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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 10: [Madness]

10 - Walkthrough

Chapter 1 - Fugitives

So, we're back at looking at files:

Blue Case: Staying Informed

Like in File 06, you complete this case by reading all the new files. You don't have to unlock the locked ones, but remember that the password is "1125" if you want to.

Don't know how you were looking at those files, because you've only come to just now? Oh well. Hal floats in to greet you. Once you changed back from that weird monstrosity, he found you and brought you to a safehouse of his. Looks like things changed a bit in the three days you've been out. Neuron has been largely disbanded apart from the Raven Corps, and it seems that Yoseph's plans are being set in motion. Olive is here, too, and catches you up. You're in an occupied section of Zone 09, and this safehouse has all the amenities of HQ, including a locker, a Legatus terminal, and shops.

Furthermore, outside of the safehouse is a large open area, the "Lower Camp". There's a bunch of Red Cases and Blue Cases outside, and you'll have to complete three of them. Any three will do. Once you're done, Hal radios in and asks you for some help.

Red Case: Defective Detector

Head over to the marked spot on the map to find a doohickey that's sparking up. Tap A standing next to it and you'll start fixing it, and a percentage meter will go up. While you're fixing it, some bad guys will show up. First a few Aberrations, then a few more Aberrations, then some Abs and an Infantry. The game seems to want you to to keep on the detector and let your Legion do the fighting, but you don't really have to. Break off at any time by pressing B to engage the enemies, then resume the repairs. The Case is complete once you're done.

Hal will radio in with another detector being damaged. Head over to the new marker, in the dump on the west side of the area.

Red Case: A Dangerous Dump

Once you arrive, you'll find out the saboteur was just a thief. He'll attack, but is easily defeated. That's the easy part. The hard part is when new Serpent-type chimeras enter the game. A Hydra will drop in. This chimera likes to burrow underground and pop up to attack. You can either wait for them to pop up to strike back, or you can use a combination of your IRIS and the Beast Legion to dig it up, which leaves it vulnerable. Either way, smash it, then you'll fight two Hydras.

After this, leave the area and you'll spot Olive running around. She'll take off for the southwest. Hal will let you know that Brenda has been labelled a fugitive and is cornered in the sewers, and Olive is going to help her. Follow Olive to the southwest corner of the map and you'll find her near a door. Speak to her and she'll say she's going in after Brenda. Clean up whatever stuff you want to out here, then agree to go in with her.

Chapter 2 - Lockdown

This is the last sneaking section in the game.

Red Case: Threading the Needle

Head forward and down. There's a guy across the canal from you, but you'll largely be ignoring him on the critical path. Turn right and you'll reach your first guard. He's pretty easy to bind on his walk away from you. Cross the little bridge and turn left. Note the guard ahead of you and to the right across the canal. You can't reach him from here, nor will he move on his own. What you need to do is pull out the Arrow Legion and fire at the stack of pipes to the right of the guard. He'll walk over and investigate, and you can make your way forward and chain jump across the gap to the left.

Head up the short ladder to stay on the intended path. Climb up the ladder and watch for the next guard that paces left and right. You can hide in the pipe if you need to approach him to stealth bind him. The next place to go is across the floating platforms. After the first platform, you'll land on a thin causeway. To the right are a pair of officers whispering. You can eavesdrop on them to learn about the control room, which is the door right below them.

Head across the second floating platform and to the far side. If you charge ahead, you'll run into a group of three guards, so instead slowly make your way to their right behind the platform and climb down the ladder.

There are five guards down here, but it's entirely possible to pick them off one at a time without being spotted. My preferred method is to immediately get the guy that's below you to the left from where you start. He can be bound by standing near the gap, looking at him, and tapping ZL to quickly stealth bind him. After that, make your way around the room counter-clockwise. There's a guard pacing along the walkway opposite the control room door, then a guy who doesn't move, but you can sneak behind him through a pipe, then the last two, and you can distract them with sound to get them to move in a way that you can bind them. Walk up to the control room door and it will open for you.

In the control room itself are two guards: one staring at the monitors and the other pacing behind him. It's probably easiest to wrap them both up when they're close to each other while you hide behind the wall. Once they're handled, tap A on the control panel to lower the water. Head out the opposite door and there's one last guard for you to deal with. He's the one you distracted with sound back near the beginning of this section. Bind him, then drop down the ladder into the drained canal.

Chapter 3 - Restless

Phew. Olive's by your side now, blaster in hand. Head down the canal and leave by the ladder near the end. Just as you're trying to figure out what to do next:

Red Case: Chimera Invasion

Follow Olive around the walkways until you reach the fight. There are Aberrations in the area. Try to keep them off Olive if you can. After you deal with the Aberrations, three Infantry will show up, then more Abs will rise up. Not a difficult fight. Follow Olive to the next section where you'll fight a bunch of Fire Frogs and Ice Frogs, and then a Zeus and Ice Toad (the bigger versions.)

Continue to follow Olive to the next open section. You'll have barely caught your breath when...

Red Case: Chimera Attack

Kronos in the house! This Arm-type chimera is a nasty customer with finger guns and a shield. For now, you can only evade it as you make your way around this pit. Follow the obvious path and try to stick behind the walls and only move when it takes a break in its shooting. You'll have to deal with a few Abs on the way, but it's pretty simple for the most part. At the end, hide behind the last wall and use the Arm Legion to open the gate to the next area.

Once you're in the large room, Kronos will attack directly. My advice for him is to get up in his face and keep attacking. If you hang back, he'll deal a lot of damage with projectiles, when it's actually far simpler to only deal with his short-range punch attacks. Use gladius and Axe attacks to remove his shield, then deal damage decisively.

Once you've finished off Kronos, head up to where Olive is and the two of you will move on.

Chapter 4 - Revolt

This is a prep room before the final fight of the File. You, Olive, and Hal can now move towards the last room, where you'll find Brenda... and Akira.

Red Case: Akira Unchained

For this first fight, I suggest not fighting. Instead, try to avoid the incoming attacks. The easiest way to do this is to ride your Beast Legion and just move around the perimeter of the arena. You can keep ahead of most of them, and will auto-dodge attacks. The Raven Corps are not meant to be fought. Just wait for the dialogue to finish.

There is a second fight with more dialogue, so keep avoiding. For the third fight, you'll face a familiar monstrosity. Once the dialogue completes, you'll get a prompt, so click the Left and Right sticks together and...

Trapped in the madness beaten hollow
Is there any way to save me
Is there any way to break free from this mess

You're now in your final upgraded form: Legion Fusion. You have a new moveset in this form:

  • Tap ZR multiple times for melee claw attacks.
  • Tap ZL to jump up and expend an aura attack.
  • Hold L and tap ZR to fling your claws like projectiles.

Your mission is to match Akira fusion-to-fusion. Swat them with your attacks (which heal you with each strike). When Akira floats back in the distance, fling claws. It's a pretty simple fight, at the end of the day. When you get the prompts, mash ZL and ZR to overpower Akira and finish the File.

Continue to the next File.

CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

If you're looking for other guides by him, you can search the Yakuza series or the LEGO series on GameFAQs.