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by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 09: [Salvation]

09 - Walkthrough

Now that you have all five Legions, you can feel free to go back to all the old Files and clean up the crates and other collectibles, as well as any stray cases. From here on out, it's entirely possible to complete all Cases on the first run, but we'll continue the format as before.

Chapter 1 - Declaration

Well it seems Jena's made her move. Hijacked the TV and everything, and everyone's being sent out to find her. You and Akira are going to Harmony Square. There are a few cases to take at HQ, and when you're ready head up to the Heliport and speak to Akira.

Chapter 2 - Alert

Back at Harmony Square, only this time it's being evacuated for the sake of safety. Going south towards the marker will continue the story, but there are a few more cases to tackle here if you want. Once you cross the marker, Akira will give you the option to go back or move on ahead. Say you want to go ahead and Jena will make another broadcast and then just show up and yell at you some more. This eventually leads to another fight:

Red Case: Declaration of War

Apparently you've not had your fill of homunculi yet, because it's time to face Homunculus Δ, the largest evolution of homunculus yet. You'll occupy a small platform while the beast looms above you. Its attacks include slamming its arms on the platform and the mouth laser that's really tough to dodge with the space you have. There's also an attack where it will spit balls of gunk that will explode after a short time. They explode in sequence as to how they're spit out, so avoid these explosions by hanging out near the third ball until the first one explodes, then move to that spot. All while avoiding any follow-up attacks, of course. You'll probably go through a lot of healing in this fight, is what I'm saying.

As for your attacks, you can attack the arms easily enough as they get in range, or shoot from long-range. Also, when the beast drops both its arms, its head comes into range of direct Legion sending. This battle is going to be a hectic mess, but only proceeds like this until the Delta's health is down to half.

At half health, the battlefield will shift. There are now three pillars that you're fighting on. The Delta occupies two, one with each hand, leaving the last one for you. Things to watch out for include its mouth opening up for the laser. Also, when it shifts to one pillar, it will then try to smash its hand on the next pillar (the one you're standing on), so a lot of this part of the fight is moving around the pillars to keep from getting hit.

You can attack its arms and can also bind them. Binding both arms will drop its head near the third pillar, giving you a big opening for some damage. You can also get it to drop its head with enough arm damage. Use these as opportunities for finishing it off.

Chapter 3 - Overflow

Your bombastic fight with the Delta has tossed you into the Astral Plane. Akira is within radio contact and they make sure you note that big purple aura up ahead. That aura's from a homunculus egg that has yet to hatch, so it's probably a good idea to get over there and deal with it. Chain jump across the blocks to reach the first major area. Note those tiny homunculi on the walls. They won't attack, but you can shoot them down if you wish. Just down the path will be some cubes blocking the way, one of which is a little faded and has a light red crack on its side. Summon the Axe Legion, move it next to the crack, hold ZL and press A to plant a crystal explosive in the cube. That cube will be destroyed, as will any other cubes adjacent to it in a chain reaction. Remember this for the rest of the area.

Continue forward and you'll find a movable block. Push that into the faded blue area and another cracked block will appear to explode. The next area has a fair amount of poison gas, with no body to destroy in sight. Pull up the Axe Legion and tap L and it will hunker next to you and keep you in its shield. You'll move more slowly, but you'll be able to pass the gas. Defeat the mini-homunculi that show up and push on. There's another movable block and a blue space to put it in here, but that's for side-stuff. The critical path is the furthest ahead cracked block. Remove it and you'll find a "hacking" pillar to use the Sword Legion on. Hack it to remove the blocks in your way, the remove the cracked wall behind the blocks.

In this, the last major area, all you technically need to do is Axe the cracked block to the left of when you come in, because that's the path forward. There's more you can do in moving the blocks around and engineering destruction, but let's save that for the Cases section. After removing the cracked block and those nearby, look behind the red movable block to find the Laser Generator behind it, which you can easily reach with a Legion. Smash it to clear up the lasers so you can keep moving ahead. As you approach the egg, Olive will radio letting you know that Jena's back in the real world and on the move towards Neuron HQ. Crumbs.

Red Case: Pest Control

We still have an egg to take care of, though. Blast the cracked block and assess the egg. Note that here are little red circles on it. These are the weak points in its armor. Smash those with your Legion to remove the armor and expose its gooey purple center, which you should cause heavy damage to. Once you're at about half health on it, it will seal back up in armor and some Tentacles and mini-homunculi show up. Chase them away and resume your attack on the armor's circles to expose the egg again. Not a difficult fight.

Head to the gate to return.

Chapter 4 - Intent

Back on the Ark, you'll make a beeline for Neuron HQ. Meanwhile, Jena has caught up with Commander Calvert, and the two exchange some harsh words. Jena downs a flask of Blue Evolve and changes to her half-chimera form you fought for a short time earlier in the game.

Red Case: One Woman's Justice

Jena is currently in Jena Aberrant form. She's not difficult to damage, as she has no particular defense mechanisms; just smash her with whatever. The issue is her attacks, of course. One of her favorite attacks is to slam the ground, which sprouts purple crystals in several directions around her. She can also shoot out a circle of charged purple balls, and has a regular slash combo, as well as a dashing stab. Most of these attacks are pretty easily telegraphed, though, but she's fast and can get her attacks out easily, so you'll probably be healing a lot.

Draining her health will see her retreat and chug another vial of Blue Evolve and change into a winged form with more armor. She'll bat away your Legion and rocket off after Akira and Calvert in their chopper. Olive and Brenda will get you back on your feet and instruct you to give chase. Make sure you speak to Brenda; she gives you a bunch of healing items. Also, several other people in HQ will give you stuff as well. You can also use any other service in HQ except for your own PC. Head down to the Garage and grab a motorcycle.

Red Case: Person of Interest

Aw yeah, we're back on the bike! This actually plays out rather similarly to the very first ride you take at the beginning of the game, but with "more". For starters, press ZL to send out your Legion. It will just be a quick strike, but use it as a secondary weapon and repeatedly mash the button to send it out over and over again to cause lots of damage real quick.

Your opposition is as follows: first, you'll dodge some cars, then Akira will radio in. About halfway through their dialogue, two cars will rush in from behind you holding Aberrations, so hammer each with concentrated fire to destroy them. Next, an Aello will attack. It's a different fight on a bike, but you can actually stagger away most of its attacks by repeatedly mashing it with your Legion and simultaneously firing your bike's blasters to destroy it quick.

Next come some Filthwing Aberrations, first a pair, then a trio. After that, a truck will slide up beside you on the opposite lane, but it'll get smashed almost immediately by a running Briareos. You can use your Legion here, too, so mash both ZL and ZR to cause the most damage to the monster. It has two attacks while running: either it will strike the ground, swiping up, sending rocks flying at you slowly. These rocks should be dodged or shot. The second attack is a quick one. If it raises its arm to its face, it's going to swipe horizontally at you, and you'll have to hit B to dodge it. With some practice, you can get in a rhythm of evasion while attacking. Once its health is low enough, it will hop onto your lane and start rolling. Continue to damage it. Its only attack is to roll into you, so dodge when it does. It's possible to cause enough damage that you'll end it before it can actually roll into you, but it takes work.

Next, you'll deal with a group of four Filthwing Aberrations, and then the final enemy will smash through the ceiling and attack: an Arm-type chimera called Crius. Crius has three normal attacks. First, it will hold its arms out to the sides and charge forward with a double punch. Second, it will drop its shoulder and try to tackle you. Both of these attacks come out fast, so dodging just as it begins to move should avoid either of these. The third attack is a multi-hit ground strike with a more delayed timing, and you should only dodge once you get close, or simply move out of the way completely. Once its health gets low, it will charge up for a massive laser attack. This attack is really tough to avoid and I haven't personally been able to avoid it cleanly, as it aims before attacking and the beam lasts for a few seconds.

Chapter 5 - Showdown

You'll catch up with Jena, Yoseph, and Akira and...

Red Case: Jena's Choice

You now face Jena Asymptote. With her wings she has a new set of attacks. Her most common attacks are lasers from her wings, which she will sweep around the area. She will also drop down for some slashing attacks, and keep your eyes open around your character, because you'll have to dodge lightning strikes and spikes shooting up from the road. It's a chaotic mess, really. It'll be tough keeping your Legions charged, and tougher scoring decent hits on her. Take advantage of her getting low to bind her if you can and use that to cause some good damage. Beyond that, stick to long-range attacks as she floats out of your reach. Only switch to close-range as she gets low.

With Jena down, she loses control and adopts one final form.

Red Case: Apotheosis

This is Jena's final form: Jena Apotheosis. Basically it's a giant Arm-type chimera, and of course you're fighting it in the sky. The first thing to do is get closer. Chain jump across the chunks of rubble and when you get to the big chunk, you'll face three Protolegions, specifically a sword, claw, and gladius. While you're fighting them, Jena will be firing at you from long range, so be aware. Focus on a single proto as much as you can to get it dead so you can cut down the number of things attacking you.

Once they're all down, jump across the next series of rubble platforms to get close enough to Jena. As you can see, she has a blue hand and a red hand, and she'll throw projectiles at you as well as strike with the hands. If she slams a fist straight down, you can bind that fist. If you can bind both, you can leave the hands bound and vulnerable to some massive attacks. Just keep an eye on your limiter energy. If she starts to charge a big purple attack, just attack her to disrupt her so you don't have to suffer it. There are other hand attacks she performs, but they're largely based around the same idea of the individual hands. Cause enough damage and each hand can be destroyed. With both gone, the main body will get close enough to smack, but it will also start spewing out fireballs, so finish it quickly.

You'll have to complete some on-screen prompts in these next scenes.

Continue to the next File.

CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

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