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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide



This list is of locations and concepts of the Ark, essentially a more specific version of "Location Information". The only thing is that you have to take pictures of these things for them to be put in the database. I'll try to give the best possible place to get a shot. Much like Subject Logs or Persons of Interest, you'll get a yellow reticle when it's okay to get your shot. Problem with these is they seem to be in largely arbitrary spots.

  • Five-Story Pagoda - File 08. When in Grand Avenue, look up and to the east (behind when you first enter the area) and along the skyline you should see the square and pointy tiered pagoda. This is also part of the Side Case "Picture Perfect".
  • Bar District - File 08. This is on the first floor of Grand Avenue to the west of the fallen bridge (opposite from where you start). It's the place with neon signs in various characters. Back up so you get a shot that encompasses all of them.
  • View from the Rooftops - File 08. This shot is taken on the roof of Rayleigh Plaza. Once you're on the square roof area with all the gates, look out to the north (opposite the direction you get on the roof) and point your camera at the wall far off in the distance.
  • Walls - File 08. This can be taken in pretty much the same place as the previous shot, but instead of looking straight north, look off to the west and take your shot of the walls that are closer. It's the area you explore next.
  • Harmony Square Media Center - File 04. The following three entries can all be taken from the same spot. Once in Harmony Square, stand in the area at the north end where the road bends away to the east and west, look to the north and take a picture of the giant TV on the Ark News Group building.
  • Harmony Square West - File 04. Basically the buildings on the west side of Harmony Square. You can get this by aiming your camera at the "Elly K" building with the red sign and yellow lettering.
  • Harmony Square East - File 04. The east side of buildings in Harmony Square. You can aim your camera at the pillar with scrolling blue text for this shot.
  • Subway Platform - File 05. Once you first head down to the actual train platform of the subway station, turn around and take a picture of the entry.
  • Trains - File 05. After entering the subway platform area, head forward (north) and down the rubble to the lower level. Aim your camera at the wrecked train on the left. The spot is to the right of a barrier that requires the Axe Legion to remove.
  • Containment Wall V - File 06. Once you get past the stealth sections and the moment you step out to the "Forgotten Rooftops" area, aim your camera along the wall to the right and you'll find a spot to take a picture.
  • Sector V - File 06. This can be taken before or after your time in the Hermit Base. Once you're at the northeast part of the Forgotten Rooftops (the north end of the actual settlement), you can look out over to the elevated buildings. Aim your camera at the neon red text to get the best shot.
  • Hermit Base - File 06. Once you fight Kyle and he takes you to his office in the Hermit Base, take a shot of the big bank of TVs on the back wall.
  • Arboreal Atrium - File 04. Once your team goes to the Ark Mall, enter and follow your group along the walkway. Once you get separated from everyone else, aim your camera at the central structure with all the staircases and bridges on it.
  • Food Court - File 04. This is in the Ark Mall. Once you rescue your fellow officers from the tentacles, stand near the last two and aim your camera north near the stores called "kwic juice" and "Babel Ckn". The sweet spot is between all those stores.
  • Pipeline - File 10. Once you enter the main sewer complex after meeting up with Olive, aim your camera at the main tunnel and you'll find the spot.
  • Drainage Pit - File 10. This is the large open pit where Kronos shows up near the end of the File. It's best to get this shot just before entering the area and he shows up. The spot is in the center of the pit.
  • ARI Entrance - File 05. Once you actually enter the ARI from the heliport, aim your camera above the reception desk in the center of the entrance room to find the spot.
  • Yoseph Calvert's laboratory - File 11. Without revealing too much here, this is the spot where you finally catch up to Akira near the end of the File. As you enter this giant room after riding on the lift for a while, take a picture of the back wall.
  • The View from Hal's Hideout - File 10 or 11. Go to the upper floor of Hal's Hideout and go to the west side where there's an open balcony. The sweet spot is pretty much straight out there elevated a bit.
  • Dump - File 10 or 11. This spot is on the west side of the Lower Camp Level (the main area you start in on both of these Files). There's a spot in the mid-west area that is covered with trash. The sweet spot is one of the piles in the corner.
  • Sewer System - File 10 or 11. In the southwest part of the Lower Camp Level is the access to the sewers. Best to stand on the ledge above the sunken area and take a picture near the door where Olive goes to enter the sewers themselves.
  • The Ark's trash problem - File 03. Once you get a trail for your Legion to follow in Maison Forest, you'll be led north. As you enter your first new area, you'll come across a spot with a little extra trash and dumpsters. This is just past where the guy trapped inside an apartment is found.
  • Collective Housing - File 03. After passing the last shot, you'll follow the trail out to an open area with a great view of a bunch of buildings. That's not the shot. Turn around look up at the tenements behind you that you just stepped out of and take the shot there.
  • Underground Parking Garage - This is found in HQ. Go down to the Garage and focus on the back wall.
  • Heliport - This is found in HQ. Go to the Heliport and get a shot of the heliport's center without anything obscuring your view.
  • Restrooms - This is found in HQ. Technically this one is different depending on your gender. Enter your restroom and stop short of walking all the way to the toilets. Take a shot of the center of the room.
  • Highway Junction - File 09. This is the only one that might be a bit tough to take, because you'll be fighting a major enemy here. This is in the area called the "North Ark Junction", which you go to just after the motorcycle section. Once you're in this spot, look towards the wrecked "JA VS" truck to find the spot.
  • Red Moon - This can be found in multiple Files. The moon is visible in just about any File that takes place at night, such as File 07 or File 10. Look up to the sky and spot the moon to get your shot.
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