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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide


All the Cats

Cats become "a thing" starting in File 03, when it's learned that most cats on the Ark are abandoned due to their ability to carry redshift. At the end of this File, you'll discover your dad's safehouse, where he keeps a collection of cats and cares for them. From then on, you can find a Cat in all eleven story Files, and four of them in the post-game. Once you find a cat, it's properly collected, and you can visit them at any time you're in a "hub" area like HQ by pressing X and choosing "Max's Safehouse". Once there, you can give them Cat Food using the bowls if you have any, and they will return the favor with an item of some sort.

File 01 - Once you finish the Blue Case "Highway Rescue", go to the left side of the highway and move back among the rubble to find a cat lying there meowing.

File 02 - This is found in Chapter 2 and you'll need the Arm Legion. Once you complete "Protect and Serve", go towards the little dining area and you'll find an alley going back behind a building. At the end of this alley is a yellow-rimmed dumpster. Pick it up with the Arm Legion to find the cat underneath.

File 03 - This one's kinda heartbreaking. Before going into the Astral Plane, you can come across a guy sitting on the edge of a platform looking out at the city view, asking you to take care of his cat if something happens to him. In Chapter 4, once you're back from the Astral Plane, and once you defeat the first set of enemies, return to the area that led down to the pipes and the initial entrance into the Astral Plane. There, the guy will be turning into an Aberration and the cat is right next to him.

File 04 - This cat is in Ark Mall. When you first find Jena and she cuts off the spiral staircase, go back down to the ground floor and head counter-clockwise around the staircase. You'll reach an endpoint with some wooden debris and a cat among the debris.

File 05 - The cat is in the first area with the wrecked train car that spans two floors and is full of lasers. Once you remove the lasers by finding the generator, re-enter the train and head right until you exit Car 2. There's a bench on the platform with the cat underneath it.

File 06 - This is found in Chapter 8, once things get real tense. The cat is found on the roof of "Building Four", which is the building you start in once you return from the Astral Plane. As you climb up to the roof, you'll see a cutscene where the sky shifts. When that happens, instead of crossing to the next building, look behind you and to the right. If you can find a pile of garbage bags, smash them to reveal the cat.

File 07 - The cat is found on the roof of Rayleigh Plaza. They're easy to spot, they're just sitting on an AC unit near the ladder up to the helipad. Reaching the cat is the tougher part. Go through the little path between the structures to find a ladder that can be shot down with the Arrow Legion, then climb up and chain jump over to the cat.

File 08 - This one's found in the underground parking garage of Rayleigh Plaza. Go opposite from the elevators, between the left and middle exit to find Mike hunkered down near some cars. Speak to him and give him a can of Cat Food and you'll get the cat.

File 09 - Once you're in Harmony Square, go to the area with the basketball court and the two small buildings. The cat is near those buildings, walking around. To get its attention, throw or kick an Empty Can at them, then press A near them while they're distracted.

File 10 - This cat is simply a reward for the Case "Lost Cat Search".

File 11 - Go to the area west of "Runs in the Family". In the last File, it had the "Measuring Up" case. Climb the ladder in this clearing and follow the walkway to find a cat in a box.

File 12: R1-6 - The moment you enter this case, turn around and go in the opposite direction to find a cat in a box near the vending machine.

File 12: R2-2 - From the start of this case, proceed into the next room and look to the left behind the consoles.

File 12: R2-8 - Just next to your starting point is a ladder going down. Climb it and you'll find the cat down in this area.

File 12: R2-B2 - After the first fight with Kottos, proceed along the path until you find a ramp leading up and a dumpster to the right with yellow trim. Pick up the dumpster with the Arm Legion to find the final cat.

CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

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