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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 11: [Reckoning]

11 - Collection

Chapter 1 - Uprising

  • Dropped Item #1 - In Hal's hideout, you'll find this item near the vending machine.
  • Dropped Item #2 - You'll find this item upstairs in Hal's hideout, near the "Dandy Man" in the gray jacket.
  • Photo Order - This can only be completed if in the previous File, you completed the Red Case "The Gang's All Here" and chose "Let's leave him here." at the end of the case. Carlos will be near the exit of Hal's hideout in civilian clothes. Take his picture.

Like before, we're taking the Lower Camp Level in a clockwise order, starting from the exit of Hal's Hideout:

  • Supply Crate #1 - Easily spotted just as you leave the northwest area, next to the "Legion Tricks" case.
  • Dropped Item #3 - This is in the first clearing after leaving the first camp. There's a dumpster on the north wall. Lift it up and find an item underneath.
  • Dropped Item #4 - This is directly above Item #3, hanging in the wires. Shoot it down with the Arrow Legion.
  • Dropped Item #5 - This is in the same clearing as #3 and #4, hanging in the wires. Look more to the west towards the passage back to Hal's.
  • Cat Rescue - To get to this cat, go to the area west of "Runs in the Family". In the last File, it had the "Measuring Up" case. Climb the ladder in this clearing and follow the walkway to find a cat in a box.
  • Supply Crate #2 - Go to the clearing south of "Runs in the Family" (it had the detector the last File) and go to the northeast corner of this clearing to find a crate at the end of a little alley.
  • Dropped Item #6 - This is above Supply Crate #2. There's a ladder on the walkway above that can be shot down so you can climb up. The item is right next to you as you reach the walkway.
  • Dropped Item #7 - From the same clearing as the previous two items, climb the ladder in the south up to the walkway, then head to the end of it. Look out to the west and you'll find the blue sparkle on the fire escape nearby, so shoot it.
  • Dropped Item #8 - Just north of the "The Third Wheel" is a small alley. Look up in this alley to find a blue sparkle.
  • Supply Crate #3 - Just northeast of "The Third Wheel", go to the little alley to the east and you'll find a crate tucked into a corner.
  • Supply Crate #4 - In the south area (where there was gas in the last File), go to the eastern alley to find a crate with a cracked dome to break.
  • Supply Crate #5 - West of the previous crate, go up the ladder to the walkway to find a crate.
  • Dropped Item #9 - This is found in the sewer drainage in the southwest. Drop down into the area and look east to find a blue sparkle in the tunnel. Shoot it.
  • Buried Item #1 - This is in the sewer drainage, pretty much right in the center. Sniff around with the Beast to find the blue circle.
  • Slime - The Slime is in the sewer drainage as well. There are some Aberrations in the corner. Approach and defeat them. Next, a couple of Fireballs will show up. After that, the Slime appears at the end of the little west tunnel.
  • Buried Item #2 - This item is buried right near "The Little People", at the end of the alley.
  • Supply Crate #6 - This crate is found in the alcove northeast of the sewer drainage, in the same area the hoodlums were in last File's "Looking For Trouble".
  • Supply Crate #7 - This chest is found in the dump at the west end of the camp area. Be careful here, because there are Fire Mutts, a Fire Wolf, and a Crius here to mess you up.
  • Supply Crate #8 - This crate is found in the dumpster area east of the "dump" on the west side. It's a pretty obvious crate.
  • Supply Crate #9 - From the previous crate, head northeast. Instead of going up the ramp, go around it and lift up the yellow dumpster to reveal this crate.

These last two crates are in the Astral Plane during the case "The Third Wheel":

  • Supply Crate #10 - Once you reach the two buttons in the Astral Plane, instead of pressing them, head further down the slopes to the lower area. There's a space down here with platforms that the Arm Legion can move, so use them to cross the gap to the crate on the far side. If the platform touches the moving pillars, it disappears and you take a dive, so be very careful to avoid them. Oh, and you have to make your way back as well.
  • Supply Crate #11 - Once you press the two buttons in the Astral Plane, the crazy pillars appear and you'll have to make your way back to the other side. Instead of going through the newly opened door, go up the slopes back to the beginning and make your way across the tops of the moving pillars to the far right corner where a crate is.

Chapter 2 - Laboratory

  • Toilet - Once you land at the helipad, take the side stairs down beneath the helipad to find the toilet.
  • Dropped Item #10 - This item is behind the reception desk as you enter.
  • Supply Crate #12 - After the elevator ride, you'll enter a room with a thin bridge across a gap. Turn right before crossing the bridge to find a crate.
  • Dropped Item #11 - In the same area as Supply Crate #12, look above the entrance and shoot down the blue sparkle.
  • Supply Crate #13 - After completing "The Mystery Capsules", you'll reach a spiral staircase. Instead of immediately going up, go around the right to find this crate.
  • Supply Crate #14 - This is in the same room as "Aberration Research", in the corner near the entrance.
  • Supply Crate #15 - This is in the room just after "Aberration Research", pretty obvious on your path.
  • Dropped Item #12 - This is in the big open room with lots of capsules on the walls, the one you have to extend a bridge to cross. Once you cross the bridge, look back at the capsules on your left and shoot the blue sparkle on one of them.
  • Supply Crate #16 - This crate is found after crossing the hallway with all the death puddles and Aberrations, but before the fight with Arke. Continue past the door leading to Arke and grab the crate.
  • Supply Crate #17 - These last three items are all immediately after the "Ravens' Revenge" fight in the last room before the elevator. The crate is
  • Dropped Item #13 - This is found in the hallway that's filled with crystals to the left of the exit door. Peek past the crystals to see the blue sparkle, then shoot it.
  • Buried Item #3 - This is found about twenty feet in front of the vending machine, near the end of the circular stools.

Chapter 3 - Ark

  • Supply Crate #18 - As you enter the final area outside of the lab, this crate is near the elevator exit.
  • Supply Crate #19 - This crate is all the way up near the back door outside the lab. Steer around Akira so you don't trigger the cutscene.
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