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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

Controls and Techniques

Beast Legion

The fourth Legion is formerly Alicia's, the Pupper Legion, which you will recover about two-thirds of the way through File 05. It is unique in that it's normally ground-bound. All other Legions float normally, but the Beast Legion walks on the ground, so it can't help you Chain Jump across gaps. That said, it can totally get airborne if you aim it at a floating enemy. It attacks with spins, slashes, dashes, and sometimes a mouth cannon. While it's the second slowest-moving Legion and only has average power, it has a lot of utility abilities that can make it helpful.

The chart for Legion Learning is to the right, with all nodes revealed. The numbers are as follows:

  1. Perfect Dodge + Sync
  2. Chain Bind + Sync
  3. Perfect Call + Sync
  4. Defense +5%
  5. Defense +5%
  6. Defense +10%
  7. Defense +10%
  8. Defense +20%
  9. Attack +5%
  10. Attack +5%
  11. Attack +10%
  12. Attack +10%
  13. Attack +20%
  14. Add Ability Slot
  15. Add Ability Slot
  16. Add Ability Slot
  17. Add Ability Slot
  18. Perfect Call
  19. Command Skill: Beast Somersault
  20. Command Skill: Beast Tornado
  21. Skill: Howl
  22. Skill: Chain Drive
  23. Skill: Sync Keep
  24. Skill: Power Charge
  25. Skill: Hit Rush
  26. Skill: Auto-Bind
  27. Skill: Speed Star
  • Tracking and Digging - The Beast Legion has a lot of uses that can help in exploring and investigations.
    • Sound Tracking - The Beast Legion can detect hidden items underground. The bars above it will get taller and move towards the center as you get closer to the source. Hold ZL to start the pinging, and move the Legion around with the Right Stick to search.
    • Digging - When near a spot that can be dug, hold ZL and press A to have the Beast Legion dig. This works on items and any enemies that bury themselves underground.
    • Scent Tracking - At certain points in various Cases, you can press A near your Beast Legion and give it an item to detect a scent. The Beast Legion will then automatically run towards the source of the scent.
    • Sense Chimeras - Certain chimeras, such as Arrow-types, can camouflage themselves. Summon the Beast Legion and they will be partially visible and can be directly attacked by the Beast.
  • Legion Special Action: Ride - Press L and you'll hop right onto the back of the Beast Legion and can ride it around. Riding is faster than walking, but the Beast can be a bit tough to control. You can dodge-jump while riding with B and the Beast will also auto-dodge most incoming attacks while you're riding. Riding can also push you past strong winds generated by certain chimera.
    • Attack - Press ZR and your character will swing its gladius around while riding.
    • Charge Attack - Hold ZR and release to attack. If you connect, you'll get a Sync Attack chance.
    • Legion Counter (Beast) - If you get a Perfect Dodge, respond with ZR and a ZL Sync at the end.
  • Skill: Howl - Activate this skill and the Beast Legion will howl. Any enemy in range will be stunned. This is a very useful skill as it's easier to do than binding and is just as effective if you use it multiple times. The only caveat is that it has a long cooldown.
    • This Skill has a cooldown of twenty-six seconds.
  • Skill: Chain Drive - Activate this skill and your Astral Chain will become electrified, and if it contacts enemies, they will take damage. Nice for disruption, but you do have to kinda focus on it to use it properly, rather than just using it and forgetting it.
    • This Skill has a cooldown of fourteen seconds.
  • Command Skill: Beast Somersault - To execute this attack, flick the Left Stick away from and then towards the intended target, then press ZL. The Beast Legion will flip into the air backwards, knocking enemies into the air.
  • Command Skill: Beast Tornado - To execute this attack, spin the Left Stick in a circle, then press ZL, the Beast Legion will release a tornado that will persist for a few seconds, causing damage.
  • Special Sync Attacks - The Beast Legion has the following situations that are neater than normal Sync Attacks:
    • Ground Combo with Baton - After the Sync, attack again and Sync again.
    • Chain Bind - After the Bind, Sync Attack, then Sync again.
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