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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 10: [Madness]

10 - Collection

Chapter 1 - Fugitives

First, inside Hal's Hideout:

  • Dropped Item #1 - Go to the upper level of the hideout and at the top of the stairs walk into the "Shady Merchant's" enclosure to find an item on his right.
  • Dropped Item #2 - As you exit the room with Hal and Olive, go straight ahead and you'll see this in a corner behind some junk.

This next set is the Lower Camp Level, in a clockwise manner. Hope the map helps.

  • Cat Rescue - This cat is simply a reward for the Case "Lost Cat Search".
  • Supply Crate #1 - This is found just as you exit Hal's hideout, under a canopy ahead of you and to the left.
  • Supply Crate #2 - From the "Measuring Up" starting point, climb the nearby ladder and follow the catwalk to reach a crate.
  • Supply Crate #3 - Right near the starting point of "The Gang's All Here", you can see a hole in the framework to the east that you can crawl under to reach this crate.
  • Supply Crate #4 - From the "Defective Detector" starting point, look up and to the east to find a ladder you can shoot down. Climb up and find the crate at the top.
  • Supply Crate #5 - From the "Defective Detector" starting point, there's a ladder along the south wall. Climb up and follow the catwalk to the end, then chain jump onto the platforms below you to reach this crate.
  • Supply Crate #6 - Starting from "Chimera Search" go north along the wall (left when facing the man) and push against the shutter to find it's a hologram. The crate is at the end of this hidden passage.
  • Supply Crate #7 - Southwest of "Chimera Search", you're attacked by Claw chimera. In this spot, look up to find a ladder you can shoot down with the Arrow Legion. Climb up and take the crate.
  • Dropped Item #3 - East of all the poison gas in the southeast corner, there's a set of stairs with an item beneath them. Crawl to get there.
  • Supply Crate #8 - As you make your way through "Fresh Air", you'll destroy a Generator with a crate right next to it. The crate has a cracked dome on it.
  • Supply Crate #9 - Another easily found crate as you go through "Fresh Air". Once you get the previous crate, go up the nearby ladder and down the walkway. Destroy the next Generator to find another crate behind it.
  • Buried Item #1, #2, #3 - Once you complete "Looking For Trouble", sniff out the area with the Beast Legion to find a grand total of three very localized blue circles for digging.
  • Supply Crate #10 - Once you complete "Looking For Trouble", there's a railing with an opening nearby. Send a Legion out of that opening and to the ledge opposite (over the ramp) and chain jump there to reach a crate.
  • Dropped Item #4 - In the sewer area in the southwest, go to the west end (near the door Olive stands near) to find this concealed near some junk.
  • Dropped Item #5 - In the sewer area in the southwest, climb the ladder in the southwest corner to find this item near the vending machine.

These last four items are in the Astral Plane while you're in "The Gang's All Here":

  • Dropped Item #6 - As you enter the area, go down the slope and you'll see a wrap pillar ahead of you. Wrap around it to the left to get an item.
  • Supply Crate #11 - Once you find Carlos, go up the slope and move the red cube into its slot, then destroy the blocks. In the next area, destroy the blocks to the right (the cracked block is behind the others) to uncover the path to the crate.
  • Buried Item #4 - After finding the previous Crate, destroy the blocks to the left. There seems to be nothing here, but send the Beast Legion into the ledge sticking out to find a blue circle.
  • Supply Crate #12 - In the final area, after you finish off Artemis, instead of approaching Carlos, head to the left of him and you should be able to see some invisible platforms flashing in midair. Head across the platforms around the corner to the left and go down the elevator to find the crate.

Chapter 2 - Lockdown

First, we'll get the several items that are involved in the Red Case "The Hideout":

  • Dropped Item #7 - From the moment you pass through the hologram, you'll find the item at the far end of the room.
  • Supply Crate #13 - In the first room you fight Hermits, you'll find this crate in the corner.
  • Dropped Item #8 - After you finish the first room of Hermits, before you head into the next hallway, you'll find a blue sparkle above the passage. Shoot it down.
  • Supply Crate #14 - Once you enter the outside catwalks, head down the stairs and you'll find this crate on the right.
  • Supply Crate #15 - After the second Hermit fight, continue along the walkway and you'll find a crate on your right.
  • Dropped Item #9 - Look up from Crate #15 at the wall to your left and you'll see a sparkle on the wall.
  • Supply Crate #16 - Before going to the last group of Hermits, crawl under the pipes at the end of the main walkway, then chain jump along the platforms to reach the crate.
  • Supply Crate #17 - The last crate is in the same area as the final Hermit fight.

The rest of these items are in the main sewer area:

  • Supply Crate #18 - Once you go down the first ladder, instead of going right, go left to the crate.
  • Supply Crate #19 - After subduing the first guard, instead of going across the bridge, continue to the end of the walkway to find a crate around the corner.
  • Supply Crate #20 - This is found on the way to the first "Astral Investigation", on the far side of the entrance. Instead of going past the guard to where the Gate is, climb the nearby ladder to find a crate at the end of the walkway.
  • Supply Crate #21 - After Olive radios in to tell you about a guard at the top of a ladder, you can find a crate on the right at the far end of the pipe.
  • Supply Crate #22 - Once in the area before the control room, go down the stairs to the right and go past the guard to the end of the walkway to find the crate.
  • Dropped Item #10 - In the same area, this is found at ground level inside the pipe next to the guard that doesn't move.
  • Supply Crate #23 - This crate is on the ledge to the right of the control room door. The nearby ladder will get you there.
  • Dropped Item #11 - This is inside the other pipe not far from the control room door.

Chapter 3 - Restless

  • Photo Order - Once Olive is with you in the canal trench, take a picture of her holding the blaster.
  • Toilet - This is at the far end of the canal trench, past the ladder out.
  • Dropped Item #12 - Once you beat up the first batch of Aberrations, you can find a vent in the area that you crawl into to reach an item.
  • Supply Crate #24 - After finishing off the Frogs and Toads, go to the right as you approach the large Drainage Pit. If you're attacked by Kronos, you went left instead and can't go back.
  • Slime - Once you open Crate #24, the Slime will appear as you return to the main area.

Chapter 4 - Revolt

  • Supply Crate #25, #26 - The last two crates are right after the Kronos fight, in the little rest area before the end.
CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

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