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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 11: [Reckoning]

11 - Cases and S+ Ranks

Chapter 1 - Uprising

Blue Case #1 - Energy Drink

On the lower floor of Hal's hideout, visit the "Street Chemist" (the one that sells medicine) and she'll get your attention for a concoction for Akira. She just needs some ingredients. She needs:

  • Royal Jelly: Go upstairs and speak to the "Dandy Man" in the gray jacket.
  • Bottled Beetles: Go outside to the small camp area and talk to the salesman right by the entrance. He'll ask for a Gunner Drone to trade. The problem is finding one, if you don't already have one.
  • Fossil Powder: Just outside the camp is a "Sharp Dealer" whispering to a "Loyal Customer". Eavesdrop on them to learn the password, then talk to the dealer and use it to get the powder.

Return all three to the chemist and she'll fix up your drink. Give it to Akira.

Blue Case #3 - In Love Again

Go to the same location that Olive's admirer was in the last file, the upper floor balcony of Hal's hideout. Speak to the guy in red and he'll profess his love for Brenda now. You'll automatically suggest something Lappy-related and he'll run off. There's now a big green circle on your map pointing the likely area he is. I'll cut to the chase and let you know that he's in the path on the way to the dump, which is near the north edge of the green circle. He's on the ground, so blueshift him and he'll come back up. Return to the hideout and his balcony and speak to him to end the case.

Blue Case #2 - Legion Tricks

Outside of Hal's hideout is a mom and her kid. Speak to them and agree to watch the kid while the mom goes to visit family in another zone. Olive will come help out and ask you to perform magic tricks for the kid. First, look at the nearby boxes and tap ZL to bust them (remember normal people can't see Legions). Next, use the Arm Legion to lift up the nearby sign. Lastly, press L with the Arm Legion to float while wearing the armor.

Red Case #1 - The Little People

This case is found in the southwest part of camp, near the sewer drainage. Go to the marker and witness the two people arguing. Once they finish, speak to the one who stays behind and agree to tail the one that ran off. This is mostly a normal tailing mission. Follow him and avoid spots where broken glass can make noise (you can see it easier with the IRIS on). At a point, the guy will stop and fall to his knees. Clean up the Red Matter near him and he'll continue on. Watch out for the kid that runs past you and avoid more broken glass as the guy goes into the secret hologram room on the east side. Follow him and enter the next area. Here, you'll fight the five guys, but that's just the beginning:

You'll fight Eris, a nasty Humanoid-type (as well as a couple of Aberrations). Eris can make the ground explode in certain places, and attacks with the four spikes floating around its head. It can be a pain, but it's just one chimera, so if you can immobilize it, you should be able to beast on it without too much trouble. Once the fight is over, speak to the "Tough Man" to close the case.

Red Case #2 - The Third Wheel

This case is marked near the southeast part of the camp. There's a guy on the ground and some red claw marks. Seems suspicious. Blueshift the guy and talk to him, then analyze the claw marks to get a trail to follow to find his girlfriend. The trail stops at some boxes, so retrace your steps and go up the nearby ladder so you can follow the walkway to the end and send your Legion out to uncover the Gate. Chain jump over to it, then enter the Gate.

There's a little exploration required here. Head down the slopes to the bottom and cross over to the two buttons. Step on them to make a billion pillars appear. Your objective is to chain jump back to the other side where a door just opened up. Move quickly and time your jumps to get between the pillars. I suggest moving up the left side because there are more platforms. Once you're at the door, head through and you'll face Podarge, a very strong Wing-type chimera. In addition to the normal "big Wing" attacks like flapping and feathers and tornadoes, it also prefers to chase after the woman in the area, so you'll have to be chasing it down a lot as the woman runs round. Fortunately, time is pretty generous in this case, so the S+ shouldn't be too difficult. Just stay alive.

Red Case #3 - Chimeric Camera

This case starts right next to the exit to Hal's hideout. Find the marker and speak to the guy with a drone. He'll ask you to take video of chimeras with it. You don't have to do anything apart from making sure that enemies don't attack the drone. Agree to his request and you'll immediately get into the fight. First, you'll fight three Thunder Frogs, a new Gel-type that has shock powers. Defeat them, then a bunch of Aberrations will show up as well as more Thunder Frogs. Eventually you'll get some interesting Aberrations mixed in, such as Gladius Filthwings. They're all pretty easy, so I'm not gonna bother counting them. As a finale, you'll face off against Poseidon, a larger Gel-type that's thunder based. It shouldn't be much of a surprise given you've already fought big gels. With all these enemies, there's plenty of room for variety to get the S+.

Red Case #4 - Runs in the Family

Go to the marked spot in the northeast corner of the camp to find the three members of Parnassus, the tagging crew. Speak to them and they'll issue you a challenge: catch them before they can bedeck the area with tags. Your mission is to run after them and bind each of them. Problem is they run fast and they split up.

Getting the S+ for this case is a healthy challenge. Here's how to do it. Before you even start, have Howl and Auto-Bind on your Beast Legion. The moment the guys run, mount up on the Beast and ride after the two that went left. As you start going down the ramp, hit ZL to toss the Beast out, then immediately use Howl to stun the two guys, then immediately use Auto-Bind. If you're lucky, you'll get both. If you're not lucky, the other is still stunned so you might be able to bind him quickly. Now, ride the Beast back the other way the third one went. He didn't go far, just to the next clearing, so tap ZL to stun him and then bind him as quick as you can. You're looking for under thirty seconds, although it can be done better.

Red Case #5 - Chimera Takedown

This case only appears once you've finished all other cases in the area. Go to the dump, the spot in the western side of the camp (where the detector was in the last file). The middle of the ground should be kinda shifting and fuzzy. Dig there with the Beast Legion to find a new chimera, that immediately jumps into a Gate. Follow it and you'll face Echidna. Unlike most Serpent-types, Echidna's not big on hiding. It's more about spinning its body around in nasty attacks and jumping around the arena. It hits hard, too. You might find yourself healing a bit in the process to get this thing taken down. Like most chimera, immobilizing it goes a great length towards an easier fight. A quick fight is best, as it's the easiest way to get an S+. Getting under two minutes should get you enough points with a little variety.

Chapter 2 - Laboratory

Red Case #6 - The Mystery Capsules

This is the Akira Clone fight. Just make sure you're adding a healthy amount of variety to this fight and you should be fine. You get just under 6000 points for finishing it in a minute and a half.

Red Case #7 - Chimera Takedown

After "The Mystery Capsules", you'll climb a long spiral staircase. As you reach the top, scientists will run out past you. Instead of entering the room they came from, follow them back down the staircase and go back to the capsule room. Here, a nasty customer will appear: Agamemnon. It's a black Humanoid-type. It has the power to make the ground erupt at various locations, and also can form arm blades that it can swipe or spin with. It also has an exploding aura attack, and can even shoots large bursts of bullets. Furthermore, it also has a large amount of health. You'll face it alone, but it's still a healthy challenge. Finish it off in under 90 seconds and, combined with a little variety, you should get the S+.

Red Case #8 - Aberration Research

This is the fight against the Aberrations in hazmat suits. Time bonuses will not be kind to you here at all, so do your best to get a lot of variety. You can even drag the fight out if you want to get some Perfect Calls or other fancy moves in.

Red Case #9 - Chimera Takedown

The fight against Arke will humble you if you think it's going to be easy to S+. It's a real good idea to have Anti-Freeze on the main Legion you're going to use. You can get a decent time bonus on the fight if you keep it under 45 seconds, but you'll still need some variety to back it up.

Red Case #10 - Hall of Terrors

While it may not be super easy, getting an S+ in this is a simple matter of doing the run down the hallway without failing. If you get hit, reset the game and load up the save to try again.

Red Case #11 - Ravens' Revenge

Given the abilities of the Ravens and their tendency to ruin combos you set up, don't worry about time for this one. Instead, focus on variety and get as many Sync Attacks and other moves you can.

Red Case #12 - Astral Investigation

This is a secret case. After completing "Ravens' Revenge", go all the way to the elevator room, but before getting in, turn around and head back to the Ravens' room. There'll be a Gate here. Enter it and you'll face off against the black Shell-type chimera: Lampas. Unlike most Shell-types, Lampas has no problem getting its hands dirty. It will take its shell parts and spin them around itself, discouraging getting close. It can also form the shell into a sword and take several swipes. Also it will shoot out a nasty laser beam. Still, normal attacking techniques are best. There's nothing special to the fight apart from watching and prepping for its movements. If you can end it before two minutes, you'll actually be pretty good for getting the S+, so this one isn't too difficult for that.

Red Case #13 - Getting the Shaft

The elevator fight up to Yoseph's lab is a fair amount of enemies, and it's probably going to take some time, so focus on variety. Fortunately, you have a good variety of enemies to play with.

Chapter 3 - Ark

Red Case #14 - Yoseph's Project

Since you have the fight with Akira and then the five black Legions, you'll have no shortage of enemies to build up your variety, which is good because it's a long fight so you won't get a lot of time bonus to get the S+. If you can blaze it in under four minutes, you'll get the score on time alone.

Red Case #15 - Cracking the Core

Out of the final three fights, I find this the hardest to S+. It's not super hard, but given the way the core attacks sporadically and how you cannot stagger, stun, or bind it, it's tough to get a lot of variety on it outside of Sync Attacks. I got a fair amount of time bonus at 1:40, so under two minutes seems to be the time to shoot for while you keep racking up variety bonuses.

Red Case #16 - Project Noah

This is a long dang fight. Like all of these last fights, focus on variety. Trying to cut corners and rush Noah Prime will just get your butt knocked down. Focus on staying alive and you should be able to get enough on bonuses even on your first try. If you're looking for a good time, I'd say under eight minutes is your best bet for a good score.

CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

If you're looking for other guides by him, you can search the Yakuza series or the LEGO series on GameFAQs.