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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 07: [Wild]

07 - Walkthrough

puts on Captain America mask, straddles back of chair

So, you broke the rules of Neuron....

Chapter 1 - Caught

We rejoin the player in the Neuron holding cells. Akira will stop by, and you'll also get calls from Olive and Hal (which you can ignore). Eventually, you'll get the call that a massive chimeric outbreak has occurred, and the Commander authorizes your temporary release for this operation. Your destination is the heliport, but feel free to talk to Brenda in the infirmary, Tabuchi in the garage, Lappy next to the B2 elevators, and Joey on the heliport to get some spare items for the trip. They're all real quick Blue Cases. Once you're good to go, speak to Marie at the heliport (wait if Marie's here... who's Lappy?)

Chapter 2 - Chance

Before you even coast into town, yet another homunculus will be released. Once you land, head down the highway. At the end, you'll face a group of Aberrations. Fight them as you will, but keep an eye on the homunculus in the background. Eventually it'll blast its laser which wipes out the Abs and opens the way forward, so dodge. Continue up the highway to where the homunculus is. You can't kill it here, but you can still attack it. It will grab a nearby trailer truck and slam it once on the ground, then throw it, so watch where it's about to land. It's actually possible to cause enough damage to interrupt this. When you get control, immediately go into Precise Shooting and slow things down. A fully charged arrow shot should stop the attack. Next, the homunculus breaks out of its "stump" (hey I don't know what else to call it) and runs off. Follow it along the highway path.

At a service stairway, you'll find Akira, Alicia, and Shizu. Speak to them. Once you're done, a new black chimera will swoop by. Head along the walkway and slash open the door to enter a new area: a series of interconnected service walkways. Climb the ladder and follow the path to the first open area.

Red Case: Chimera Takedown

While you'll see the new chimera, it won't attack here. Instead, you'll deal first with three Hawks, and then two Hawks and an Aello.

Proceed along the walkways. Also, I suggest looking up on the walls to find some Poison Generator bodies. One's near you high on the left wall and one's considerably further away in the direction you need to go. They appear as red dots on your map and deleting them will make moving and fighting easier. Anyway, proceed and you'll find some Officer-type Aberrations, so deal with them and head up the nearby stairs. The bridge that leads further ahead is up, so head the other way.

Red Case: Prisoner of Curiosity

Richard gets scooped up by a Hawk and you'll need to save him before moving on. There are two other Hawks as well in the area, but I'd focus on the one holding Richard first. Pull out your Arrow Legion and focus shot the Hawk (press L then click the Right Stick to slow down time). Take it down first and you can put the hurt on the other two.

Right near Richard is the button to drop the bridge back the other way. Once you tap that button, head back and across the bridge. An optional Red Case will become available for helping out Alan. Take it if you feel bad for him, then head straight towards the back of the area, where you'll find a door that needs to be slashed. Climb up the ladder at the end of the path to move on.

Red Case: Chimera Takedown

As you reach the clearing in the alley, you'll face Kelaino, the black winged chimera. In this first phase, it'll dive, swipe with its talons, and flap its wings to push you back. After causing a bit of damage, it will grab you and fly to the Astral Plane. There, you'll face it and three Ice Hawks together (basically Hawks that can freeze). The Kelaino can now also fire blasts when it flaps, and generate multiple tornadoes. As you cause damage, more Ice Hawks will appear. They're chumps, but they can be useful for restoring your health, and you probably don't want them pecking at you anyway.

You'll teleport back to the real world once the Kelaino's down. Head in the indicated direction.

Chapter 3 - Evolution

If you haven't noticed yet, we're back on Grand Avenue, where File 02 was, just going in reverse from before. As you hit the balcony area, dodge the incoming laser from the homunculus. Head across the bridge to the other side, then along the balcony in the indicated direction, while the homunculus glows and absorbs other chimeras. You can't really get it from here, so head under the low shutter at the end of the path into the passages. Watch out for the Gates in here spewing out black balls of stuff, and wrap them up if you want them to stop.

Red Case: Chimera Takedown

As you go down the ramp in the passage, you'll get pulled right into this fight in the Astral Plane. First is two Kers and a Claw, then two Claws, a Ker, and an Arrow Shell.

Continue down the passage and turn left to find a dirt pile blocking your exit. Use the Beast Legion to dig it up and crouch under the metal shutter. You're now a floor down in the plaza area. Head across the bridge and the homunculus will drop down and chase you. Either click the Left Stick to sprint or hop on the Beast Legion (press L) to keep ahead of it. Once you're out of the open, go into the side passage to avoid the homunculus' laser blast, then proceed to the way it just opened. Use the Arm Legion to raise the shutter. This area has goo and also a new type of Gel chimera I call "Frog", because it's pretty generic and not elemental like the others. Flip up any other shutters you come across with the Arm Legion and follow the marker. You'll face more Frogs and a Zeus as you go.

Once you hit the open street, you'll meet up with the reinforcements that have showed up. Unfortunately, they're not very effective. You have an optional Blue Case of saving one of the downed officers, or you can just proceed along to the center of the street. Here, the homunculus will visibly develop armor and continue to rage. Watch out for it stomping through the street. Once it's gone, you'll have full access to this area. Head to the maker to find another low shutter to crawl under which takes you back to the underground parking garage. You'll fight about ten Aberrations down here. Looks the homunculus is on top of the Rayleigh Plaza building, so head to the elevators in the back.

Chapter 4 - Warfare

At the top of the elevator, head out onto the roof. Make your way along the path and up the stairs and ladder to the wide open square rooftop helipad.

Red Case: Protolegion Battle

Before you face the Legion, you and Akira will have to tangle with some more protos. This time you're facing four: one with a sword and shield, one with a bow, one with gloves, and one with a gladius. Those latter two are aggressive and tend to cause a lot of damage, so make them the priority. The Arrow Proto will probably be the last you go for, as it does tend to hang back. Apart from some stuff you've already seen, don't expect too much from these foes, apart from the usual litheness and durability of the protos.

And now the reason you're up here:

Red Case: Homunculus Gamma

Akira was sent after Jena, so it's just you against the homunculus. You'll face it first in a Beta form, just like the last File. Swipes, bites, and lasers are what you're dealing with. Drain about a third of its health and it will stand on its back legs and become Homunculus γ. On two legs, its attacks come out faster. Swings, stomps, and lasers. Also, it can jam its arms into the ground to make spikes shoot out of the floor. Furthermore, the homunculus has armor around its legs and arms, which resist binding. You'll have to smash the armor off each limb before you can tie it up. Still, binds are a good idea, because two bound legs is easier than four, and it is completely stunned while bound.

When its health is low, it will leap onto the side of the opposite building. From there it will shoot spikes out its back and spit goo. It can also barf up weird astral pods that explode after a set amount of time. Nail it with blaster and arrow shots (remember, aim for the head). If you can damage enough on the wall, he'll jump back to your building, but come up short, holding on to the roof. This is your cue to hit him in the head a lot. If you don't end him in this time, he'll get his feet again and you'll have to finish him off that way.

With the defeat of homunculus, this File comes to an end, and it looks like you're going to be off the hook going forward.

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CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

If you're looking for other guides by him, you can search the Yakuza series or the LEGO series on GameFAQs.