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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

Post Game

Otherwise known as File 12: [Rebirth].

Sorry for those of you who clicked by accident but I didn't want to spoil that there's a twelfth file. Really, the story has ended by this point and it is all pretty much clean-up. With the threat averted, Neuron has been reassembled more or less as normal, with Olive de facto in charge, and good for her! Still, there's work to be done. The post-story effort is pretty much just talking to Olive and taking cases that she offers. Yes, it's just a big list of combat cases. 71 to be exact.

As far as "walkthroughs" go, there's really very little to say. Each challenge is simple enough in concept: pick one from the list and beat all the enemies that get thrown at you. Every so often you'll have to walk from one area to the next, but conceptually, it's very little that you haven't seen already. Even getting an S+ on these isn't as complicated as some of the story cases.

The cases are given simply numbers and letters to identify them, and there's a pattern to the naming schemes.

  • R1 - These cases are what I'd call "Medium difficulty", even though some can in fact be quite easy. You get two AED Charges for these fights.
  • R2 - These cases I'd call "Hard difficulty". They are a significant ramp-up of the previous cases, and harder than most challenges in the story. You get one AED Charge.
  • R3 - These I'd call "Ultimate difficulty". You get no AED Charges, your Legion can take damage just like in Pt Ultimate, and every bad guy hits like a truck.
  • B - Any case with a "B" preceding the latter number is B for "Boss". You'll be facing major story bosses in these fights, so prepare for that.
  • A - A case with an "A" preceding the latter number is A for "Astral Plane". The case takes place entirely in the Astral Plane, but other than that there's really no distinction from other numbered cases. Some of them can actually be comparatively easily.
  • W - I call this W for "Whoa Baby That's A Lot Of Bad Guys". These cases are looooong endurance runs of battles, that can take you a long time to complete. You'll get a lot of items to help you out, but it's still something you might want to set some time aside for.

One restriction to keep in mind, though, is that both your difficulty and Items are fixed for these fights. You're given a smattering of items on your wheel for the case, and cannot access them through the menu. You have use them from the wheel. Here are the stocks that can show up:

R1-MixedFive Medicine (Mini)Three MedicineOne Medicine (Full)Four GrenadeOne Gunner DroneOne Barrier FieldTwo Spicy CobraTwo Astral-Ade
R1-CombatThree Heal-AllFour GrenadeFour Stun GrenadeOne Gunner DroneOne Missile DroneFour Time BombTwo Barrier Field
R1-DrinkFive Medicine (Mini)Five MedicineTwo Energy SpikeTwo Data SoupOne Gasoline JellyThree Bone PotageThree Fishy WaterThree Golden Tea
W-SetSeven Medicine (Mini)Five MedicineTwo Medicine (Full)Four Stun GrenadesTwo Barrier FieldsTwo Bone PotageTwo Fishy WaterOne ResoMax
R2-MixedThree MedicineOne Medicine (Full)One Gunner DroneOne Missile DroneTwo Barrier FieldsTwo Astral-AdeThree Bone Potage
R2-ResoSix Medicine (Mini)One Medicine (Full)Three Stun GrenadesTwo Time BombsTwo Data SoupTwo Golden TeaOne ResoMax
R2-SpikeTwo Heal-AllThree Energy SpikeFour GrenadesTwo Stun GrenadesTwo Barrier FieldsOne Spicy CobraOne Gasoline JellyThree Fishy Water
R3-CombatFour MedicineFour GrenadesThree Stun GrenadesOne Gunner DroneOne Missile DroneTwo Time BombsOne Barrier Field
R3-DrinkFour MedicineOne Spicy CobraOne Astral-AdeOne Data SoupOne Gasoline JellyTwo Bone PotageTwo Fishy WaterTwo Golden Tea
R3-MixedThree MedicineOne Medicine (Full)Four Stun GrenadesOne Barrier FieldOne Bone PotageOne Fishy WaterOne ResoMax

The cases will open up in a set order depending on which ones you complete, so you start with a small list that only grows once you continue to complete them. I'm not going to bother with the unlock scheme for that reason, so here's the list of cases:

R1-1: Zone 09
  • R1-Mixed Items
  • Before you go to the fight, you can find three crates in the area. Two have Medicine and one has a Spicy Cobra.
  • Also if you go south from your starting point, you can find a Slime.
  • Fight One:
    • Four Aberrations (two Gladius)
    • Two Wolves and Five Mutts
  • On the way to the second fight, there's a crate with a Grenade
  • Fight Two:
    • One Laius and One Wolf
    • One Diomedes, One Laius, and One Wolf
R1-2: Zone 36
  • R1-Combat Items
  • There's a crate at the beginning with a Stun Grenade.
  • Fight:
    • Three Infantry and Three Ice Mutts
    • Two Fire Falcons
    • Two Infantry, Three Fire Hawks, and Three Ice Mutts
    • Two Fire Falcons and One Nemean
R1-3: Ark Mall
  • R1-Drink Items
  • Fight One:
    • Six Frogs and Two Hydra
  • Fight Two:
    • Once Ice Toad and Two Hydra
  • Just before the third fight are two crates with a Medicine and a Medicine (Mini).
  • Fight Three:
    • Four Ice Frogs and One Ice Toad
    • One Ladon and Three Hydra
R1-4: Maison Forest
  • R1-Combat Items
  • Lift the dumpster behind where you start for a crate with a Time Bomb. Another crate at the far end of the start point has a Barrier Field.
  • Fight:
    • Six Aberrations
    • Six more Aberrations
    • One Gladius Aberration and One Glove Aberration
    • Eight Filthwings (Claw and Archer)
    • Two Filthwings (Gladius)
    • A real big pile of Aberrations
    • About eight Filthwings
    • Even more combined ground and Filthwing Aberrations (weaker kinds)
    • More combined ground and Filthwing Aberrations (Gloves and Gladius)
    • NOTE: All these Aberrations are civilians and I'm pretty sure there's at least one of each type (M and F) here if you're looking for pictures.
R1-5: Zone 36
  • R1-Mixed Items
  • There are two crates before the first fight. Each has a Medicine
  • Fight One:
    • Six Claws and Four Arrow Shells
  • Once the first fight is over, you can find two more crates in the battle area with two more Medicine.
  • Fight Two:
    • Three Infantry and Three Beast Shells
  • Fight Three:
    • Three Infantry, Three Claws, Two Arrow Shells, Two Beast Shells
R1-B1: ARI
  • R1-Combat Items
  • There are three crates in the opening area. Two Grenades and a Stun Grenade.
  • Fight:
    • Raven Officer with Blade Legion
    • Raven Officer with Bardiche Legion and One Gladius Protolegion
    • Raven Officer with Heavy Arm Legion, One Glove Protolegion, Three Gunner Drones
    • Two Raven Officers with Bowgun Legion and Wolf Legion, One Claw Protolegion, One Archer Protolegion
    • Agamemnon, and as you fight more Raven Officers with Black Legions will appear, a total of four throughout the fight
R1-6: Water Bureau
  • R1-Mixed Items
  • There is a Cat in this case. Instead of going ahead, turn around and go in the opposite direction to find a box with a cat.
  • There is a crate in the room of the first fight, just before going down the ladder with a Medicine (Mini) in it.
  • Fight One:
    • Two Hydra and One Fireball
  • You'll now have to go backwards through the Drainage Pit. Note the lasers. There are Generators in the area that aren't too hard to find. Take out one, go up the stairs and take out the second directly above you.
  • Fight Two:
    • Two Fireballs
  • Take out one more Generator high up and then climb to the top. There's one crate with a Medicine before you go to the last figh.
  • Fight Three:
    • Lamia, a new Serpent-type that is electricity based. As you damage it, six Hydras will also appear.
R1-7: Ark Mall
  • R1-Drink Items
  • Fight One:
    • Four Fire Mutts and One Fire Wolf
    • Two Orthrus
  • On the way to the second fight is a crate with Medicine
  • Fight Two:
    • One Fire Wolf, One Orthrus, and Kronos
R1-8: Sector V
  • R1-Mixed Items
  • Fight One:
    • Two Laius and Two Axe Shells
  • Fight Two:
    • Five Claw Aberrations
  • Fight Three:
    • Two Claws and Typhon (also stay away from the poison gas), partway through the fight, two more Claws and two Axe Shells join in
R1-9: Sector V
  • R1-Combat Items
  • There's a Stun Grenade crate before the arena.
  • Fight:
    • Two Hermit Brawlers
    • Two Hermit Sluggers
    • Two Hermit Slashers
    • Two Hermit Burners
    • Two Hermit Pilots
    • Kyle and one each of all Hermits (make sure you dismiss your Legion between waves to restore energy)
R1-10: Harmony Square
  • R1-Drink Items
  • Fight:
    • Ten Hawks
    • Four Aellos
    • Kottos, Gyges, and Five Hawks
    • Minotaur and Two Aellos
R1-B2: Police HQ
  • R1-Mixed Items
  • Fight:
    • Homunculus Gamma and Five Tentacles; Five Infantry appear at 75% boss health; Five Claws appear at 50% boss health
R1-11: Water Bureau
  • R1-Combat Items
  • There's a crate in the first room with a Grenade.
  • Fight One:
    • Three Aberrations, Two Gladius Aberrations, and Four Thunder Frogs
  • There's a crate in the room before the second fight with a Stun Grenade.
  • Fight Two:
    • Three Glove Aberrations and Four Thunder Frogs
    • Two Poseidon and Four Thunder Frogs
    • Scylla and Two Poseidon; Eight Thunder Frogs at 66% health on Scylla, Four Hydra appear at 33% health on Scylla
R1-12: Zone 36
  • R1-Drink Items
  • Fight:
    • Two Fire Wolves
    • Nemean
    • Orthrus
    • Sphinx
R1-13: Ark Transport
  • R1-Mixed Items
  • Fight One:
    • Two Ice Frogs and One Ice Maiden
  • Fight Two:
    • Scylla and One Axe Shell
  • Fight Three:
    • Scylla and One Ice Maiden
    • Arke and Two Ice Toads; Eight Ice Frogs and Two Axe Shells at 50% health on Arke
R1-14: Sector V
  • R1-Drink Items
  • There's a crate near your starting point containing a Medicine.
  • Fight One:
    • Capaneus and One Claw
    • Pygmalion
  • There's another crate on the way that has a Medicine.
  • Fight Two:
    • Astraeus and Orthrus
    • Two Poseidon
    • Astraeus and Capaneus
R1-15: Highway
  • R1-Combat Items
  • There's are two crates here with a Medicine and a Spicy Cobra, if you can break away long enough to grab them.
  • Fight:
    • Diomedes and Two Fireballs
    • Three Fire Hawks and Two Fire Falcons
    • Four Fire Mutts and Two Fire Wolves
    • Four Fire Frogs and Two Zeus
    • Kottos
    • Three Dryads
R1-16: Harmony Square
  • R1-Mixed Items
  • There's a crate with a Spicy Cobra near the subway stairs and another Spicy Cobra in a corner of the plaza area past the combat mark. There are also two crates with Medicine (Mini) along the south side.
  • Fight One:
    • Two Hawks, Five Aellos, and Two Beast Shells
    • Twelve Filthwings, four of each kind (Archer, Claw, Gladius)
    • Nine Winged Mutts
    • Orthrus and Artemis
  • Fight Two:
    • Two Astraeus and Kelaino, and at 50% health on Kelaino, an Orthrus and two Beast Shells appear
R1-B3: Ark Mall
  • R1-Mixed Items
  • Fight:
    • Jena Aberrant and Homunculus Alpha
R2-1: Zone 36
  • R2-Mixed Items
  • Fight One:
    • Three Hydras and Five Filthwings (Gladius)
  • There's a crate with a Bone Potage before you go up the ladder, and another on the left after the first ladder with a Missile Drone.
  • Fight Two:
    • Ocypete and Six Hydras
    • Two Lamia
R2-2: ARI
  • R2-Mixed Items
  • There is a Cat in this case. Once you enter the next room, look to the left behind the consoles to find one in the corner.
  • Fight One:
    • Five Glove Aberrations
  • Fight Two:
    • Four Hawks and Two Filthwings (Gladius)
  • Get the two crates after the fight for a Gunner Drone and a Bone Potage, then a crate with a Missile Drone at the end of the corridor.
  • Fight Three:
    • One Brute and Four Glove Aberrations
  • Fight Four:
    • Aloadae and Four Hawks, a Brute appears at 50% health on Aloadae
R2-3: Ark Transport
  • R2-Reso Items
  • Before any fights, note the poison gas. There's a generator at the very far end of the first train on the right. The trains each have a crate with a Time Bomb and a Medicine (Mini). Once you exit the second train, the next generator is to your direct left.
  • Fight One:
    • Two Poseidon
  • There's a third generator in the back left, but bypassing the gas is easy by going up the trains.
  • Fight Two:
    • Four Bertholds (near the exit of the train car)
  • Fight Three:
    • Six Thunder Frogs
    • Four Bertholds (switch to Blaster QUICK)
  • Fight Four:
    • Ladon and Poseidon, at 66% health on Ladon, multiple Bertholds appear and Six Thunder Frogs, at 33% health more Bertholds and Thunder Frogs (I suggest using the Blaster 360 attack)
R2-4: Zone 09
  • R2-Spike Items
  • Fight One:
    • Laius and One Arrow Shell
    • Diomedes and One Arrow Shell
  • On the way to the second fight, there's a crate with a Gasoline Jelly
  • Fight Two:
    • Diomedes, Laius, and One Infantry
  • Fight Three:
    • Eris and Diomedes, two Arrow Shells appear at 66% health on Eris, another Arrow Shell at 33% health
R2-5: Astral Plane
  • R2-Reso Items
  • There are three crates near where you start that have a Medicine (Mini), a Time Bomb, and a Stun Grenade
  • Fight:
    • Ten Foxes
    • Teumessian and Hector
R2-B1: Sector V
  • R2-Spike Items
  • Four crates near the start have Fishy Water, Energy Spike, Spicy Cobra, and a Grenade
  • Fight:
    • Four Hermit Pilots
    • Two Hermit Brawlers, Two Hermit Sluggers, Two Hermit Burners
    • Twelve Aberrations (Hermit style, four each of Sword, Sword/Shield, Archer, Claw)
    • Five Gunner Drones (Hermit) and Five Missile Drones (Hermit)
    • Two Hermit Slashers and Two Hermit Aberrations (Gladius)
    • Two Hermit Sluggers and Two Hermit Aberrations (Glove)
    • One Hermit Pilot, Two Hermit Sluggers, One Hermit Burner, Two Hermit Aberrations (Glove and Gladius)
    • Kyle and One Type R Blade Legion, a Type R Bardiche Legion appears after the Blade Legion
R2-6: Zone 36
  • R2-Reso Items
  • Before entering the Gate, there are four crates in the area if you explore across the bridge. Three have a Medicine (Mini) and one has a Stun Grenade. You can also get them between fights.
  • Fight One:
    • Callisto, Hestia, Ker, and an Axe Shell
    • Three Laius and Three Ker
  • Fight Two:
    • Astraeus and Capaneus
  • Fight Three
    • Two Astraeus, Two Capaneus, Hestia, and Callisto
R2-7: Ark Mall
  • R2-Spike Items
  • Fight:
    • Two Aello, Four Hawks, Two Axe Shells
    • Three Ice Maidens
    • Two Nemean and Two Hestia
    • Scylla, an Ice Toad, and Two Axe Shells
    • Arke, Gyges, and Four Ice Frogs
R2-8: Sector V
  • R2-Spike Items
  • There is a Cat in this case. Next to your start point is a ladder leading down into the camp. The cat's down here.
  • There's also an extra Gasoline Jelly in a crate here.
  • Mind the poison gas in this area. Try to run to the far end of the path if you can. It's a small area, but better a cramped space than inhaling purple gunk.
  • Fight One:
    • Two Infantry and a Claw
    • Laius and Diomedes
    • Sixteen Bertholds in groups of four (the spot at the end of the path is a good spot to blast them from)
    • Two Hermit Sluggers and Two Claws
    • Hector and Two Hermit Slashers
  • There's a crate with an Energy Spike in the next area.
  • Fight Two:
    • Two Naiads (and several Hermit Slashers)
R2-9: Water Bureau
  • R2-Mixed Items
  • There's a crate with a Medicine before you start.
  • Fight One:
    • Enceladus and Two Laius
    • Pygmalion and Two Claws
  • Fight Two:
    • Jena Aberrant and Two Sword Protolegions, Two Arrow Protolegions appear after the Swords are gone
R2-10: Harmony Square
  • R2-Reso Items
  • A crate before the first fight gives you a Stun Grenade.
  • Fight One:
    • Six Hestia
    • Three Artemis and Three Beast Shells
  • Before going into the Gate, you can find crates with two Medicines (Mini)
  • Fight Two:
    • Typhon, a Wolf, and Aello; Hestia and Artemis show up after you beat the Wolf and Aello.
R2-B2: Zone 09
  • R2-Mixed Items
  • Fight One:
    • Kottos
  • On the way to the next fight is a crate with Astral-Ade, then a crate with Bone Potage.
  • There is a Cat in this case. Once you reach the spot with a ramp that goes up and a dumpster to the right of the ramp, lift the dumpster to find the cat behind it.
  • Fight Two:
    • Gyges
  • On the way to the next fight is a crate with a Gunner Drone.
  • Fight Three:
    • Two Brutes
    • Minotaur and Briareos
  • Fight Four:
    • Aloadae, Kottos, and Gyges
R2-11: ARI
  • R2-Spike Items
  • Fight:
    • Four Fireballs
    • Cerberus and Sphinx; at 50% health on Cerberus, Teumessian and Four Beast Shells appear
R2-12: Ark Mall
  • R2-Mixed Items
  • There's a crate in the emergency exit area with Astral-Ade
  • Fight One:
    • Teumessian and Four Claws
  • Fight Two:
    • Lamia and Poseidon, and stay OUT of the electric goop. It's deadly.
  • Fight Three:
    • One Brute and Eight Thunder Frogs
    • Typhon and Capaneus
    • Kelaino; at 50% health, Eight Claws will appear
R2-13: Maison Forest
  • R2-Spike Items
  • Fight:
    • Laius and a Wolf
    • One Ice Maiden and Nemean
    • One Infantry, One Claw, One Fire Mutt, and One Ice Mutt
    • Diomedes and a Fire Wolf
    • Capaneus and Teumessian
    • Astraeus and Orthrus
    • Pygmalion and Sphinx
    • Astraeus-Capaneus
R2-14: Sector V
  • R2-Spike Items
  • There's a crate behind you with a Gasoline Jelly.
  • Fight:
    • Two Crius
    • Three Briareos
    • Two Crius and a Brute
    • Tartarus and Four Claws; at 66% health on Tartarus, two Pygmalion appear
R2-15: Water Bureau
  • R2-Spike Items
  • There's a crate behind you with a Gasoline Jelly.
  • Fight:
    • Twelve Aberrations (three Gladius)
    • Hector, Diomedes, Laius, and an Infantry
    • Sword Protolegion, Sword/Shield Protolegion, Gladius Protolegion, and Type R Blade Legion
    • Type R Bardiche Legion, and Two Raven Officers w/ Legions
    • Kyle and Agamemnon
R2-16: Zone 36
  • R2-Reso Items
  • There's a crate behind you with a Medicine (Mini).
  • Fight One:
    • Three Hydra and Three Mutts
    • Ladon and Three Winged Mutts
  • There are two crates on the way to the next fight. One with a Data Soup and one with a Medicine (Mini).
  • Fight Two:
    • Sphinx and Two Hydra
    • Scylla and Three Ice Mutts
  • Fight Three:
    • Echidna; at 66% health, a Fire Wolf and Nemean appear.
R2-17: Police HQ
  • W-Set Items
  • There are SEVEN crates near the start with a total of a Fishy Water, two Stun Grenades, two Medicines (Mini), a Medicine, and a Medicine (Full)
  • FIGHT:
    • Eleven Infantry
    • Seven more Infantry before the first group is entirely gone
    • Twelve Mutts
    • Eight more Mutts before the first group is entirely gone
    • Ten Claws
    • Eight more Claws, you get the idea
    • Twelve Officer Aberrations (of all kinds, take your pictures now)
    • Nine Filthwings of various kinds
    • Five Frogs, Four Fire Frogs, Four Ice Frogs
    • Bertholds (big pile of them, I lost count)
    • Six Hydra
    • Twelve Hawks
    • Laius, a Wolf, Four Infantry, Four Mutts
    • Four Claws, Two Hawks, and Two Infantry before the previous group is done
    • Laius, Zeus, Aello, a Wolf, and Hydra
    • Briareos, a Claw, a Mutt, an Infantry, a Hawk, a Frog
R2-B3: Harmony Square
  • R2-Mixed Items
  • There's a couple of chests near the start that have a Medicine (Mini) and a Bone Potage
  • Fight:
    • Homunculus Gamma; at 50% health, a Sword Protolegion and a Sword/Shield Protolegion appear
    • Six Mini-Homunculi
    • Four Mini-Homunculi, a Glove Protolegion, and a Gladius Protolegion
    • Jena Aberrant; at 50% health, Homunculus Beta appears
R3-1: Sector V
  • R3-Combat Items
  • Turn around at the beginning and go to the end to find a chest with Medicine.
  • Fight One:
    • Type R Heavy Arm Legion
  • On the way to the second fight are two crates off the beaten path with a Medicine and a Grenade.
  • Fight Two:
    • Type R Bardiche Legion
  • Before the third fight is a chest with a Stun Grenade.
  • Fight Three:
    • Type R Bowgun Legion
  • Fight Four:
    • Type R Blade Legion and Type R Wolf Legion
R3-2: Zone 36
  • R3-Combat Items
  • There's two crates near the start with Medicine and a Stun Grenade..
  • Fight One:
    • Hector and an Ice Maiden
    • Astraues and Capaneus
  • There's a crate with a Time Bomb on the way to the second fight. At the second fight is another crate with Medicine.
  • Fight Two:
    • One Raven Officer w/ Blade Legion
    • One Raven Officer w/ Heavy Arm Legion
    • One Raven Officer w/ Bowgun Legion
    • One Raven Officer w/ Wolf Legion
    • One Raven Officer w/ Bardiche Legion
  • One more crate before the Gate that has Medicine.
  • Fight Three:
    • Kottos and Gyges
R3-3: ARI
  • R3-Drink Items
  • There's a crate behind you with Medicine. Just outside are two more crates with Medicine and a Spicy Cobra. Underneath the helipad are another Medicine, a Fishy Water, and an Astral-Ade.
  • One thing to point about this is that there's no border, so you can sail right off the edge and lose some health.
  • Fight:
    • Ocypete and a Fire Falcon
    • Poseidon and an Ice Toad
    • Orthrus and a Fire Wolf
    • Ladon and Hydra
    • Diomedes and an Ice Maiden
    • Callisto and Hestia
    • A large group of Researcher Aberrations (get your camera out), including a Glove and a Gladius
    • Arke; at 50% health, eight Akira Clones appear
R3-4: Zone 36
  • R3-Drink Items
  • There are crates before the first fight with an Astral-Ade and Medicine.
  • The goop here is poisoned. Anti-Poison is pretty much a must and Anti-Slime won't hurt either.
  • Fight One:
    • Scylla, Two Tentacles, and Two Frogs
  • On the way to the second fight is a Golden Tea.
  • Fight Two:
    • Six Tentacles, Eight Frogs, and Three Hydra
  • On the way to the third fight is another Medicine.
  • Fight Three:
    • Echidna
  • Fight Four:
    • Twelve Frogs
    • Lamia and Poseidon
R3-5: Ark Transport
  • R3-Mixed Items
  • There's a crate near the start with Medicine.
  • Fight One:
    • Hector and Diomedes; after Diomedes is defeated, a Fireball appears
  • On the way to the next fight are crates with a Medicine (Full), a Barrier Field, and a Stun Grenade.
  • Fight Two:
    • Two Fireballs and Two Axe Shells
    • Bertholds (unknown amount)
    • Poseidon and a Fireball
  • Fight Three:
    • Deimos; after 66% health, a Fireball appears, after 33% health, Hector appears
R3-B1: Water Bureau
  • R3-Drink Items
  • There's a crate near you with a Golden Tea and five crates even further back with three Medicine, a Fishy Water, and a Gasoline Jelly.
  • Fight:
    • Twelve Frogs
    • Two Zeus and Eight Fire Frogs
    • Two Ice Toads and Eight Ice Frogs
    • Two Poseidon and Eight Thunder Frogs
    • Three Frogs, Three Fire Frogs, Three Ice Frogs, Three Thunder Frogs
    • Zeus, an Ice Toad, and Poseidon
    • Ares, the black Gel-type. His moveset is nothing special compared to other Gels; he just hits like a truck. Avoid what you can. Once you cause enough damage, he'll split off into smaller versions of himself. Most of them are easy to destroy, but the real Ares is concealed among them, looking slightly bigger. He can still hit just as hard. The fight isn't too complicated, just hope you don't get unlucky and take a bad hit.
R3-6: Ark Mall
  • R3-Combat Items
  • Fight One:
    • Podarge and Ocypete
  • On the way to the second fight are two crates with Medicine.
  • Fight Two:
    • Artemis and Three Claws
  • There are a total of six crates on the way to the next fight. They have three Medicine, a Stun Grenade, a Gunner Drone, and a Barrier Field.
  • Fight Three:
    • Nine Frogs and Sphinx showing up a bit late
  • Fight Four:
    • Pygmalion, Callisto, and Hestia
  • Fight Five:
    • Cerberus and Hecate
R3-7: Sector V
  • R3-Combat Items
  • There are crates behind you with Medicine and a Grenade
  • Fight One:
    • Lampas, Ker, Arrow Shell, Beast Shell, Axe Shell, and Dryad
  • There's are four crates on the way to the second fight with a Grenade, two Medicine, and a Barrier Field. Some of them require you to chain jump down from above to drop onto them, so keep an eye out.
  • Fight Two:
    • Astraeus-Capaneus
  • In the route to the third fight, instead of going down the ladder, chain jump to the right to find two crates with Medicine.
  • Fight Three:
    • Agamemnon; while you're fighting Two Axe Shells appear, then Two Beast Shells, then Two Ker, then Two Arrow Shells
R3-8: Sector V
  • R3-Drink Items
  • Behind you are two crates, one with a Fishy Water, and one with Medicine. There's another crate ahead of you with Medicine.
  • Fight One:
    • Kelaino; at 50% health, three Claws appear
  • I found two crates tucked away on the way to the second fight that have Data Soup and Spicy Cobra.
  • Fight Two:
    • Deimos and a Fire Falcon; at 50% health on Deimos, Dryad appears
  • Before going into the Gate, there are three more crates in the area, with Fishy Water, Bone Potage, and Golden Tea
  • Fight Three:
    • Podarge: at 50% health, Typhon appears
R3-9: Zone 09
  • R3-Drink Items
  • There six crates prior to the arena. You get Spicy Cobra, Data Soup, Golden Tea, and three Medicine.
  • Fight:
    • Pygmalion and Astraeus
    • Gyges
    • Hector and a Fire Wolf
    • Eris
    • Sphinx and Capaneus
    • Kottos
    • Poseidon and Four Foxes
    • Teumessian and Four Thunder Frogs
    • Astraeus-Capaneus
R3-10: Water Bureau
  • R3-Mixed Items
  • Crates in the area can give you Fishy Water, Medicine (Full), and two Stun Grenades
  • Fight One:
    • Six human enemies
    • Three Hermit Shockers and a Hermit Pilot
    • Ten Drones of various kinds (all four kinds, if you're missing pictures)
  • Fight Two:
    • Raven Officer and three normal officers
    • Raven Officer w/ Legion, a Hermit Slasher, and a Hermit Slugger
    • Eight Frogs
  • Before going into the Gate, go on ahead to find three crates with two Medicine and a Medicine (Full)
  • Fight Three:
    • An Ice Maiden, Four Infantry, and Three Mutts
    • Lots of Aberrations of various kinds (even different clothing, I wouldn't use this for pictures)
    • Two Dryads, Two Ker, Two Arrow Shells, Two Beast Shells, and Two Axe Shells
    • Nemean, Two Fire Mutts, Two Ice Mutts, Two Winged Mutts, and Two Foxes
    • Podarge, Two Hawks, Two Fire Hawks, Two Ice Hawks
    • Diomedes and Eight Claws
    • Kyle and Eris
R3-B2: Highway
  • R3-Combat Items
  • There are six crates near you at the start. Three Medicine, two Barrier Fields, and a Stun Grenade
  • Fight:
    • Agamemnon; at 50% health, Hecate appears. Your priority should be Agamemnon.
    • Cerberus; at 50% health, Enceladus appears. Your priority should be Enceladus.
    • Tartarus; at 50% health, Lampas appears. Your priority should be Tartarus, but really, you need to keep both enemies in sight so you can dodge Lampas' beam, which can one-shot you.
R3-11: Ark Mall
  • R3-Combat Items
  • Fight:
    • Homunculus Alpha, Jena Aberrant, Gladius Protolegion, and four Tentacles
R3-12: Harmony Square
  • R3-Drink Items
  • Fight One:
    • Crius and Two Laius
    • Arke and an Ice Maiden
  • Fight Two:
    • Kronos and Eris
    • Typhon and Capaneus
  • Fight Three:
    • Five Laius
    • Ares and Four Laius; at 50% Ares health, Ker, an Arrow Shell, a Beast Shell, an Axe Shell, a Dryad, and an Ice Maiden appear
  • For most of these fights, I suggest taking out the littler guys first. Destroy them and then focus on the bigger guy (usually the Arm-type). For the final fight, make sure Ares goes down FAST. Once the Shell-types show up, you'll have precious little time to finish Ares before it gets shielded, which makes life a ton more complicated, especially if it can grow back to its normal size.
R3-13: Sector V
  • R3-Mixed Items
  • Behind your starting point are five crates with Two Medicine, a Medicine (Full), a Stun Grenade, and a Barrier Field
  • Fight:
    • Kyle and Pygmalion
    • Minotaur and Hecate
    • Jena Aberrant and Jena Asymptote
R3-14: Zone 36
  • R3-Mixed Items
  • FIGHT:
    • Agamemnon
    • Enceladus
    • Hecate
    • Deimos
    • Kelaino
    • Tartarus
    • Echidna
    • Cerberus
    • Lampas
    • Ares
R3-15: Police HQ
  • R3-Combat Items
  • Crates in the area have two Medicine, two Grenades, a Stun Grenade, a Barrier Field, and a Time Bomb.
  • FIGHT:
    • Two Laius and Three Infantry
    • Three Ice Maidens
    • Two Diomedes and Six Claws
    • Mutt, Fire Mutt, Wolf, Fire Wolf, Hawk, Aello, Fire Hawk, and Fire Falcon
    • Crius and Three Hestia
    • Briareos and a Brute
    • Three Fireballs and Three Hydra
    • Laius, Aello, Wolf, Hydra, Ker, Arrow Shell, Beast Shell, and Axe Shell
    • Zeus, Two Fire Frogs, Ice Toad, Two Ice Frogs, and a Frog
    • Homunculus Gamma; at 66% health, a bunch of Aberrations will appear
R3-16: Harmony Square
  • R3-Drink Items
  • There are five crates in the area that'll be tough to grab considering you're immediately attacked.
  • FIGHT:
    • Lamia, Nemean, Ker, and an Arrow Shell; once you beat the Shells, two more Arrow Shells and two Ker appear
    • Callisto, Scylla, Ker, and an Axe Shell; once you beat the Shells, two more Axe Shells and two Ker appear
    • Aloadae, Hydra, Two Beast Shells and Two Ker.
    • Ladon, Dryad, Two Ker, an Arrow Shell and an Axe Shell; once you beat the Shells, two more Arrow Shells and Axe Shells appear
    • Lampas and Echidna; once one is down, Ker, Arrow Shell, Axe Shell, and Beast Shell appear
R3-17: Ark Mall
  • W-Set Items
  • Crates in the area contain a Medicine, a Medicine (Mini), two Stun Grenades, a Bone Potage, and a Fishy Water
  • FIGHT!:
    • Homunculus Alpha
    • Type R Bardiche Legion
    • Cerberus and Type R Bowgun Legion
    • Tartarus and Kyle
    • Homunculus Beta
    • Laius (seriously?)
    • Jena Aberrant and Type R Heavy Arm Legion
    • Kelaino
    • Homunculus Gamma
    • Enceladus and Type R Blade Legion
    • Deimos and Type R Wolf Legion
    • Jena Asymptote, Gladius Protolegion, and Glove Protolegion
R3-B3: Astral Plane
  • R3-Mixed Items
  • In the crates nearby are a Stun Grenade, a Barrier Field, a Medicine (Full), and a Medicine (Mini) (which you can't use, so why?)
  • FIGHT:
    • Jena Aberrant, an Ice Maiden, and Eris
    • Bertholds
    • Kyle, Agamemnon, and Hector
    • Akira w/ Bowgun Legion, Type R Blade Legion, and Type R Bardiche Legion
    • Bertholds
    • Jena Asymptote and Ares
R1-A1: Astral Plane
  • R1-Mixed Items
  • Fight One:
    • Five Claws and Two Ker
  • There's a crate on the way to the second fight that has a Medicine.
  • Fight Two:
    • Three Claws and Two Diomedes
    • Three Claws, Two Laius, and Two Ker
  • There's a crate on the way to the third fight that has a Gunner Drone.
  • Fight Three:
    • Pygmalion and two Diomedes
    • Laius, Two Ker, and an Arrow Shell
    • Five Claws, Two Ker, and an Arrow Shell
R1-A2: Astral Plane
  • R1-Combat Items
  • Fight One:
    • Briareos
    • One Brute and so many Hawks I couldn't keep track (they constantly spawn in during the fight)
  • Fight Two:
    • One Brute and Two Aello
    • Minotaur and Two Fire Falcons
R1-A3: Astral Plane
  • R1-Drink Items
  • Fight One:
    • Two Fire Hawks and Two Fire Falcons
  • There's a crate behind the elevator that has a Medicine (Mini), and another further up that has Gasoline Jelly.
  • Fight Two:
    • Six Mutts and a Wolf
    • Sphinx, Two Fire Hawks, and a Fire Falcon, and Two Callisto appear once the the birds are gone
R2-A1: Astral Plane
  • R2-Mixed Items
  • Fight One:
    • Hestia and an Ice Maiden
    • Artemis, Hestia, and Two Axe Shells
  • Fight Two:
    • Two Ice Maidens and Two Axe Shells
    • Arke and Three Axe Shells; at 50% health on Arke, Two Axe Shells and Hestia appear
R2-A2: Astral Plane
  • R2-Spike Items
  • There's a crate near the start with a Grenade.
  • Fight One:
    • Nemean and Orthrus
  • There's a crate in the next fight with a Grenade.
  • Fight Two:
    • Podarge and Four Hestia
  • Fight Three:
    • Typhon, Two Ice Mutts, and Two Winged Mutts; at 50% health on Typhon, Podarge appears
R3-A1: Astral Plane
  • R3-Combat Items
  • There's a crate with Medicine near the fight.
  • Fight One:
    • Hector, a Beast Shell, and an Arrow Shell
  • Fight Two:
    • Astraeus, Capaneus, and an Ice Maiden
  • Before the third fight, you can find three crates with two Medicine and a Stun Grenade
  • Fight Three:
    • Astraeus-Capaneus; at 66% health, Astraeus and Capaneus appear; at 33% health an Arrow Shell and a Beast Shell appear
R3-A2: Astral Plane
  • R3-Mixed Items
  • Move both red cubes out of the way to reach four crates with Medicine, two Medicine (Full), and a Barrier Field
  • First thing you gotta do is the run across lots of disappearing platforms from File 05 in reverse with fewer platforms and no break in the middle. Good luck!
  • Fight One:
    • Four Thunder Frogs to start, with a bunch more that show up (maybe about twelve altogether?)
  • Fight Two:
    • Two Poseidon and Four Thunder Frogs
    • Lamia and Two Foxes
    • Two Capaneus and Two Hydra
    • Teumessian and a Brute
R1-W: Sector V
  • W-Set Items
  • There are three crates before you go to the fight. A Stun Grenade, a Bone Potage, and a Medicine.
  • FIGHT:
    • Laius and Two Infantry
    • Aello and Four Hawks
    • Diomedes and Three Claws
    • One Ice Maiden and Three Hestia
    • Pygmalion and Two Wolves
    • One Fireball and Two Hydra
    • Zeus and Six Fire Frogs
    • Two Fire Wolves and Two Ker
    • Twelve Aberrations (varied)
    • Aloadae and Briareos
    • Crius, Aello, and Hestia
    • Eight Berthold (switch to Blaster)
    • Ker, Arrow Shell, Wolf, Hydra, and Hestia
    • Diomedes and Gladius Protolegion
    • Tartarus, Astraeus, and Capaneus
R2-W: Police HQ
  • W-Set Items
  • The six crates here give you two Stun Grenades, a Barrier Field, a Fishy Water, a Bone Potage, and a Medicine (Full)
  • FIGHT:
    • Laius, an Ice Maiden, a Beast Shell, and an Arrow Shell
    • Minotaur and two Glove Aberrations (Officer-type)
    • Aello, Hestia, Three Fire Hawks, Three Ice Hawks, and Three Filthwings (Gladius),
    • Orthrus and Eight Frogs
    • Eris and Kelaino
    • Kronos and Two Fireballs
    • Diomedes
    • Three Fire Frogs, Three Thunder Frogs, Three Ker, and Three Axe Shells
    • Teumessian, Two Winged Mutts, and Four Claws
    • Homunculus Beta, Ladon, and Two Hydra
    • Artemis and Two Archer Protolegions
    • Type R Blade Legion, Type R Heavy Arm Legion, Type R Wolf Legion
    • Two Astraeus and Two Capaneus
    • Kyle and Deimos
  • W-Set Items
  • Crates here contain a Medicine (Mini), Medicine, Medicine (Full), Stun Grenade, Barrier Field, Bone Potage, and Fishy Water
  • FIGHT!!!:
    • Astraeus, Capaneus, and Eris
    • Zeus, Ice Toad, and Poseidon
    • Fire Wolf, Nemean, and Orthrus
    • Fire Falcon, Ocypete, and Podarge
    • Jena Aberrant, Sword/Shield Protolegion, Archer Protolegion, Claw Protolegion, and Gladius Protolegion
    • One Infantry
    • Ladon, Scylla, and Lamia
    • About Twelve Aberrations of various kinds
    • Kottos, Gyges, Ker, and an Axe Shell
    • Bertholds
    • Eight Hermits of various kinds
    • Kyle and Two Pygmalion
    • One Infantry
    • Hector, Artemis, and Hestia
    • Frog, Fire Frog, Ice Frog, Mutt, Fire Mutt, Hawk, Fire Hawk, Ker, Infantry, and a Claw
    • Arke and Three Fireballs
    • Two Agamemnon
Final Case: "????"
  • This final case gives you a special set of items: Three Medicine (Mini), Two Medicine, One Medicine (Full), Four Grenades, Two Barrier Fields, Two Spicy Cobra, Two Astral-Ade, and a ResoMax
  • Prepare your best build on your Legions and pick a god to pray to, because you're facing the superboss: Aether.
  • Aether will remind you a lot of Noah Prime, only with every dirty trick in the book. Fireballs, ice shards, lightning strikes, dashing across the field, multi-copies attacking, a gravity well. It'll be all you can do just to survive the attacks, let alone cause damage. At 50% health, just like Noah Prime, Aether turns red and gets REALLY unfair. Blinding speed and fierce melee and projectile attacks now become the normal. You've made it this far, so you can do it. Just remember the tactics that got you here. Shut down whatever attacks you can. Remember your buffs. Don't get caught up in attack animations that can make you vulnerable. Know when to back off and defend by riding the Beast Legion. It can be done. I've seen someone do it in just under two minutes.

For this case to appear at the bottom of Olive's list, you need the six Lappy items. These items are as follows:

  • Lappy Badge - In File 03, take the full tour of HQ with Lappy, visiting all locations.
  • Lappy Arms - In File 05, participate in the case "Lappy's Lament". When you have to fight Jin, hit him until his mood reaches 100%.
  • Lappy Wisdom - In File 07, complete the "Lappy's Regards" case by speaking to him in HQ.
  • Lappy Legs - In File 08, play "Lappy's Balloon Bash" at least once.
  • Lappy Body - In File 08, complete "Lappy's Ultra Quiz".
  • Lappy Head - In the post-game, talk to Brenda and purchase the head from her.

Once you have all six of these, speak to Olive in File 12 and this will be at the bottom of the list.

  • Items: Lappy Special x3
  • Fight One:
    • About twelve human enemies
  • Fight Two:
    • Four human enemies
  • Fight Three:
    • A Hermit Shocker, Hermit Slugger, and Hermit Burner
  • In the area of the fourth fight are a couple of crates with more Lappy Specials.
  • Fight Four:
    • Two Hermit Slashers and a Hermit Burner
  • Fight Five:
    • Four Aberrations
    • Two Claws

Completing this case will get you the coveted Lappy Suit.

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