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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

Other Gameplay Features

Legion Abilities

In addition to all the other things you can do with Legions, you can also tack on Abilities, which are picked up over the course of the game and serve as passive boosts.

Initially, each Legion has a single Ability Slot. Legion Learning allows it to get up to five Slots. There are three levels to Abilities; those that occupy one slot, two slots, and three slots. The three slot Abilities are stronger, but obviously they take up more space. Also, Abilities of the same type can be stacked.

Furthermore, while the Abilities you get tend to be a random roll, there's a chance that they'll have one or two sub-abilities as well. Sub-abilities are basically weaker versions of normal Abilities that are bonuses. There's also a Sub-ability that isn't found as a standalone, and for good reason, as you'll see.

Here are the Abilities I recommend:

  • Attack Up - Nothing wrong with causing more damage!
  • Slow Attack - Even at low percentages, the slowdown this causes can actually be very helpful in getting the drop on enemies.
  • Super Armor Alpha/Omega - These can be very handy if they show up as Sub-abilities.
  • Critical Damage - Moreso than Critical Rate, because any strike on the rear is critical.
  • Item Drop Rate and Gene Code Absorb - In the early game, this can help get you skills, money, and other Abilities faster.
AbilityLv. 1Lv. 2Lv. 3Effect
Attack Up5%15%25%Increases player and Legion attack power.
Defense Up5%15%25%Reduces damage taken by player and Legion.
Critical Rate2%6%12%Increases the chance of a normal attack being a critical attack.
Critical Damage40%100%200%Increases the damage caused by critical hits.
Speed Boost4%9%18%Boosts the player's movement speed.
Legion Speed Boost5%15%30%Boosts Legion movement speed.
Quick Cooldown8%18%35%Reduces the cooldown time for Legion Skills.
E-Save6%18%36%Reduces the Legion's energy usage rate.
E-Convert5%15%30%Boosts the Legion's energy gain via Red Matter or attacking.
E-Convert Range100%300%600%Boosts the range of energy gain via Red Matter or attacking.
Call Lock0.5s1.5s3.0sLegion doesn't lose energy for this amount of time after being summoned.
Sync Heal0.4%1.0%2.0%Heals a player by a percent of their max health after a successful Sync Attack.
Perfect Call E-Heal25%60%100%Restores a Legion's energy by a percent after a Perfect Call.
FortitudePlayer survives fatal damage once.
Auto-MedicMedicine is automatically used if the player's health falls below 30%.
Auto-Heal +++A few seconds after damage is taken, the player begins healing. Level determines speed.
Berserk Mode14%30%60%When the player is at health less than 30%, the Legion's attack is boosted.
Call Burst30%80%150%When the Legion is summoned, a shockwave is released that damages enemies.
Self Destruct240%600%900%When the Legion's energy depletes, a shockwave is released that damages enemies.
Auto-Evade8%18%36%When an enemy attacks, there's a chance to automatically evade the attack.
Slow Attack2%6%10%A chance for any attack to slow down enemies like Arrow Legion's Slow Shot.
Auto-Sync AttackActivates Sync Attacks automatically.
Legion RushWith the Legion deployed, hold ZL and flick the Right Stick forward to send the Legion out for slightly increased damage than a normal sending.
Parry AttackFlick the Left Stick to do a parry motion that can repel enemy attacks.
Auto-CallAutomatically summons assigned Legion if limiter gauge is full.
Super Armor Alpha (Level 2)Stops light damage from stunning both the player and the Legion.
Super Armor Omega (Level 3)Stops heavy damage from stunning both the player and the Legion.
Anti-TripPrevents tripping when colliding into something.
Anti-DecibelPrevents stun when Beast Chimera howl.
Anti-SlimePrevents slow movement in goo.
Anti-ParalyzePrevents shock paralysis by electricity using enemies.
Anti-FreezePrevents freezing by ice using enemies.
Anti-FlamePrevents any damage or stun caused by burning.
Anti-PoisonPrevents damage caused by poison.
Chain Boost1.2m3.0m5.0mExtends the reach of the Astral Chain.
Item Drop Rate3%9%18%Improves the drop rate of items from enemies, including Salvage and Abilities.
Gene Code Absorb5%15%30%Increases the amount of gene code gained from enemies.
Red Matter Removal10%30%60%Improves the range at which Legions can cleanup Red Matter.
Chimera AnalyzerOnce the Legion is summoned, enemy health gauges will appear.
Auto-CollectAny items dropped by enemies will automatically be picked up.
Unique Sub-abilties
Effect SpreadWith this on an Ability, even if the Legion isn't summoned the effect still works.
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