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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide


All the Slimes

Slime chimeras are unique gold-colored blobs. There's one in every File except the first. Once you uncover a Slime, you have about thirty seconds to kill it before it sinks into the ground, escaping. They move fast, cannot be bound, and don't prioritize attacking. They typically go through motions of moving from one spot to another before disappearing.

Some Slimes require a trigger to appear. It may be walking into a particular nearby area. It may be opening a nearby Supply Crate.

Slimes can actually be difficult to destroy. Your normal attacks are largely ineffective on them. What is effective are your Legion's attacks, but you still have to be quick with them to destroy a Slime properly. Honestly, repeated mashing of ZL in their direction seems to work fine (for anything expect the Arm Legion, since it grabs instead of attacks).

Here's the list of all the Slimes in the game:

File 02 - The trigger to get this one to appear is a certain Supply Crate. In the area where you fight the Briareos (the east side of Grand Avenue), go towards the wrecked bridge and you'll find a crate near a red car parked next to the rubble. Opening the crate, then moving towards the center of the area will trigger the Slime.

File 03 - This Slime is in the Astral Plane, specifically on your second trip to chase after Akira and the Arrow Nemesis. As you travel, you'll move down some slopes and encounter two chunks of Astral Matter (which you'll have to Slash to progress). Instead of going for the Astral Matter, continue down the slopes to the lowest level, slash open the door, and you'll reach an area with a couple of Mutts and a Slime.

File 04 - From the start in the Ark Mall, proceed until you encounter Jena and she yells at you for a bit. You'll get separated from your team. Instead of going forward on the second floor, go down the stairs back to the first floor. The Slime should appear in the center of the atrium.

File 05 - This Slime is found in Chapter 5, after Deimos appears, but before you fight it for keeps. After chasing it through some station concourses, you'll go down an escalator. Instead of going forward off the escalator, go around behind the escalator. In the back right of the platform is an open door to a train car. Enter it and open the Supply Crate inside. This is the trigger to make the Slime spawn on the platform as you exit.

File 06 - This is found in Chapter 6. Once you leave the Hermit's base, Hal will tell you to sniff the briefcase. Ignore him and go straight ahead behind the train car in the distance. Explore this back corner and eventually the Slime will pop up.

File 07 - Chapter 3 is a long chapter, but it eventually ends in the underground parking garage of Rayleigh Plaza. There's a Supply Crate in here that triggers the appearance of the Slime. That crate is found near a white car between two of the garage's exits to the streets.

File 08 - This is at the end of the File when you're in the Astral Plane looking for the Axe Nemesis. There's a point where you fight some Beast-type chimera that are fire-based (I call them Fire Mutts and Fire Wolves). Near this fight are some platforms that disappear when you walk on them. Do so and you'll be dropped to a lower platform. There's a crate down here. Open it to trigger the Slime fight.

File 09 - This is found in Chapter 3, the part with the Astral Plane. There's a lot of blockbusting in this part, but there's an area with a lot of blocks and two movable blue cubes. Once you have those two cubes in place and blow up the cracked block near them, you'll get access to a crate that will make the Slime appear.

FIle 10 - This is found in Chapter 3 (man there's a lot of that). Once you're walking around with Olive and defeat all the Gel-type chimeras, you'll reach a large cylindrical drainage pit. Instead of following Olive around the left side, go to the right side and you'll find a crate which will trigger the Slime.

File 11 - This is found in the area outside Hal's hideout. Specifically, it's found in the sewer drainage area in the southwest corner. Drop down into it and approach the Aberrations chilling down here. Defeat them, then a pair of Fireballs will show up. Defeat them, and the Slime will appear.

File 12 - While defeating Slimes in this File is not required for an Order, it can be useful to find them if you need to get a picture of them. The easiest one is in R1-1. Instead of following the objective marker, go in the opposite direction and follow the path to the end where a Slime will appear.

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