The bonus is earned for taking zero damage during a bike mission.
Informant500 eachFor every keyword you get in an investigation, you get 500 points.
Good Listener1,000 eachFor Cases where you're asked to report on your investigation, answer questions right to get this bonus.
Just the Facts5,000You get this bonus if the only keywords you get are the ones you need for the answers.
Stealth Missions
Stealth Binder5002,500Use a Stealth Bind on a guard.
Resourceful500Toss a can to distract a guard.
Stealth Clear1,000Clear the mission without being spotted at all.
Brute Force500Get spotted and beat up guards to leave.
That's a Wrap8,000Bind every guard in the Case.
Cargo Carrying Missions
Haul and Heal1,000 eachThis only applies to the one in File 08 (Mitsuru on the Job), but blueshifting other officers on the trip will give you this bonus.
This Side Up5,000You get this bonus for not dropping your cargo once.
Protecting Non-combatants
Defender2,000This is earned if the non-combatants' health is greater than 50%.
Perfect Protector1,000This is earned if the non-combatants take no damage (on top of Defender).
Barrier Buff?This is earned if you use the Axe Legion's shield to protect the non-combatants.
Tailing Suspects
Hide and Seek?When tailing, use all possible hiding spots.
In Plain Sight1,000Use no marked hiding spots when tailing.
Shooting Tests
Perfect Aim?Hit every single target and no red X's.
From the Hip1,000Don't use Focus during the test.
Other Awards
Homunculus Hunter1,000These are both applicable to File 07. For this, you have to attack the Homunculus as you chase it around the city. There are several points where it's clinging to walls and you'll be able to take shots with the Arrow Legion. I'm not sure what separates these two, as I always got both.
Homunculus Harmer2.000
Efficiency Expert10,000This is applicable to File 08's Blue Cases all named "Heavy Traffic". If you can complete the puzzle with fewer than 35 moves, you'll get this bonus.
Deep CleaningUp to 5,000This is the bonus for File 08's Red Case "Cleanup Crew", which increases as you clean up Red Matter.
Anti-VandalUp to 2,500This is the bonus for File 11's Red Case "Runs in the Family", which is higher if the vandals put up less graffiti.
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