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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

Controls and Techniques

Combat Fundamentals

Astral Chain's combat system starts out simple, but turns out to be quite robust and is meant to give plenty of options. The player and their Legion work in concert to lay down damage and defeat enemies.

Player Mechanics -

  • Standard Attack - Press ZR repeatedly to attack with your X-Baton. How you attack changes depending on which mode of the X-Baton you're currently on. Press Up or Down on the D-Pad to switch modes.
    • Baton - The default mode for the X-Baton. It's a short range attack that can be delivered rapidly. The main ground combo for the Baton is up to six hits, while the aerial combo is up to five hits. It's a nice standard bread-and-butter series of attacks.
    • Blaster - The second mode of the X-Baton. It's a long range attack. Your player largely stays stationary while firing, so while it can be good for hitting foes that are in the air or hanging back, if foes are rushing you, you'll be hard pressed to fight back. The blaster has a five hit ground combo that is a series of burst-fire shots, and a three hit aerial combo where each shot is a single pulse shot.
    • Gladius - The third mode of the X-Baton, and is only unlocked near the beginning of File 03. The baton in this form looks like a long greatsword and is swung with both hands. It has good reach, the highest power of any individual player attack, and extends around the player, but is slow. It's best used on groups of stunned enemies or large and slow enemies. The gladius has a five hit ground combo and a two hit aerial combo.
  • Dodge - A dodge (or an evade) can be performed by pressing B. Including a directional input on the Left Stick will dodge you in that direction. Dodges can be useful for avoiding enemy attacks, but should not be relied upon too heavily in advanced combat; many enemies have attacks that persist or can quickly respond to your dodging. Furthermore, you get a maximum of three consecutive dodges before you need a short while to recover.
    • Dodge into Combo - You can use the dodge to break up a combo of attacks and continue the combo once the dodge completes. This only works for the first dodge, though.
    • Perfect Dodge - Timing your dodge for just before an enemy strikes initiates a Perfect Dodge. From here, you can press ZR to follow up with a lunging kick attack. This can be followed-up with a Sync Attack if you have purchased the "Perfect Dodge + Sync" Skill for your active Legion.
  • Chain Jump Attack - When performing a Chain Jump (hold ZL and press ZR), if you collide with an enemy, you will cause them damage.
    • Advanced Chain Jump Attack - If the Astral Chain is touching two or more enemies, then a Chain Jump Attack will hit each enemy.
  • Charge Attack - To unlock this, you must upgrade your X-Baton to Level 2. Hold down ZR to charge up and after a couple of seconds, you'll use a Charge Attack. These are powerful strikes or shots that cause more damage than a standard attack. These attacks can be followed up with a Sync Attack and are useful for pounding on stunned enemies. Each X-Baton mode has a different Charge Attack and each Legion has its own follow-up Sync Attack.
  • Delay Attack - To unlock this, you must upgrade your X-Baton to Level 3. To execute a Delay Attack, wait until the animation completes on a normal ZR attack, then press ZR again. Your player will hop backwards and perform this second attack. These attacks can be followed up with a Sync Attack and are useful for backing away from swarming enemies, or at least getting them all on one side of you. Each X-Baton mode has a different Delay Attack and each Legion has its own follow-up Sync Attack.
  • Somersault Kick - To unlock this, you must upgrade your X-Baton to Level 4. This can only be used if facing an enemy that is Stunned. Press ZR near them and you'll flip kick them up into the air. This attack can be followed up with a Sync Attack and is very handy in capitalizing on a Stun.
  • Assault Attack - To unlock this, you must upgrade your X-Baton to Level 5. To initiate an Assault Attack, flick the Left Stick away from and then towards the intended target, then press ZR. In essence, it's "Back-Forward-ZR". You will execute an attack that moves towards the enemy. These attacks can be followed up with a Sync Attack and are useful for closing the distance with enemies that like to stay just out of range. Each X-Baton mode has a different Assault Attack and each Legion has its own follow-up Sync Attack.
  • Spin Attack - To unlock this, you must upgrade your X-Baton to Level 6. To initiate a Spin Attack, rotate the Left Stick a full 360 degree rotation, then press ZR. These attacks attack all around the player, and can be useful for crowd control. These attacks can be followed up with a Sync Attack. Each X-Baton mode has a different Spin Attack and each Legion has its own follow-up Sync Attack.

Legion Mechanics -

These general Legion mechanics apply to all Legions to some extent. Individual break downs of each Legion and their own special abilities are in the following sections.

  • Summon Legion - Press ZL to summon your active Legion. Starting late in File 02, while the Legion is summoned, the player receives a slight boost to speed and attack power, as shown by their blue hair and the aura around their X-Baton.
    • Legion Attack - A Legion will attack nearby enemies automatically without the need for input from the player.
    • Send/Pull Legion - While the Legion is active, press ZL to send it forward. If it collides with an enemy, it will continue to attack it. Press ZL after sending it to pull it back to your side.
    • Dismiss Legion - As the Legion remains active, the Legion's limiter will drain, and will drain faster if the Legion is performing attacks or special moves. Press R to dismiss the Legion so the limiter restores. The limiter will restore quickly if the Legion is dismissed with gauge remaining, but more slowly if the gauge is completely drained. Furthermore, if completely drained, then the Legion cannot be summoned again until it fully restores.
  • Bind - While holding ZL, the Legion can be moved manually with the Right Stick, to an extent of the Astral Chain. If an enemy is wrapped in the Astral Chain, they will become bound. This will stop them from moving and and leave them defenseless to an attack. After a short while, they will break out of the binding. Binding a single enemy repeatedly will see them break out of the binding quicker and quicker.
  • Chain Counter - While holding ZL, if an enemy runs into the Astral Chain at a high speed, the player and Legion will "catch" the enemy and throw them back, where they will be momentarily stunned and defenseless. Early enemies give off an aura of their intended "dashing" direction, so it's easier to set up, but it is also possible to catch enemies that don't have such an aura if they're moving fast enough.
  • Sync Attack - The core "advanced technique" to become good at is the Sync Attack, which becomes available to you late in File 02. Various attacks, including the ground combo, the midair combo, and various special moves, will conclude with your Legatus emitting a blue light, a "shing" sound heard, and your controller rumbling. At that point, press ZL to have your Legion perform a special strike that usually causes good damage, attacks in a wide arc, or something else that looks real neat. In some cases, you can continue on from a Sync Attack to continue the combo with an additional player attack or an additional Sync Attack.
  • Finishing Move - When fighting and defeating chimeras, once a chimera is near death, a prompt will appear on them that says "Finish". Press A and your Legion will forcibly extract the core of the chimera. This will restore the player's health and the limiter gauge fully. This is your main method of restoration and the best way to keep your Legion in the game as long as possible. Be aware that non-chimera enemies like Aberrations and humans do not give cores that can be taken.
  • Legion Skills - Two learned Skills can be equipped on each Legion, one each assigned to the X and Y button. To use them, hold down ZL and press X or Y. These skills are typically focused around causing damage and can considerably assist the player in battle. Each Legion has seven Skills it can learn. Two are unique that Legion, while the remaining five can be learned by all Legions at various times. Here's a list of the five common Skills:
    • Auto-Bind - The player will swing the Chain and the Legion will be flung out in an arc about twenty feet in front. Any enemy caught in that arc will be bound. The binding follows the standard rules; if an enemy has been bound repeatedly, it will be easier to break out of, but this is useful for binding one or more enemies very quickly and simply. This Skill has use in general and I'd keep it on at least one of your Legions to the late game.
      • This Skill has a cooldown of ten seconds.
    • Hit Rush - The Legion will be released from its chain and will attack in a prescribed manner for about seven seconds. The majority of Legions will move forward and continue attacking as it moves. The only unique Legion in this case is the Arrow Legion, which will simply fire forward from its place and not really move at all.
      • While this Skill is active, you can switch to and summon a new Legion, meaning you can effectively have two Legions attacking at once. If you attempt to Hit Rush a second Legion while the first is still active, the first will be dismissed. Given this type of freedom, I suggest at least one of your Legions carry this Skill.
      • This Skill has a cooldown of twelve seconds.
    • Power Charge - Red sparks will emit from both you and the Legion and your collective attack power will be increased. The effect lasts for about ten seconds. The effect remains even if you dismiss the Legion or switch to another Legion, with the new Legion maintaining the buff. More damage can be handy, and although it's not essential by any means, you might find use in this Skill.
      • This Skill has a cooldown of sixteen seconds.
    • Speed Star - Blue sparks will emit from both you and the Legion will move and attack with increased speed. The effect lasts for about eighteen seconds. Like Power Charge, the effect persists regardless of the Legion's presence.
      • This Skill has a cooldown of twenty seconds.
    • Sync Keep - Little blue sparkles will emit from the player and even if the Legion is dismissed, the player will maintain their stat boost with the blue hair and everything as if they had their Legion summoned. The effect lasts twenty-four seconds. I find this Skill pretty useless because there are very few situations a skilled player will be fighting without their Legion for very long.
      • This Skill has a cooldown of twenty-six seconds.
  • Legion Special Action - Press L and your Legion will come to your side and ready their special action. Each Legion has a unique one, and it will typically change the player's movement and attacking. Each Legion section describes their action's in greater detail.
  • Perfect Call - This is an advanced move that must be unlocked through Legion Learning for each Legion. Quite simply, with no Legion summoned, allow an enemy to attack you and just before it strikes, hit ZL. Your Legion will knock away the enemy's attack, damaging it and momentarily staggering it. On its own, it's flashy and gives you an opening, but the move really shines once you unlock the "Perfect Call + Sync Attack" node for each Legion, which gives you the Sync Attack follow up to a Perfect Call that unleashes another fancy counter attack.
  • Spoiler Move Legion Fusion - This move is learned late in the game, and is a spoiler, so please don't hover over the spoiler tags if you don't want it revealed. Still it bears describing as a tactic.
    • At the end of File 10, your player will learn Legion Fusion. As Sync Attacks are performed, a Resonance Gauge will fill beneath your Health meter. When that Resonance Gauge is filled to maximum, click in both the Left and Right Sticks and your player will fuse with their Legion Core and become a speedy and powerful creature, essentially a super form. You will remain in this form until the gauge is depleted or the R Button is pressed.
    • Press ZR to attack with a speedy claw combo that cannot be defended against. Press ZL to invoke a shockwave attack that will damage all enemies in the immediate area. Hold L and press ZR and you can fling laser claws at targeted enemies. Every time you connect with an attack, your health will be restored a small amount.
    • You won't be able to use this technique often as charging it does take time, but invoking it when lots of enemies are around or when cornered can make the difference between falling in battle and victory.
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