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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

Post Game

Advanced Tips for Post Game

So, you're doing okay so far on the File 12 cases. Maybe thirty, forty, or fifty in, and suddenly you hit a wall. You just can't finish some cases because the enemies cause too much damage, especially at the R3 case level.

Well, I can't play the game for you, but I can give you a list of tips, many of which I've observed others do gathering data on this game and trying to complete the cases myself. Here's a list of things to keep in mind as you go through the last few cases:

  1. Build. Get serious about how you apply Abilities. The pain in the butt is that you can't guarantee getting certain Abilities, as they're largely random. Sometimes you get lucky and a real helpful Ability with great sub-Abilities will drop, but sometimes you don't, and you just have to make the best of it. Here are some Abilities you'll need for the File 12 cases, from the most essential on down:
    1. Slow Attack - Oh my gosh, Slow Attack. The only bad thing about Slow Attack is that it's a dice roll, but if the numbers are high enough, you have a greater chance of a proc. Having an enemy just grind to a halt before it can attack you can give you such an opening.
    2. Critical Damage - Moreso than Attack Up. You're going to want to focus on critical hits at any given time, so make them count.
    3. Quick Cooldown - You'll be using a LOT of Skills in rapid succession. For any Legions that you only use for non-damaging Skills, put Quick Cooldown on them and nothing else.
    4. Anti-Slime, Anti-Poison, Anti-Paralyze, Anti-Freeze - These are situational, naturally, but having some of these to switch in on your main combat Legion when the elemental users show up can make the difference. I suggest making sure you have the first two if facing Hecate, because the poison slime it drops is bad news.
    5. Super Armor Alpha/Omega - Only take these as sub-Abilities. They take up too much space to be viable otherwise.
    6. Chimera Analyzer - Of course you can double-tap the + Button to make enemy health gauges appear, but it can be distracting to do that and it's much nicer for them to just appear. Still, this is a lower priority.
    7. Beyond those, look for sub-Abilities like Attack Up, Defense Up, Speed Boost, Legion Speed Boost.
  2. Skills. You may have been able to survive early cases without popping too many Skills, but by the end of the R3s, you'll be using them over and over. Get in a routine of a set of Skills to use at the beginning of a fight and practice switching Legions so each can use them.
    1. Howl - Essential and almost broken how useful it is. An automatic stun for any enemy in its radius can lead to you dealing some heavy damage, as well as potentially getting a breather if you need it.
    2. Buffs (Blue Shield, Power Charge, Speed Star - At this point, Blue Shield will get you no more than three free hits, but it's still super helpful. Power Charge and Speed Star can help increase the damage.
    3. Hit Rush - Interesting thing is that if you use this and summon another Legion, that new Legion's Abilities apply. So if, for example, you have Arrow Legion without Slow Attack and Hit Rush with it, but switch to your Axe Legion that does have Slow Attack, then all those arrow hits have a chance to proc Slow Attack. Also, it can be handy to distract your enemies with it, because they will often attack that Hit Rushing Legion.
    4. Auto-Bind - Yeah, binding only really works once or twice, but it's still pretty useful.
    5. Slow Shot - It may only be for a moment, but it can give you room to breathe to have a guaranteed slow down if you need to escape. Handy if your Slow Attack just doesn't feel like working.
  3. Defense. More important than causing damage is knowing when to avoid damage. There are two major means of doing this.
    1. Ride. While riding the Beast Legion, you'll have extra speed and will auto-dodge almost any attack. If you need a breather, take it this way.
    2. Shield. The Axe Legion's barrier shield can also keep you from damage, particularly from lasers and projectiles. Use the L Button to bunker down and will defend against more.
  4. Attack. In the harder cases, you'll find that Sync Attacks can sometimes be a problem, because they put you in uninterruptible animations that enemies can knock you out of. Most basic combo Sync Attacks are like this. There are a few Perfect Calls that are completely invincible (Arrow Legion for example), as well as some Perfect Dodge Syncs.
    1. One attack I found very useful near the end of the cases is the Spin Attack with the Axe Legion. That's spinning the Left Stick in a circle and hitting ZR, then hitting ZL at the end. The Axe Legion will spin twice, and on the second hit, will leave a bomb in the enemy, which is essentially three big hits on anyone in range. If you can stun a group, this can drop them very easily.
  5. Items. Medicine you'll need, obviously, but some other items can be quite handy, so don't forget you have them.
    1. Stun Grenade - Basically a Howl in a can. Don't be afraid to dump one if your Howl hasn't cooled down and you need an opening.
    2. ResoMax - You usually get these on fights that are long enough to fill up your Resonance Meter, so gauge whether you should use it in an emergency or save it for after your first charge so you can have two Fusion assaults.
    3. Energy Drinks - The Attack Up ones can be used on top of buffs to really deal out damage. You'll have to time their proper use, though, and be careful using Fishy Water, since it drops your Defense.
    4. Barrier Field - Very situational. Don't try to attack from one; only use it if you have no other defenses, such as if your limiter has dropped to zero and you're Legion-less.
CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

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