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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

Controls and Techniques

So I apologize for the length of this section. There are a LOT of mechanics in this game. Everything is taught to you as you go, but some have little nuances that you can refer back to. I wouldn't read through this entirely, because there's so much in this game that I can't remember it all most of the time. Just use this section as a reference in case you're having difficulty with a mechanic or need to remember mechanics you might have forgotten.

CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

If you're looking for other guides by him, you can search the Yakuza series or the LEGO series on GameFAQs.