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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 08: [Peace]

08 - Cases and S+ Ranks

Chapter 1 - Redemption

Red Case #1 - Lappy's Balloon Bash

Head to the Locker Room to speak to Marie. Yes, Lappy is getting his own video game. Finally. Agree to help test the game. As you'll see, it's basically normal play with a fixed camera from above and everything looks all pixelly. The aim is to press the proper button to deliver the proper balloon. Marie says give to "men, women, and children", but I'll tell you right now to just look at the shirts. Match the color to the shirt the person is wearing, and start handing out balloons. Also, note that you can still sprint by clicking in the Left Stick, just like normal. To get the S+, you'll need to earn 30,000 points. That's not completely everyone, but it's most of them, and you'll need to make very few mistakes. The good news is that you can get as many retries as you want by telling Marie "I can do better". That said, once you've told her you're done, you won't be able to play again without starting the File over.

Chapter 2 - Restoration

Red Case #2 - From the Wreckage

This case is found with Kay on the east side of Grand Avenue 1F. Speak to her and she'll ask you to find her a bunch of wreckage from helicopters to clean up, and will ask you to use the Beast Legion for that. You'll be digging up not only obvious piles of trash, but also blue circles of the same kind that are hidden items. You get 100 points and five more seconds for every normal trash pile, of which there are seven in the area, and 300 plus ten more seconds for every blue circle. The seven trash piles are easy enough to find with the IRIS on, but the blue circles you'd normally have to find simply by stumbling over them. I say "normally", because well, you're here, aren't you? Figured it'd be nice of me to give you a list of where the five blue circles are:

  1. Directly in front of where you start on the yellow line on the street.
  2. Follow the line of the street down to the JAVS truck to find another in front of the red crystal.
  3. Head over to where Misturu is standing to find another in front of him (further south/right).
  4. Head further out from Mitsuru, following the crash barrier, and you should be able to find a fourth.
  5. A fifth is closer to the collapsed bridge, on its left side, near the entrance to the parking garage.

So that's 2200 points. Problem is, the S+ is only got on 3000 points. So, here's the trick. Once you've dug up all five blue circles and seven trash piles, new blue circles start appearing. They are largely in random locations, but typically found near the other blue circles. If you moved fast enough on the first twelve items, you should have a good amount of time banked to find three more blue circles, hopefully. Just be sure to use the Beast Legion's tracking wherever you can to zero in on them.

Red Case #3 - Mitsuru on the Job

Mitsuru is found in the southeast part of Grand Avenue 1F, near a whole bunch of freight, and your mission here is to assist him by carrying four boxes at once. This leads to an interesting control switch (I say interesting but it's really more "annoying"). You can walk slowly with the Left Stick while carrying the boxes, but you need to keep the stack of boxes from tipping over. To do this, you'll need to adjust your balance by actually tipping your controller or moving the Right Stick. Your path is down into the parking garage, then out the north side and down the street not far from where Jin is. It's a relatively obvious path.

In addition, you'll have to use your Legions here, because the doors in and out of the garage are shut and need the Arm Legion to open them. Furthermore, you can pass three cops in the area that are obviously redshifting, so use the Sword Legion to blueshift them. Yes, you'll have to do that while balancing and not falling over. The good news is that if you take the time to get all the redshifting cops, you'll get a good amount of points for each, and even if you drop the boxes like four or five times, you'll still be able to get an S+ when you reach the end. Incidentally, you do get a massive bonus for not tipping over at all while carrying the boxes, but it's not necessary to get.

Red Case #4 - The Cleanup King

Alan King can be found on the west side of the collapsed bridge on the ground level. Speak to him and he'll challenge you to get more Duty Points than him, specifically via cleaning up Red Matter. Your challenge is to collect as much Red Matter as you can in two minutes. I'll tell you right now that S+ ranking is over 100,000 points.

To do this, first prepare your Beast Legion by giving it a "Red Matter Removal" Ability or two. It's not required, but it does help. You'll be riding the Beast Legion throughout all of this, and you get a multiplier if you continually clean up Red Matter, so it's important to keep moving and keep collecting. Go straight ahead (west) to start on the left side and loop around the street area clockwise. As you come back around to the collapsed bridge, go south down into the parking garage, then take a right to go up the blocked ramp and loop around it. Ride through to the east side of Grand Avenue, and instead of wandering around on this part of the street, go straight to the far east side of the street into the passages. There's a lot of Red Matter in these and up on the 2F area. Also, it's easy to keep your multiplier going this way.

Red Case #5 - Heavy Traffic

You can find Jin on the west side of Grand Avenue 1F. He'll mention that there's a need for clearing abandoned cars on the highway so that trucks can make their way through. Offer your help and you'll begin a puzzle of moving vehicles. Your objective is to have the yellow-lit area completely free of vehicles. To do this, use your Arm Legion to grab and move them. You can ONLY move them along the cardinal directions, AND you can only move them into spaces where neither you nor your Legion would be squashed. You can still move your Legion independently of yourself, and if your Legion gets trapped, you can dismiss and resummon it with no problem.

So, first one. The picture above numbers three of the vehicles. This one's simple:

  1. Pull Bus #3 to the right.
  2. Push Bus #3 to the right.
  3. Push Bus #2 to the right.
  4. Pull Van #1 to the right.
  5. Push Van #1 to the right.

Doing each of these fast enough will get you more than enough points for the S+. Also, you get a bonus if you finish in under 35 moves.

Red Case #6 - Heavy Traffic 2

Jin will ask you to complete another challenge. This one's tougher. Refer to the picture above for the numbers I use below:

  1. Push Car #8 to the right.
  2. Push Car #5 up two spaces.
  3. Push Car #6 down.
  4. Push Car #6 right two spaces.
  5. Pull Car #5 down two spaces.
  6. Push Car #5 down.
  7. Walk to the bottom, then pull Bus #4 left.
  8. Push Bus #4 left.
  9. Walk to the upper-right corner, then pull Van #2 down two spaces.
  10. Pull Van #2 right.
  11. Push Van #3 left two spaces.
  12. Pull Van #2 up one space.
  13. Walk around to the bottom of these two vans, then pull Van #2 down.
  14. Push Van #2 right.
  15. Pull Van #3 right two spaces.
Red Case #7 - Heavy Traffic 3

Here we go. The big one. Once again, the picture's on the right with the numbers. Follow these directions:

  1. Push Van #8 up two spaces.
  2. Pull Car #6 down.
  3. Push Car #6 down.
  4. Pull Car #6 right.
  5. Pull Car #4 down.
  6. Push Car #6 left.
  7. Walk over to the yellow area, then pull Van #8 down two spaces.
  8. Push Van #8 down.
  9. Pull Van #3 down two spaces.
  10. Push Van #3 down.
  11. Pull Van #2 right.
  12. Push Van #2 right.
  13. Pull Van #2 down.
  14. Push Van #2 down.
  15. Walk over to the spot just above the two white cars and pull Van #1 right three spaces.
  16. Push Van #1 right.
  17. Pull Car #4 up two spaces.
  18. Push Car #4 left two spaces.
  19. Pull Car #6 up three spaces.
  20. Push Car #6 right.
  21. Walk down to the right of the big bus, then pull Car #4 right one space.
  22. While still next to the bus, move your Legion around and push Car #4 right one space.
  23. Call your Legion back and push Car #4 up one space.
  24. Push Car #4 right.
  25. Pull Bus #5 up.
  26. Push Bus #5 up.
  27. Push Bus #5 left.

You can't get "Efficiency Expert" for this one, but you can take a good ten minutes and still easily coast the S+, so don't worry about rushing.

Red Case #8 - Billy's Past

Hope you wanted a long involved case, because you're getting one. Billy is at the north end of Grand Avenue 3F, chilling. Speak to him and he'll walk off down the alley. Follow him and past the KO'd cop down into the Pipeline Access area from the last case. This time, there are cops on the lookout. This is both a sneaking and a tailing mission. Follow Garrett without being seen by anyone.

There are a few ways to get through this, but here's an easy one: instead of directly following Garrett, go right through the two gates and you'll end up above a guard you can Stealth Bind from up there (just look at him and tap ZL). Drop down when Garrett's walking away, then follow him slowly. You'll go over the bridge and down the right side. Watch out for a guard on the catwalk, then a guard further down near a bunch of stacked cargo, then two guards near the last structures. Remember to use your IRIS so you can see the guards through walls, and remember that your Legion can tie them up manually as well as the "auto" Stealth Bind.

At the end, follow Garrett down the ladder and you'l come out on the highway. Sneaking over, run over to Billy crouched by the truck. He'll ask you to eavesdrop on the conversation behind the truck. Do so, then chase after the Hermits. You'll fight two groups of Hermits, the first smaller than the other. It shouldn't be anything too hard. That's it for the case.

For the S+, you'll have to get through the sneaking part quick and you'll also want to make sure you get a lot of variety during the Hermit fight. Go for multi-binds, Perfect Calls, lots of different Sync Attacks, command skills, the works. Time will not be your ally here, and Stealth Binds from the first part will not count towards your score.

Red Case #9 - Shooting 301

On Grand Avenue 3F, you can find a marker where Joey and Sarah are once again practicing shooting. Speak to Joey and take his challenge. For this one, you'll want to liberally be using Focus. Just be sure to turn it off as you get to the last few in any wave. Be very careful about hitting the X's and making sure you hit the Lappies. For the last wave, you get a burst in the middle, four Lappies, four X's, and a bunch of blue targets. Avoid the burst at the beginning and shoot the Lappies, then wait for the X's to disappear and shoot the burst. You'll need to get over 20,000 points to get the S+.

Blue Case #1 - Picture Perfect

This Blue Case is not actually marked on the map. On the east side of Grand Avenue 1F, near the tunnels that take you up to 2F, you can find Shizu hanging out near Taffino's. Speak to her and she'll mention a feeling she's getting about a haunting. Enter the tunnels to 2F and you'll see a civilian walk away from you. Turn the corner and there will just be an item on the ground. Shizu will take the item and find it to be a data card with a picture on it. It has the Five-Story Pagoda on it and a couple. Head up to the 2F area and to the bridge that goes across the street, then look up and to the east to spot the pagoda. Take a picture of it, then Akira will confirm it's the right spot. Shizu will show up again and give you another photo, this time of the Bar District on the ground floor, which is on the west side of the collapsed bridge, near the "Cleanup King" case. Stand on the south side of the street so you can get most of the neon signs in the shot.

Blue Case #2 - Graffiti Master

This case is marked in the tunnels on Grand Avenue 2F. Speak to the guy admiring the tagging and he'll attack. Beat him down and he'll tell you about "Pablo", also in the area. Pablo's not marked on the map, but I'll tell you he's in the tunnels that transition from 1F to 2F in the southeast corner. He's wearing an orange jacket. Speak to him and he'll run off, routinely throwing smoke bombs. I suggest riding your Beast Legion to chase him, and tapping ZL as you get close to stun him and wrap him up.

Blue Case #3 - Lappy's Ultra Quiz

To take Lappy's Quiz, you must find Lappy. Lappy randomly runs around the Grand Avenue area. He could be on the ground floor, in the tunnels, on the bridges, literally anywhere. He can even run out of bounds and run back in bounds in another area. It's not easy to find him, is what I'm saying. If you're really having trouble, quit out and reload the Chapter to try it on a different run to see if you get lucky. Once you see Lappy, use the Beast Legion to catch up to him and talk to him. He'll give you a quiz about random stuff in the game, and you'll need to answer at least eight out of twenty correctly to pass. Regardless of whether you pass, you'll still complete the case. Here are the questions in alphabetical order and their answers:

  • Boy, that Shizu sure is interesting, huh? Do you remember what her hobby is? - Studying the occult
  • Brenda’s hair is blue, but what color are her eyes? - Green
  • Commander Yoseph sure keeps an eye on things! How many monitors does he have on his desk? - Three
  • Everyone knows that chimeras are our archenemies, but where do they come from? - The Astral Plane
  • Here we are, in lovely Central City! But what’s the official number of this zone? - Zone 36
  • Hey remember when Akira caught you in Zone 09? Which Neuron holding cell did they put you in after that? - The second-closest
  • How is Captain Max Howard related to you and Akira? - Father
  • How many people did you rescue when you were helping out after the Harmony Square subway explosion? - Three
  • How old is Alicia Lopez? - 32
  • How would you describe your fellow officer Leona? - A worrywart
  • I sure hope you get this one, partner. How old are you? - Nineteen
  • Li Fang is a woman of few words, but tells everyone she meets about her favorite food. What is it? - Steak
  • Now let’s see how well you REALLY know Olive! What’s her blood type, partner? - A
  • Only one of these is a real store on the Ark. Which one is it? - Kani Zaibatsu
  • Think back to the day you first got your Legion! You helped get an injured person to safety. Who were they? - A civilian
  • This one tests your IRIS look-up skills! Which of these people weighs the least? - Brenda
  • What color was the stray cat that Marie found? - Calico
  • What did our beloved dispatcher Olive do for a living before she joined Neuron? - She was a newscaster
  • What do we call it when a person gets too corrupted and becomes an aberration? - Redshift
  • What does your fellow Neuron officer Mike love more than anything else? - Animals
  • What floor of Police HQ holds the Neuron command room? - B2
  • What was the date when construction finally finished on the Ark? - 7/23/2043
  • What was the defining detail of the culprit that smashed the bridge in your very first official Neuron mission? - Giant hands!
  • What was the name of that skinny guy who was supplying Blue Evolve to the Hermits in Sector V? - Douglas
  • What year is it right now, partner? - 2078
  • What’s Jin’s X-Baton mode of choice? - Gladius Mode
  • What's the full name of the group of fearsome young hackers among the Uppers in Zone 09? - The Holy Order of the Digital Hermit
  • What’s the full name of Neuron’s chief medical officer? - Brenda Moreno
  • What’s the full name of our dear old Neuron commander? - Dr. Yoseph Calvert
  • What’s the most popular comfort food among the Uppers in Sector V? - Congee
  • What’s the name of the AI-equipped vending machine in Police HQ? - Vendor-3
  • What’s the name of the allied government that people formed when they first moved on to the Ark? - UNION
  • What’s the name of the circular plaza at the top of Ark Mall? You know, where you fought the homunculus? - Azure Plaza
  • What’s the name of the ice cream stand located at the Harmony Square intersection? - Rastner’s
  • What’s the name of the old residential area where Captain Max watched over stray cats? - Maison Forest
  • What’s the name of the one-of-a-kind vending machine you can find in Sector V? - Vendor-0
  • What’s your pal Lappy’s job? - Ambassador of smiles
  • When she’s not out in the field, you can usually find Avery near Vendor-3! What’s her pick-me-up of choice? - Alkali-Cocoa
  • When you went to visit Akira in the ARI, how many holo-receptionists did they have working the desk? - Two
  • Which of the following best describes how your Neuron pal Sarah talks? - "... ..."
  • Which of the following is NOT true about our number one foe, Jena Anderson? - She has a ponytail
  • Which of the following Neuron officers DIDN’T get wrapped up in those sticky tentacles at Ark Mall? - Roy
  • Which of these Neuron officers sees you as their rival, and is always up for a little competition? - Alan
  • Which one of these is NOT a real X-Baton configuration? - Axe Mode
  • You were out and about on a case in Central City last night. Which of these landmarks is NOT in Central City? - Lion Statue
Blue Case #4 - Back in the Day 1

These three cases are simple story beats with Akira. The first of these is found on the west side of the collapsed bridge on Grand Avenue 1F.

Blue Case #5 - Back in the Day 2

The second of these cases is found on Grand Avenue 2F, just outside the Larger Burger.

Blue Case #6 - Back in the Day 3

The last of these cases is found on the bridge on Grand Avenue 3F. You can take them in any order.

Chapter 3 - Cleanup

Red Case #13 - Sniffing Out a Gate

Before you head up to the helipad where all the cases are, follow the path that goes around the "police tape". You should be hearing a dog barking. Follow to the right around the structure to find the dog. Send out a Legion near to the spot that it's barking at to find a Gate. Pass through and you'll fight the following:

  • Six Infantry
  • Six Hawks
  • Eight Frogs
  • Eight Mutts

So a bunch of cannon fodder, and more than enough to get a good variety.

Red Case #14 - Gate Explosion

This case is also found before going up to the helipad. To the left of the "police tape" gate is a ladder that you can shoot down by hitting the red button with the Arrow Legion. Climb up to the top of the structure, then chain jump across to the other structure. Pick up Red Matter and this Gate will appear.

Inside, you'll find that it's a bit of a puzzle. You have a Split Pillar in front of you, which means you'll need to corral the other two parts. The part to your right is down the slope and then down an elevator. The Astral Matter in front of you leads to a Supply Crate, but the pillar piece is around the path, past all the death puddles. Be extremely careful bringing it back up to the main pillar; your Legion can pass over the death puddles no problem, but you'll get walloped. For the other pillar piece, from the main pillar, go down the nearby elevator, then stand in a place where you can Slash both lines of Astral Matter so you hit all five pieces in a couple of Slashes. This will open the way to the pillar piece to bring back up.

Once the Split Pillar is complete, stand on the nearby platform to cross over to the far side. Here you'll face off against four Hestias, and then two Callistos. Callisto is an upgraded Arrow-type. Same camouflage skills, but more aggressive with their shots, and they carry electric element. Focus on one and then the other. You can easily get the S+ on this one for speed.

Red Case #10 - Rooftop Gate Check

On the helipad of Rayleigh Plaza, you'll see these two Gates you can enter. This one is the nearer one on the right when you reach the helipad, in the southeast corner. Enter and you'll face the following:

  • Four Infantry
  • Three Infantry and a Laius
  • Three Claws and a Laius

As they're pretty low-key enemies, shouldn't take much to S+ this.

Red Case #11 - Rooftop Gate Check

This is the Gate in the northeast corner of the helipad. Enter and you'll fight the following:

  • Two Diomedes
  • Four Hawks and an Aello
  • One Diomedes and two Aello.

Harder than the previous Gate, but still shouldn't be too tough to S+.

Blue Case #7 - Gate Disposal

There are also two Gates on the helipad that you can't enter. This one is the nearest one on your left, in the southwest corner of the helipad. Wrap it up.

Blue Case #8 - Gate Disposal

This Gate is in the northwest corner of the helipad to wrap up.

Red Case #12 - Chimera Tracking

Once you leave the helipad, you'll head down a short flight of stairs. Before going down the ladder, you should be able to see structures across from you. You can reach the AC unit on your right without having to use Abilites to extend your chain. Once you chain jump to the larger structure, you should see some red-stained ground. Have your Legion analyze it, and follow the trail to go back along the wall and under the ladder you just bypassed. There's a Gate back there. Use chain jumps to keep high enough to reach the Gate. Inside the Gate, you'll face the following:

  • Four Frogs and a Zeus
  • Two Ice Toads (the ice version of Zeus)
  • Three Fire Frogs, three Ice Frogs, and a Brute

Use attacks hitting multiple enemies to delete the Frogs quickly so you can focus on the bigger guys to rank well on this case.

Red Case #15 - Cleanup Crew

This is the Case where you clean up all the Red Matter and Gates while Akira is in another Gate. I'll tell you right now that the way to S+ this is simple: get 100% on the cleanup. Simple, but not easy. What I'm going to provide you is a step-by-step map to get you 100%, BUT it's still largely on you to make sure you clean up every last crumb of Red Matter. Miss even one bit and you'll probably be looping back later to try to desperately find it before time runs out. I suggest putting Red Matter Removal Abilities on your Arrow Legion. It's your fastest Legion, so it'll help to spread its collection radius. Also turn on your IRIS. Red Matter glows yellow in this view and is easier to spot.

So, there's a map to your right with a rough route. The general rule is start south and make your way north gradually, but you will be moving back south at some point during this. Here's my step-by-step guide.

  1. Take the stuff in front of you, but instead of following the path, move your Legion out to the left (south) and chain jump to the opening on the left.
  2. Clean up this area and chain jump onto the yellow floating platform. Use the Arm Legion to move it closer to the Gate in the distance, trying to dodge its shots, or have your Legion take them. Tie up the Gate once you're close enough and clean up this area of Red Matter. (The Toilet is also in this area, but in the interest of getting 100%, we'll skip it.) Retrace your steps back to the entry point.
  3. Follow the walkway, cleaning up Red Matter, until you see floating astral platforms on your left. Before going out to those platforms, move your Legion out to the left of the platforms and follow it along the walkway to get a bunch of partially hidden Red Matter floating in the air.
  4. Chain jump onto the floating platform. There's two more in this area. The one you're on and the third one move side-to-side, while the second moves up and down. First, chain jump to the third platform at the far end, and wrap up the Gate. Clean up the immediate area of Red Matter.
  5. Chain jump to the platform that goes up and down. From the top, reach out with your Legion to find invisible platforms and use them to hop over to the Gate at this level so you can wrap it up. Clean up the Red Matter in the area. Now, retrace your steps back to the main walkway.
  6. Follow the main walkway north as far as you can go before pipes stop you, cleaning up. Backtrack south a little bit and take the stairs onto the walkway that goes westward. Follow it around to the wall.
  7. In this area of walkways, send your Legion across to the opening to the walkway on the same level and chain jump across. Clean up the Red Matter on this platform, and send your Legion out around the outside of the platform for more Red Matter. Chain Jump back across and follow the walkway down the short flight of stairs and around the next wall.
  8. Wrap up the Gate on this platform and clean up the Red Matter before continuing north.
  9. On this side of the walkway, move your Legion out to the open area to collect the floating Red Matter, then move down the stairs back to the main walkway.
  10. Before moving left (north), crawl under the pipe to the right (south). Take all the Red Matter on this walkway. On your left will be a series of floating platforms with three Gates out in the distance. Chain jump across the platforms and move them with the Arm Legion so you can get close to each of the Gates and wrap them up. Be really careful because they shoot at you. There's some Red Matter on these floating platforms, so be extra careful to make sure you get all of it. There's no Red Matter near the Gates, though.
  11. Crawl back under the pipe to the north and continue northwards. Clean up all the Red Matter on the walkway that you see.
  12. At the end is a Gate. If you have four minutes left on the clock, you should be fine to finish this. Take all the Red Matter around it and enter it. You'll face:
    • Four Mutts and a Wolf
    • Four Fire Frogs and a Zeus
    • A Wolf and a Zeus

That should do it for 100%. Just always be careful to make sure you've cleaned up each area before moving on to the next.

Chapter 4 - Probability

Just as a note: once returning here with the Axe Legion, you won't have to trail the sound with the Beast Legion. You can just head right for the entry Gate. You'll just have to take down some cracked walls in your way.

Red Case #16 - Not-So-Saferoom

This Case kinda "starts" back in Chapter 2. In the passages between Grand Avenue 2F and 3F, you'll find a cop muttering to himself. Eavesdrop on him and he'll give you two keywords to remember for later. Once you reach Chapter 4, that later will be now. You're trying to find a secret Hermit saferoom. Of course, you don't need to do that; you can just look at my handy map here that points it out. You don't even have to follow those stated directions. Go to the marked spot and you'll find a hologram wall to pass through. Once inside, enter the Gate and you'll face a Shell-type called Naiad. Its deal is that it can mind control all the humans in front of it. Your target is the Naiad itself, so quickly make your way across the area to it, then hammer on it with everything you've got. It doesn't have a lot of health, and if you're fast enough, you should be able to get the S+ on time alone.

Chapter 5 - Axe

Red Case #17 - Cutting Loose

For the fight with the Axe Nemesis, focus on getting its shield down, which can be done quickly by picking up the yellow shards in the area with the Arm Legion and throwing them. Beyond that, the way to an S+ is to keep away from the death puddles on the perimeter so you can repeatedly style on the Nemesis. Use its spinning attack as a pretty easy way to get a Perfect Call out.

CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

If you're looking for other guides by him, you can search the Yakuza series or the LEGO series on GameFAQs.