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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide


Persons of Interest

This part of the database catalogs characters that you've taken a picture of. Many of them are easy to find and have lots of opportunities. Others, not so much, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Here's the list of people, in order as they appear in the database.

  • Akira Howard - As there are multiple Files where Akira is just tagging along with you, you've got a multitude of opportunities. Both genders are okay for this one slot, and the gender displayed will be the current Akira given your player's gender.
  • Yoseph Calvert - The commander of Neuron has his big desk in front of the big screens in the Command Room of Neuron where he is routinely parked.
  • Jena Anderson - Ah, now here's a tough one. While you have a bunch of opportunities to snap a shot of Jena, the vast majority of the time it will be as an enemy you're fighting. This one is getting a picture of an entirely human Jena, and there's only one chance for that. In File 04, Chapter 2: White, once you collect enough information in Harmony Square, you'll get notice that Jena has been found. Instead of rushing over to approach her and continue the story, get just close enough that you can zoom in and get her info in the viewfinder. You can do it from ground level across the street.
  • Maximilian Howard - Your dear old dad is only available for photo ops early in the game. Best chance is File 02, where in the beginning he hangs out at the Heliport.
  • Alicia Lopez - Max's adjutant appears frequently in the story. You spend a lot of time with her in File 05, for example.
  • Jin Wong - Another Legion user who you see a lot of. He gives the training in File 02.
  • Olive Espinosa - Hard to miss that shock of pink hair, but Olive spends much of her time hanging out at her desk in the Command Room of Neuron.
  • Brenda Moreno - The blue-haired head of the Infirmary can be reliably found there.
  • Roy Stewart - This is the male Neuron officer with the black hair partially over his face.
  • Shizu Miyamoto - The female Neuron officer with a bob cut of white hair and glasses. She's often found crouched in the hallway opposite the Training Room near the Tech Room.
  • Mitsuru Aiba - This is a male Neuron officer who is frequently found just inside the infirmary. He wears a cap and glasses.
  • Avery Powell - A female Neuron officer with brunette hair and a slightly brown complexion. She's often found in the Break Room, telling everyone about the energy drinks.
  • Mike Boone - A male Neuron officer who hangs out near the elevators on the B2 level. He wears a cap, has a brown complexion, and is constantly talking about animals.
  • Billy Williams - A male Neuron officer usually found on the Heliport. He has short-cropped dark hair and wears dark sunglasses.
  • Alan King - A male Neuron officer who kinda floats around depending on the File. He can most often be found wherever Marie is. He has slicked-back medium-length blonde hair.
  • Li Fang Meyers - A female Neuron officer who hangs out near the Training Room most Files. She has black hair in a ponytail and just wears the white shirt without the blue jacket.
  • Richard Morgan - A male Neuron officer who is typically found near the Legatus Terminal in the Command Room. He has brown hair and has bandages over one eye.
  • Kay Watson - A female Neuron officer mostly found at her desk in the Command Room. She has short red hair, wears glasses, and only the white shirt with no blue jacket.
  • Joey Wood - A male Neuron officer who has red hair, wears a mask over his mouth, and only the white shirt with no jacket. He's the one who gives the "Shooting" challenge Cases and if he doesn't have a challenge that File, he'll probably be on the Heliport hanging out with...
  • Sarah Bennett - Usually found with her partner, Joey, Sarah is a female Neuron officer who has brown skin, white hair in a ponytail, and bandages over her eye, as well as wearing the white shirt.
  • Leona Murphy - A female Neuron officer who is often found in the Break Room. She has brown shoulder-length hair, but not much else is remarkable about her.
  • Julia Rockfield - A female Neuron officer often found with Leona, she has white hair combed over one eye and just wears the white shirt.
  • Shinjiro Hattori - This male Neuron officer is found in the Tech Department on B3. He's the one wearing the hat, sunglasses, and face mask, and the one who basically explains systems in the game to you.
  • Tabitha Bernard - The female Neuron officer found in the Tech Department and the one of the three you'll talk to the most, as she gives you your X-Baton and Legatus upgrades. She has short blonde hair and an eyepatch.
  • Ted Garcia - The third member of the Tech Department crew, Ted is the male Neuron officer who wears the helmet. He sells you Combat Items.
  • Hisayoshi Kijima - Kijima is another member of Tech, but he hangs out in the Command Room near Kay and Olive. He has brown hair and glasses.
  • Marie Wentz - Marie is the peppy office management person in Neuron. She kinda bounces around depending on the File, but is pretty recognizable by her non-standard uniform. In the Post Game, she gets Olive's old desk in Command.
  • Lappy - Your ol' pal Lappy is impossible to miss, given that the first thing you do when you get the camera is take a picture of the police mascot.
  • Akinori Tabuchi - This male Neuron officer is pretty easy to find, as he's typically the only one to be found in the Garage area. He has short white hair and wears a face mask.
  • Kyle Merkulov - The leader of the Hermits, a proper picture can be taken of Kyle in File 06 once he gives you the tour of his base and shows you his main office.
  • Douglas Baumann - This is the white-haired "thin man" you tail in File 06, and opportunities to get a picture of him are really rare. It seems the only opportunity is to take his picture in the Astral Plane once you find him collapsed at the end of your time there. There will be combat going on, but he will be in the area and that's the only place to snap his picture.
  • Carlos Kajioka - Carlos is a (non-Neuron) police officer whom you run into in several side Cases. He's the guy obsessed with justice, and you can spot him as early as File 04 in Harmony Square, but you cannot take his picture to file away there. You can only get his picture under one condition. You have to complete the Red Case in File 10 called "The Gang's All Here". At the end of this case, you have the option of telling Carlos to pursue his quarry or not. Say "Let's leave him here" and Carlos will quit the force. In File 11, he'll be found near the exit of Hal's Hideout in civilian clothes. Take a picture of him like this. It's the only one that works.
  • Strange Drone - This yellow drone is encountered in File 03 and File 05, both in the Astral Plane. You have to take his picture in these Files for this entry. Taking the drone's picture in any other File will give you...
  • Harold "Hal" Clark - The face behind the drone, Hal first reveals himself to you as a hologram in File 06. From that point on, taking his picture will give you this entry.
  • Vendor-3 - Each of the different types of vending machine personalities you encounter will give you a different entry in this list. This particular vending machine is the one in the Neuron Break Room, the one with the simplest personality.
  • Vendor-0 - This vending machine is found in File 06, and very specifically the one in the Sector V settlement that hands out the Hermitonic. It's got X's for eyes and a jagged mouth.
  • Vendor-3 (Shy) - These timid variants have a green panel on the front. They're only found in File 10 and 11 in the areas you can walk around in.
  • Vendor-3 (Rude) - These "tsundere" machines greet you with "Who are you supposed to be?" and a smug smirk on their faces. The first one you find is in File 03 in the north section of Maison Forest just before the clearing that leads to your first trip to the Astral Plane.
  • Vendor-3 (Giddy) - Cheery machines that greet you with a "Well hello there!" and have a pink panel. There are a few in Harmony Square, which you first visit in File 04.
  • Vendor-3 (Fancy) - Greeting you wish a posh "Salutations", the first one of these can be found in the Ark Mall in File 04.
  • Vendor-3 (Buggy) - These machines appear to have a sick mask on their mouths, speak while coughing, and are only found in the Astral Plane. If you find a vending machine there, it will be this type, guaranteed. First one is in File 03, just after your second entrance into the Astral Plane.
  • Vendor-3 (Retro) - These monochrome machines are only found in the ARI, so only in Files 05 and 11. They not only speak in a monotone, but even their language seems canned.
  • Vendor-3 (Gloomy) - These machines speak in low tones and don't say much. There's one in File 02 once you're going through the tunnels off Grand Avenue.
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