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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 11: [Reckoning]

11 - Walkthrough

Chapter 1 - Uprising

We're back at Hal's hideout. Akira's on our side, and we need to stop Yoseph from whatever goofy plan he has. There are once again a bunch of Red and Blue Cases in this area, but you don't have to do a single one if you don't want. Just talk to Hal and you can fly to the ARI, where Yoseph is holed up. You'll get a double confirmation, just to make sure you're absolutely sure you're ready to go.

Chapter 2 - Laboratory

How did you get a chopper if you're a fugitive? Shut up, it's not important. You'll land on the same heliport for the ARI as before. Enter via the main door, and proceed through the lobby straight ahead to the elevators. Take either one and you'll ride it up. When it gets disabled, open the door with the Arm Legion.

On this floor, proceed down the hallway to the far end, where you'll find:

Red Case: The Mystery Capsules

Here you will fight a number of Akira Clones. They are unarmed, but still violent. They can only perform slow punches and kicks, but if you're not careful they can gang up on you. They can each take a fair amount of punishment, so try to disable them so you can pile on the damage.

With the clones down, you can continue on and up the stairs, with some ominous rumbling accompanying your walk. At the top, a bunch of researchers will run past you and back down the stairs. Inside, you'll find Research Aberrations:

Red Case: Aberration Research

You'll be attacked by five Abs here in scrubs. Two are more powerful, a Glove type and a Gladius type, so be wary of them. The fight isn't difficult.

Continue to the next room. Once Akira runs ahead, you won't be able to follow them. Instead, take the other route. You'll run into some more Aberrations on the path, then to an open area with a lot of capsules on the walls. To extend the bridge across, check your IRIS and find the button on the far side of the room. When you extend the bridge, four more Akira Clones will drop down to fight, so take care of them. In the next hallway, watch out for the "death puddles" as you fight a few more Aberrations. Chain jump over the death puddles to reach the door to the next room.

Red Case: Chimera Takedown

A new Arm-type stands in your way: Arke. This Arm-type has ice powers. If you have a Legion with the "Anti-Freeze" ability, use it, or slap it on one of them, because if you're not careful you'll be frozen a lot in this battle. The chimera spins with ice beams, slams the ground with freezing energy, and otherwise uses the cold a lot. It's a tough fight, even at this stage in the game.

With Arke down, move to the next hallway. Here, several walls will sprout in your way that you'll have to use the Sword Slash to remove. In the next hallway, poison gas that you'll need the Axe Legion for. In the next long hallway.

Red Case: Hall of Terrors

Shortly after you enter this long hallway, purple spikes will start shooting up behind you. Quickly ride the Beast Legion and hold the Left Stick down to move towards the screen. Watch the floor and the walls around you to find out where the spikes are coming from so you can move from side to side, but maintain your forward momentum as much as you can. That's all there is to this section, but it's still not easy. At the end, use the Arm Legion to open the last door.

Enter the next room.

Red Case: Ravens' Revenge

It's time to even the score with the Ravens. Much like the Akira Clones, they're durable, so it won't be easy to take them down. They don't have Legions, just X-Batons, but what they'll do is have a few attack you with batons, and others hang back with blasters to disrupt you. It's a pain in the butt of a fight. If you have large scale attacking methods like Gravity Storm and Crash Bomb, then use them. Otherwise, try your hardest to focus on one at a time to whittle down the numbers at least.

Continue to the next room and pick up supplies, then you'll be in the elevator hall. Enter and ride up.

Red Case: Getting the Shaft

Yup, chimera time on this elevator ride. First, you'll face two Fire Hawks and a Fire Falcon, then two Claws and an Ice Maiden, then three Ice Frogs and two Ice Toads, then finally an icy Serpent-type named Scylla. Some you may be seeing for the first time, but at least for the first parts there are no real surprises in how to handle them. The Scylla moves like other Serpent-types and has the potential to freeze you, but if you disable it quick enough, it doesn't have a ton of health.

Chapter 3 - Ark

Here we are. The final push. Approach Akira to begin the final series of battles, and believe me, it's a series.

Red Case: Yoseph's Project

First, you'll face Akira, twin to twin. The good news is that they're not too difficult. If you can knock them down through attacks, they'll stay down for a second, giving you opportunities to follow up. Their health isn't too high either. Just watch out when they summon their Legion.

For the second phase, Yoseph appears and tosses out several Legion cores. You'll have to face the black Legions, all five. First, you'll go up against the Heavy Arm Legion and the Wolf Legion while Akira handles the Bowgun Legion. After you take down one of the Legions, the Bardiche Legion will appear, then the Blade Legion. They all have the same skills as your Legions, so you'll know roughly what to expect. The Bowgun Legion can be a pain as it can turn invisible. Just remember your Beast Legion can see it. The good news is that you can Finish each of the Legions, so you do have healing available. It's a chaotic battle, but at least it should be familiar.

With the end of the Legions, Yoseph sends out Ravens. Instead of attacking, they all kill each other, invoking their Legion Fusions. They then all fuse with each other and a giant core high in the sky. Yoseph takes this core into himself and uses it to absorb massive amounts of Astral Matter, including Akira.

You now face Noah, Soul of Ambition. You will not fight this behemoth. Instead, you will try to avoid its attacks as best you can. I'd pull out the Arrow Legion, as it is the fastest mover, and watch Noah's attacks as it strikes and shoots lasers. Chain jump to each new platform as they appear so you can stay ahead of the attacks. That's all there is to do here. Once Noah starts drawing energy into itself, you'll know you're done, because it will absorb you, too.

Red Case: Cracking the Core

Your target should be obvious: the Noah Core. You're now inside Noah, facing off against the core that put it all together. Strike it with all your attacks. Watch the floor to look for where it will strike from. After some abuse, it will shield itself and create "mini-Legions" which are basically just faint data and go down easily, but focus on breaking the shell so you can resume your attack.

Honestly, its attacks can be tough to describe. It will send out spikes, spears, tendrils, electric bolts. If it surrounds you with a ring of light, tap ZL to send your Legion out to hit the gems outside the ring (just like when fighting Enceladus). Don't bother binding it or stunning it, as its immune to all that. Just pour on the damage and heal as needed. Also watch your limiter energy because it will drain fast during this fight. Don't be afraid to put away your Legion for a few seconds so it can recharge.

With the Core down, you'll finish it. This will nearly end Yoseph's plan. With Akira's help, the core is held back, but the Astral Plane has one last foe to throw at you: a culmination of its will and desire to end the human race:

Red Case: Project Noah

This final enemy is Noah Prime. Goes without saying, but this thing is a beast. Lasers, spikes shooting from the ground, melee attacks, bullets from long-range. Watch the floor to know where attacks are coming from and use your skills of dodging and Perfect Calls to counter its melee strikes. If it teleports far away and the ground starts angling, hop on the Beast Legion and ride towards it to get to more solid ground.

Knock about a third of its health out and it starts some new tactics that involve teleporting and multiple copies of itself. These consist of floating in the air and blasting bullets at you, or firing lasers from the corners, or shooting lasers out from the center. Use long-range attacks to keep track on him and deal with the copies easily. Also, it might help to put up a Blue Shield or Barrier Fields to shoulder some defenses, as the attacks are brutal in this segment.

At about 40% health, your enemy will grow two extra arms, turn red, and become Final Noah Prime. This is the last push. Its melee attacks become devastating. Its bullets become giant and explosive. It constantly shifts so you have to chase after it. Now might be a good time to pop Legion Fusion if you have it to cause a fair amount of damage. Use Perfect Calls where you can to shut it down on its melee attacks, and just avoid the projectiles as best as you can. It's a hard fight and you'll probably go through a lot of healing on your first try, but it's doable.

Once you drain its health, connect all the remaining Sync Attacks to finish it in style.

You have one final choice to make, and the ending slightly changes depending on the choice.

Congratulations! You've completed the main story of Astral Chain! Now go back on Pt Ultimate and do it harder! Get all the S+ Ranks! Find all the Collectibles!

And of course, proceed to File 12 so you can access the post-game missions, which are a massive challenge on their own.

CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

If you're looking for other guides by him, you can search the Yakuza series or the LEGO series on GameFAQs.