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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 10: [Madness]

10 - Cases and S+ Ranks

Chapter 1 - Fugitives

Most cases are marked on the map. I'll point out the couple that aren't. Some cases appear after others are completed.

Blue Case #1 - Staying Informed

As in File 06, the only goal here is to look at all the "New" files. Once that's done, the case is complete.

Blue Case #2 - Olive's Admirer

Head up to the upper floor of Hal's Hideout and you'll find a "Lovesick Man" on the balcony. Speak to him and he'll ask you to help him find a present for Olive. To get ideas, speak to various people in the area. You can give any of these ideas back to the Lovesick Man and watch the outcome to complete the Case. Some of them are funnier than others. Just saying.

Blue Case #3 - Fresh Air

This case is at the south end of the camp map, where the obvious poison gas is. There are four Generators to destroy to be rid of the gas. They're all red dots on the map nearby. Two can be pretty easily found on the ground floor with a third on the catwalk above. The last requires you to go to the back corner, using the Axe Legion to bypass the gas. Once all four Generators are destroyed, speak to the guy at the marker to close the case.

Blue Case #4 - Measuring Up

This case is found in the north central end of the camp, marked on the map. Speak to the man and he'll introduce himself as a surveyor who has forgotten his equipment. Your job is to help him out using your IRIS. The idea is to stand in various locations and tell the guy how far the spot is from him. The answer to the first one is 15m. The answer to the second is 18m. The answer to the last (subtracting the distance) is 14m.

Blue Case #5 - Special Delivery

Right next to the exit of Hal's hideout is a marked Blue Case. Speak to the guy and he'll want you to bring a cardkey to another guy at the southeast corner of the map. Do so to complete the case.

Blue Case #6 - Gate Disposal

This case is marked on your map, on the west side of the map. You'll have to come from the south, where the sewer is, the move towards the Gate and wrap it up. Watch out for the bullets.

Blue Case #7 - Drifting Apart

Once you finish "Fresh Air", leave the area and come back to speak to a guy in a red jacket: "Concerned Man". He'll be wanting to bring his old group back together, and you'll have to find the other three guys. The first is the Dog Lover, found in the northeast corner near "The Gang's All Here". The second is the "Lonely Man" found just outside of Hal's hideout. The last guy is found near "Defective Detector". There's a ladder here that leads up to a walkway, where you can find the man.

Blue Case #8 - Bad Medicine

This case only appears once you complete "A Dangerous Dump". The guy who was messing with detectors is now up near Hal's, trying to get some medicine for his wife. Intercede with this little drama by blueshifting his wife back to health and closing this case.

Red Case #1 - Defective Detector

You get the cue to start the mission after completing three cases. That said, once it starts, you're actually under no obligation to rush to complete it, and it might be a good idea to complete other cases in the area, because for an odd reason, you can "buffer" variety bonuses by doing other cases between the time the case appears and when you finish it. For example, I did "Chimera Search" before completing this case and the bonuses I got from that case oddly applied to both. This makes it easier to get an S+ if you do the right cases in between.

Red Case #2 - A Dangerous Dump

There's only the human who attacks you and the three Hydras in this case, so try to boost your variety with some Perfect Calls or other fancy attacks, because even going real fast in this case will only get you so many points, not enough for an S+.

Red Case #3 - Looking For Trouble

There's a marked spot in the southwest where five thugs have gathered. Approach them and they'll attack. You'll have to be undamaged for the S+, so consider putting up a Blue Shield before you fight. You can also bind all the bad guys except for the leader to take them out of commission immediately. The leader you'll have to beat up.

Red Case #4 - Lost Cat Search

Just outside Hal's hideout is a woman looking for a cat. Agree to help and she'll take off, marking a few areas on your map. Pick any of the areas and you can find one of three items that belong to the cat. Give it to the Beast Legion to track and you'll follow the scent to a dumpster near the center of the camp. A Gate will appear here, so enter and you'll face a Hawk, an Aello, a Fire Hawk, and a Fire Falcon all at once. It's the only wave in the fight, so make sure you get the variety you can, or make it real quick. You get 5000 points for a one minute fight, so there's your reference point. You also get the File's Cat as a reward.

Red Case #5 - Chimera Search

Go to the marker in the southeast to find a "Passionate Man". Speak to him and agree to help him find the source of the local problems. Head directly west down a little alley to find a bit of cracked red ground. Examine it with your Legion, then trace it to the Gate which is back to the east. Enter the Gate and you'll face three Infantry and a Crius, and then after that two Ice Maidens. The enemies should be more than enough to get an S+ via variety. Also, this is the place to get a picture of a Crius that you couldn't in the last File.

Red Case #6 - Astral Investigation

This case is not marked on the map. After leaving "A Dangerous Dump", continue east and you'll see a ramp leading up. Behind that ramp is a short path leading to a yellow-rimmed dumpster. Pick up the dumpster with the Arm Legion and you'll find cracked red ground. Examine it with a Legion and trace the path to the Gate, then enter. Inside, you'll fight:

  • Five Claws
  • A Laius with an Arrow Shell
  • Typhon, an electric-based Arm-type chimera. His relentless attacks and shocking strikes that can stun can make him a pain, so keep your distance if you can and let your Legion do as much work as it can. If you have Anti-Stun as an ability, feel free to tack it on one of your Legions to ease some grief. Do your best to immobilize or slow him whenever you can.
Red Case #8 - The Gang's All Here

The marker in the northeast corner of the camp leads you to Carlos, the cop from earlier cases. Speak to him and he'll walk off. Take his X-Baton that he left behind and use it to track him down south. Once you arrive, defeat the bad guys and Carlos plus the gang leader he's chasing will get grabbed and taken to the Astral Plane. Follow them.

Once in the Astral Plane, head down the slopes. Follow the path to find some cracked blocks for your Axe Legion to destroy. Cross to the platform they're on and you'll find some invisible platforms that will path your way over to a larger platform. Here, you'll fight two Laius. Defeat them and Carlos will come to your side to follow you. Head up the slope to find a block you can grab and move over to the blue field. Once it's in place, blast the cracked block with the Axe Legion to clear the way. Follow the path and you'll reach areas with several blocks. Just blow up the cracked ones. They're pretty obvious and it's not a big puzzle to get through.

Once you're at the far end, you'll face off against Artemis, a powerful Arrow-type. Like all Arrow-types, it can make itself invisible, so use the Beast Legion to see it and attack. Try your best to stun or bind it to keep it anchored so you can cause the most damage and it can't flit around. The S+ is pretty easy, since it counts your earlier fights as well for the sake of variety, but only the Artemis fight is counted for time. Once it's down, speak to Carlos. The bad guy will run off and you'll have a choice to make here. You can choose to catch the criminal or leave him be. There's more to be gained from leaving him (if you're going for 100% completion), but I leave it up to you.

Red Case #7 - Lost in the Fog

This case is only available once you've completed the other seven Red Cases and all eight Blue Cases. Go to the area where the first detector is (east side clearing) and you'll be consumed by fog. When back in reality, a woman will ask you to help her solve the mystery of the fog. Agree to help, then agree to wait until the fog comes back. Once it does, make your way through the camp until you're attacked. I call these guys "Fox". They're speedy, but not too powerful. Beat down all the Foxes that show up and one will try to run away. Turn on your IRIS, hop on your Beast Legion, and follow it. Make sure you watch the specific Fox, because others will show up to try to lead you astray. Keep following the one with the glowing tail. You'll chase it all around the camp. Ignore the Aberrations that show up, they'll just slow you down. Once you loop back around to the east clearing, you'll face off against the amalgamation of all the Foxes: Teumessian. This beast controls electricity, and can send the spheres that float around it scattering out as bullets to strike you. Standard tactics are pretty good for this fight, though. If you have an Anti-Stun ability, it'll be easier. After draining some of its health, it will summon more Foxes to dance with you. Focus on the Teumessian, though, and once it's down, take the ring it leaves behind and give it to the woman back at the camp. Both fights during this case count towards variety, so if you've done enough Sync Attacks and other fancy stuff during them, the S+ shouldn't be difficult.

Chapter 2 - Lockdown

Red Case #9 - Threading the Needle

You'd be wise to try to S+ this one on a separate run from the other three cases. Follow the path as covered in the walkthrough. Us the "one tap" Stealth Bind whenever you can, because those points can be worth it. You won't get "That's a Wrap" on this because there are just too many guards for it to be worth it. Move through each of the sections quickly. Finishing this under four minutes should get you the S+.

I actually recently learned of a super cool method of cutting a lot of this area. Once you reach the first floating platform, summon the Arm Legion, press L to wear it, then rapidly dodge towards the control room door. You'll float over the guards, cut out that whole area, and will be able to continue to the control room.

Red Case #12 - The Hideout

This is a hidden Red Case in the sewers, and is found before you even begin your sneaking mission. From the sewer entry, go back up the stairs and hug the right-hand wall. One of the wall panels is slightly discolored and in fact a hologram. Enter and defeat the Drone behind it. There's a hole in the grating in the back corner. Press A to enter the duct and you'll enter the real hidden hideout. Defeat the two Hermits here, then head through the passage to the large door. You're now back outside. Follow the path to more Hermit fights. The case is finished once you defeat all the Hermits in the area. This is another one of those cases where only the very last fight is counted for time, but all the fights are counted for variety. Finishing the last fight quick (thirty seconds) will get you S+ on time alone, but even under a minute and you're doing fine.

Red Case #10 - Astral Investigation

After distracting the second guard with pipes and crossing the canal, instead of going up the ladder and heading south, go east instead. There's another guard over here, so tie him up, then explore behind him with your Legion out to find some red cracked ground. Examine it and follow the trail back to a Gate. Enter it and battle the following:

  • Two Wolves and six Mutts
  • A Brute and three Mutts

Shouldn't be difficult to clean house on variety. Get about two and a half minutes on the clock and you should be sitting pretty for time.

Red Case #11 - Astral Investigation

Once you get into the control room and drain the canal, head out ahead to the main area and turn left. You'll see Red Matter in a circle on the ground at the end of the path, and a Gate will appear inside. Enter and fight a new Serpent-type called Ladon. It's more resilient than the Hydra, and it can shoot bullets at you. Furthermore, this fight also has six Frogs. Try to chop up the Frogs as quick as possible, then focus on immobilizing the Ladon so it doesn't burrow. Speed can be used to very easily get an S+ on this fight. I got just under 10,000 points beating the fight in a minute.

Chapter 3 - Restless

Red Case #13 - Chimera Invasion

This case is first the fight with Aberrations, then the Frogs and Toads. Make sure you keep Olive's health up so you can at least get the Defender award. Still, you'll also need to keep your variety up, because time doesn't give you much on this one.

Red Case #14 - Chimera Attack

This is the fight against Kronos. As he's the only enemy, best make this quick. Rush through the Drainage Pit until you reach the actual fight, then do your best to keep him immobilized or at least slowed. You don't get a ton from time, but finishing under two minutes, plus some good variety, should get you the S+.

Chapter 4 - Revolt

Red Case #15 - Akira Unchained

This is a particularly tough one. Do you want the S+? Simple. Don't get hit. Avoid attacks in the first three parts by riding around on the Beast Legion and don't attack at all. In the final part of Fusion vs. Fusion, hit Akira with four strikes, then dodge back. Hit ZL to shoot an aura to stun Akira momentarily, then hit them four more times. It's not a perfect pattern and Akira might get you before you can shoot the aura, but if you can keep it going without getting hit, Akira will eventually float out of melee range to shoot claws. Hold L and mash ZR to return fire with claws of your own, dodging claws that come towards you. Watch for a glow that signifies Akira's return to the platform and dodge, then resume your combo pattern. Mash the buttons at the end and you should be good.

CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

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