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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 09: [Salvation]

09 - Cases and S+ Ranks

I'll mention here that if you're looking for the Red Matter Order for this Case, you'll have to make sure you do the "Little Boy Lost" case and go for the "Chimera Takedown" in the third chapter. You'll need access to the side areas here to get enough, as the File doesn't give you a lot of Red Matter at all.

Chapter 1 - Declaration

Red Case #1 - Poised and Ready

Hope you liked that cargo-moving case in File 08, because here's another! This starts in the elevator room on the roof of HQ. Speak to the officer there and he'll ask for your help. This one's a little different. Instead of moving one stack of cargo a long way, you're instead, moving several stacks a short distance each. You'll have three stacks of boxes lined up. Press A near each and take the stacks to each of the three circles near the helicopters. Once you finish a set of three, another set of three will appear, and then one more set. In order to get the S+, you'll have to get all nine sets placed without dropping any. Of course, you'll have to watch out for the cops running around in the area. Each chopper has a cop running around in a triangle pattern in front of it, and there's a fourth cop making a circuit of the entire area. You just have to watch them and learn their patterns, and don't rush too much.

Blue Case #1 - Technical Difficulties

Go down to the Garage and speak to Tabuchi. He'll ask you for five items that you'll put into your notes, then he'll say "Oh wait, I don't need two of those". Head over to the Tech Room, talk to Tabitha, and tell her you need a "bolt", a "spring", and a "radiator", then head back to Tabuchi and deliver the items.

Blue Case #2 - A Thief in Neuron?!

In the Command Room, speak to the medic, wondering where her supplies went. You'll have to hack into cameras to find out where they went. First, hack the camera just outside the Command Room with your Legion by pressing ZL. Examine the yellow after-image, then head to the elevators and hack the camera above Marie. Examine the new after-image, then speak to the medic seated on the bench. They'll tell you that the supplies are on the roof. Head up there and there's a third camera to hack. This will show you the image leading to the culprit. Speak to them and they'll apologize. Honestly, you don't have to do all this camera stuff if you don't want. Just go up and talk to the guy and that'll finish the case.

Chapter 2 - Alert

Red Case #2 - Missing Friend

Enter the basketball court at the north end of Harmony Square to find kids crying over their missing friend. Note the red cracked ground. Analyze the area with a Legion and you'll start a trail that will lead you out to the north street. Enter the Gate that appears and you'll fight some big boys. Specifically, Kottos and Gyges, two Power-type Chimeras that are fire and ice element, respectively. It's not easy dealing with two of these buggers, especially when they can set you on fire or freeze you. They even have a couple of team up attacks. As is the case with most of these, try to focus on one at a time. If you have Anti-Burn or Anti-Freeze as an Ability, focus on the other enemy to take them down quicker. The S+ isn't too difficult to get and the time bonus is pretty generous. Just try to pad it with variety.

Blue Case #3 - Gate Disposal

On the east side of the area is a cop firing at a Gate. Go over there and help her out by tying it up, then another Gate will appear on the road. Also, two Infantry and an "Axe Shell" Shell-type will show up. You can fight them or ignore them and tie up the new Gate to make them disappear. As it's a Blue Case, there's no reward for fighting them.

Blue Case #4 - Little Boy Lost

On the west side of the area is a mother looking for her son. First, you'll need to find some trace of the kid. Go to the car display near the Harmony Square Media display to find a Lappy Doll (of course). Sniff it with the Beast Legion and trace it to the east side to find a Gate. You'll enter the Astral Plane. Proceed up the slope and use the Axe Legion on the cracked block to remove it. Head up the path and blast the next cracked block. Don't worry if you fall; that's the path anyway. Hop onto the elevator and ride up. Follow the path up and you'll find an area with bullets going back and forth. Consider crossing using the Axe Legion's shield, but it's not required. Continue further up the path and you'll find another cracked block. Send your Legion out to it instead of getting close up. Once the blocks are gone, go to the floating platform here to slowly be taken to the end. Hide in the Axe Legion's shield to absorb the bullets, then you can approach the kid and finish the Case.

Red Case #3 - Chimera Takedown

Welcome to probably the toughest case in the game to find. I think you need to clean out the other Cases in the area before you can do this. Olive will mention all the civilians are cleared out and she hopes there are no more unpleasant surprises. Well, there's one. Turns out here in Harmony Square is a chimera just watching all the goings on and chilling, and you need to find them. I'll tell you right now that if you look up, you'll see two gantries (overhead bars) connecting the Media Center buildings to either side of the streets. Look at the western one (above the basketball court). If you have your IRIS on, you should barely be able to make a hazy outline of a chimera. Shoot it with your Arrow Legion.

And now you face Hecate, a nasty powerful Arrow-type chimera with a poison element. It can hide and shoot arrows like any other Arrow-type, but its arrows tend to be explosive or large bullets. As a melee strike, it can flit around in the area, flying into you at a high speed. It can also drop poisoned goop on the ground. Immobilize it as quickly as you can so you can hammer it. It doesn't have a ton of HP, but it is real slippery. This goes easier if you equip Anti-Slime on your Beast Legion and use it (as it can see Hecate even if invisible), and you'll have less to worry about if you equip Anti-Poison, so you don't take damage from the goop. Taking Hecate out at around a minute should get you a comfortable S+.

Red Case #4 - Declaration of War

Defeating the Delta quickly is a good policy no matter if you're going for S+, so stay on the attack in the first half, focusing on long-range attacks for the head. Also don't be afraid to go for the hands as they impact and stay there. It's not critical, but it's still damage. For the second part of the fight, don't worry about tying up the arms; just hop over to them when it shoots its laser and beat on the arms. I suggest using the Arrow Legion so you can quickly move to leap around the pillars. If you can get this done in under four minutes, you should be able to get enough bonus from time plus a little variety to get an S+.

Chapter 3 - Overflow

Red Case #6 - Chimera Takedown

To get to this Case, you'll have to go to the last area with movable cubes, the one where the camera goes above you for most of it. Note that there are two blue fields for cubes. You'll need to put cubes in each of those fields (or at least the furthest one) before you detonate the connected cracked block. The first cube is easily accessible. The second one requires you to blow up the cracked block on the critical path. The cube itself is near the Laser Generator. Put both into position and blow up the block, then move on ahead to the new path.

First, watch out for the Bertholds that pop up. Follow the path across the disappearing platforms and you'll reach a hacking pillar. Hack it with the Sword Legion and fend off the Fireballs and Axe Shells that show up, calling your Legion if you want. Once the pillar is hacked, head forward onto the disappearing platforms to drop down a level. Head out to the arena to face Sphinx, a speedy Beast-type chimera. If you can defeat it within two minutes, the S+ should be yours handily.

Red Case #5 - Pest Control

This is the fight against the Egg, for what term of a "fight" you can call it. Speed is your best option here. Take out the circles on the egg, then lay into it with your powerful attacks, then do the same again before the bad guys can get a bead on you and you should be fine for the S+ as long as you keep the fight to not much more than a minute.

Chapter 4 - Intent

Red Case #7 - One Woman's Justice

If you can beat Jena's first form in under 2:30, you'll be in a good place for score based on time. Just watch her myriad attacks, most of which discourage you from getting close. If you can tank the hits, do it. Having Blue Shield on should give you some free shots. Funny thing is that the fight doesn't finish until her dialogue does. I actually had a few seconds of pounding on her at zero health, having done it fast enough.

Red Case #8 - Person of Interest

This is the hard one. It's THE hard one, I personally feel. What you have to do, in short, is basically not get hit on this bike run. Simple, right? What it's going to come down to is just knowing the ride. Memorize it, if possible. One "trick" you can use that I definitely employed time and again is if you fail, hit the HOME Button and close the game, then open it back up. Given the auto-saves, you'll start right back at the beginning of the case. It works for just about every case as long as you don't finish it and let it save, but here it becomes vital.

One vital tip is to remember is that you have your Legion available. You can't do skills or fancy Sync Attacks, but you can mash ZL over and over again to send out your Legion of choice. I suggest the Sword Legion, as it's a quick strike that you can get out rapidly. For every enemy, mash it with both the Legion and guns to drop them in short order.

Chapter 5 - Showdown

Red Case #9 - Jena's Choice

Jena's second form is a pain in the butt to avoid damage on, but luckily that's not something you really have to worry about if going for S+. If you can defeat her inside of three and a half minutes, you've got 10,000 in time alone.

Red Case #10 - Apotheosis

Jena's final form is actually not all that difficult to S+, so long as you survive. The Protos give you good chances for Sync Attacks, and if you can get her beat inside like seven minutes, you're sitting pretty for score.

CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

If you're looking for other guides by him, you can search the Yakuza series or the LEGO series on GameFAQs.