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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 08: [Peace]

08 - Walkthrough

Finally, we have ourselves a nice relaxing chapter without dire combat situations.

Chapter 1 - Redemption

We begin with the Commander restoring you to active duty. As things stand, the next task is head to back to Central and assist with the clean-up duty. There's one Red Case at HQ, and boy is it something else, but that's for another section. The story demands you head on out, so leave via the heliport with Akira.

Chapter 2 - Restoration

So this mission is pretty low key. You've got the large open Grand Avenue area; three levels and a ton of optional cases: a total of eight Red Cases and six Blue Cases. Oddly, you don't have to complete a single one of them. To continue with the story, enter the underground parking garage and head into the elevators in the back to get up to the Rayleigh Plaza roof.

Chapter 3 - Cleanup

There's plenty more stuff to do up on the roof here. Five more optional Red Cases and two Blue Cases. To continue with the story part of the mission, head to marked area which goes past the upper roof and to the access areas outside of the wall.

Red Case: Cleanup Crew

This is an interesting one. Your mission is to clean up the area of Red Matter and gates. You have twelve minutes to do so and a fair amount of ground to cover. The mission cannot be failed, as if you run out of time Akira will just "help you" finish up and you'll move on, but you can check the Cases section in order to get help finding everything.

You'll get a call from Olive about an odd signal: it's Captain Max's Legatus! The two of you are the closest ones, so follow the path to the access door.

Chapter 4 - Probability

The idea here is to take out your Beast Legion and use it to track the sound you're hearing in these tunnels. Now, the progress will not be direct, but it won't lead you to dead ends, so if you watch your map, you'll note you'll be taken away from those. Of the course of the tracking, you'll run into Aberrations, which shouldn't be too much trouble. Once you reach the end, Akira will run ahead. Follow her and you'll find a gate.

Chapter 5 - Axe

You'll first be attacked by a trio of Fire Hawks in this area. Note the platforms below you. The idea is to stand on the platform and use the Arm Legion to grab it and carry you along. Chain jump the rest of the way to the next platform. Here you'll be attacked by what I call a "Fire Falcon", basically a chimera like an Aello, but with fire element strikes. Once it's down, move on to the next platform (opposite the first) and drag it as far as it will go without going outside that blue circle (which will cause it to disappear). You should be close enough to chain jump to the the platform near the wall, which you can then drag around the corner to reach solid ground. There's a set of two buttons here which will reveal a slope. Head up that. Your next combat will be against two Fire Mutts and a Fire Wolf, basically small and larger variants of Beast-types with fire powers.

In the next area, begin by grabbing the red cube with the Arm Legion and dragging it over to the pressure plate. Once it's on the button, the path to the next major area will be open. Here, you'll find another red cube, and this time the button is further off. Also, a whole bunch of black blocks will place themselves in your path. You'll have to activate three different elements to clear the way entirely:

  • First, Arrow the Astral Matter dead ahead of you.
  • Second, head to the left and up the elevator. Careful up here, because you've got poison gas and gates shooting bullets at you. Mind your step as you make your way over to the two buttons. Stand on both.
  • Lastly, from the beginning, look to the right and pop the Astral Matter there, then go back down the slope and through the opening you just created. Head to the short elevator and you'll be brought to an area with a Split Pillar. Remember this from File 05? Move yourself and your Legion to slide the two smaller pillars over to the main pillar. Also, make sure you use your Arm Legion to move the platform, because the pillars cannot float over empty air.

With these three elements taken care of, all black blocks should be gone from the path and you should be able to move the red cube to the button. This lowers an elevator for you to ride up. Once you get up to the top, switch to your Blaster, because you'll be attacked by several Walking Explosives called "Berthold". One shot will destroy them, but they blow up real good, so you don't want to be close at all.

With them dealt with, go to the red cubes on the back wall and use the Arm Legion to pull open a path. Clear the exit and you'll catch up with Akira.

Red Case: Cutting Loose

You've caught up with the Axe Nemesis. The first thing to note is that it routinely puts up a shield around itself. This shield will shrug off light hits. Make sure you use heavy attacks like the Gladius to batter through it. Additionally, there are several yellow spikes in the ground that the Arm Legion can grab and throw at the shield to destroy it.

The second thing to note is that the arena is ringed with "Death Puddles", unstable bits of astral matter that blast a beam if you get close, which really cuts into your health, so keep in the center of the arena if at all possible.

As for attacks, you've got swipes, a spin you should just avoid, a jumping down-stab that creates wind that pushes you back, an attack that deploys a bunch of bombs. For that last one, you should use the Beast Legion to dig up at least one bomb to give yourself room before they explode.

Remember that you have Akira for support, so don't think you don't have time to back up and heal. Take down the Axe Nemesis to receive the Axe Legion and complete the File.

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CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

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