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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 07: [Wild]

07 - Cases and S+ Ranks

Important general note about this File: If you want a good score on the final case: attack the Homunculus whenever you see it. There are "Homunculus Harmer" and "Homunculus Hunter" awards that only pop if you attack the Homunculus at times before the actual fight with it.

Chapter 1 - Caught

Blue Case #1 - Joey's Struggle

Speak to Joey at his usual hangout on the roof to get an AED Charge (Full).

Blue Case #2 - Lappy's Regards

Near the elevators in B2, Lappy is panicking. Speak to him to get both "Lappy's Wisdom" and a Lappy Special energy drink.

Blue Case #3 - Brenda's Concern

Speak to Brenda in the Infirmary. She'll give you a Heal-All.

Blue Case #4 - Technically, A Gift

Go to the Tech Room and speak to Tabitha. She'll give you three Barrier Fields and an Ability.

Blue Case #5 - Tabuchi's Woe

Go down to the Garage and speak to Tabuchi. He'll give you a Medicine (Mini).

Chapter 2 - Chance

Red Case #1 - Chimera Takedown

This is the first fight in the Pipeline Access area against the Hawks and Aello. Given the relative weakness of Hawks, it can go quick, so variety might be tough to shoot for. Still, a quick run will get you a lot of points.

Red Case #2 - Prisoner of Curiosity

This is when Richard gets nabbed by a Hawk partway up the Pipeline Access. To get an S+, you'll really need an Unscathed, so pop a Blue Shield before you get close enough to fight. Use Focus to free Richard quickly and down the Hawk holding him, then quickly finish the other few.

Red Case #3 - A King's Ransom

This is when Alan gets knocked into a dangerous situation. The trick here is time; you'll need to move as fast as possible to collect Alan to get the S+. Before this case even starts, make sure you've shot down both Poison Generators to clear the air. Once the case starts, immediately hop on your Beast and spur straight ahead over the bridge and left up the stairs, then right up the stairs. Kill the Hawk quickly or else it will get in your way. Slash open the door on the left, then enter, turn left and slash the second door. Hit the switch up here to extend the bridge, then hop on your Beast Legion and ride straight across the bridge so you can push against the wind. Turn right to get down where Alan is, then quickly wrap him up to save him.

Red Case #4 - Astral Investigation

This is in the northwest part of the Pipeline Access area, marked on your map, and it's a clearly visible Gate. From the platform near the ladder exit on the west, look out to the north and chain jump onto a floating platform. Have the Arm Legion move it closer to get to the Gate, then hop in. On the other side, you'll fight the following:

  • Oone Briareos
  • Two Hestias (make sure to use the Beast to find them)
  • One new Power-type that is unnamed, but I call it "Brute". It channels electricity, so being struck can stun you. Otherwise it's much like the other Power-types.

Between the two Power-types, there should be enough to get a lot of variety.

Red Case #5 - Redshift

This is in the southwest part of the Pipeline Access area, marked on your map. Before going up to the ladder exit, look to find a ladder down southwest that you can shoot to drop, then climb up to find a cop who's redshifting. What you'll have to do is blueshift him, which takes a fair amount of time with your Sword Legion, and while you're doing that, Aberrations will show up to attack you. There are two ways to get an S+ at this: either defeat all the Abs really quickly without them hitting you or interrupting the Sword Legion, or take your sweet time with the Abs and go massive variety on them. Make sure you get a whole bunch of Sync Attacks, at least two Perfect Calls, three Legion Skills, Command Skills, maybe a Multi-Slash with Sword Legion, headshots with the Arrow Legion. The whole nine. The Abs will not stop coming until you finish with the cop, so you can chill and take your time cleaning them up in style.

Red Case #6 - Chimera Takedown

This is the duel with Kelaino, the winged black chimera. Blue Shield is helpful here, simply because Kelaino has a lot of attacks that are tough to dodge, so may as well tank 'em. Once you get dragged to the Astral Plane, do your best to keep Kelaino over solid ground, either by binding or Gravity Storm if you have it. The fight is only really hard/annoying if Kelaino can get distance from you, so shut that down if you can. The S+ isn't too difficult.

Chapter 3 - Evolution

Red Case #7 - Astral Investigation

You need the Axe Legion for this case. Once the Homunculus fires his laser on the bridge, head to below the spot where he was hanging and you'll find a cracked wall. Bust it with the Axe Legion, then enter the Gate behind it. You'll face:

  • Three Hestias
  • Two Hestias and two Fireballs, which are smaller variants on File 05's Deimos. They shoot fire at you and explode at low health if you give them a chance.
  • The last round is against Hector, a sizable Humanoid-type chimera with a giant sword similar to Diomedes. He doesn't have Diomedes' fire, but he does have faster attacks, and quite a bit of power and health.
Blue Case #6 - Gate Disposal

Once you slide under the shutter into the passages, you'll easily see this Gate at the far end. Wrap it up.

Red Case #8 - Chimera Takedown

This is the fight in the Astral Plane you're thrust into while walking down a ramp. Make sure you take out the Shell-types as quickly as you can, because the other enemies are simple Claws, which are not durable enough to make variety a viability. Go for speed.

Blue Case #7 - Gate Disposal

Once you exit the Astral Plane, this Gate should be directly to your right.

Blue Case #8 - Gate Disposal

This Gate is found in the area with the goop. As you open the shutters, there's a point where the Homunculus will break through the ceiling to yell at you. In the next hallway, go right instead of left to find a Gate at the end of the passage. Watch out, because there's a Zeus nearby as well.

Blue Case #9 - Gate Disposal

This is down at street level. Once the Homunculus busts through all the cops and escapes, follow the blue marker on your map to find it.

Red Case #9 - Astral Investigation

This starts near the previous Gate Disposal, specifically just to the east. You can see some cracked red ground. Investigate it with your Legion and you should be able to blaze a trail into the passages to the northeast and find a Gate. This actually leads you to a short run through the Astral Plane. Head forward and you'll see a block moving side-to-side. Pull out your Arrow Legion and focus so you can hit both bits of Astral Matter when they're visible. Ride the elevator up and follow the path. Going up the slope, you'll see more blocks moving side-to-side. Get past them and the death puddles (I suggest wearing the Arm Legion and dodging to get through quick). Next, you'll have blocks moving towards you. Weave between them as you run forward and drop down straight ahead of you. Move up the slopes and to the final area.

You'll face what I call "Fireballs" here. They're Elemental chimera, similar to Deimos from File 05. They can spit fire and set themselves on fire to discourage you from attacking. Furthermore, if you get their health low, they'll swell up like balloons and explode, causing considerable damage. Focus on long-range attacks and letting your Legion do the work if you can, using as many Skills as you have to cause damage from afar. You'll face one, then two, then four of the Fireballs. Speed is your ally so you can get the S+ and not get blown up.

Blue Case #10 - Rubble Rescue

After the Homunculus leaves Grand Avenue, you'll be left with wreckage and a lot of cops down. Go east to the big red spike in front of the JAVS truck and you'll find a cop buried under rubble. Use the Arm Legion to get it off her.

Blue Case #11 - Gate Disposal

This is an interesting set of Gates. On the east side of Grand Avenue, before you enter the parking garage, go south from "Rubble Rescue" and you may spot a large crate with yellow borders. This can be grabbed by the Arm Legion, so grab it and push it down the street ahead of you. There are four Gates at the end here, and they're firing rather quickly, so use that crate as a shield, then send your Legion around to tie up each Gate.

Red Case #10 - Chimera Takedown

Once you enter the parking garage, instead of going to the elevators, continue west and up the path to find a shutter that the Arm Legion can raise. You'll come out on the west side of the collapsed bridge and as you move towards the center, a Power-type will unceremoniously just drop in. Its name is Minotaur, and it's a bit more aggressive and stronger than a Briareos. Plus it's got those cool horns. The fight is only against it, so vary things up to keep your score up. If you finish it in around a minute, you should be sitting pretty for an S+.

Chapter 4 - Warfare

Red Case #11 - Protolegion Battle

I'd prioritize the Gladius and Glove Protos because they tend to get in your grill the most to mess you up. Remember that you have Akira with you so don't be worried about letting them take one of them on and focusing on the others. Also remember that you won't be finishing them to restore your health, so keep an eye on it. Speed helps here.

Red Case #12 - Homunculus Gamma

Okay, here's the deal. If you read the top of this section, you'd know that a good way to get a nice bonus (3000 extra points) is to attack the Homunculus earlier in the File. Give it as much hell as you can when you see it. The damage won't be applied to the fight, but trust me, those points are worth it. You can load up the File at Chapter 3 and snipe at it when it tries to blast you with a laser and it should count for it.

At the actual fight, make it a priority once it's on its back legs to smash up the armor on those legs, then bind each one. With the beast bound, you're free to slap it around with the attacks of your choice. Once you bind it, it will try to get back up. Once it moves, bind one of its legs again to get it back on the ground. If you can keep this pattern up, you can actually kill it before it can move on to the phase where it hops onto the wall, and that will save you a boatload of time. It's still possible to get the S+ entirely on variety, but why take the risk when you can get a little extra?

CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

If you're looking for other guides by him, you can search the Yakuza series or the LEGO series on GameFAQs.