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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 06: [Complicit]

06 - Walkthrough

As a quick note: this can easily be the longest File if you explore and do side stuff. There's a ton of locations you traverse. Just remember that this game saves frequently. As soon as you pass into a new area, don't worry about taking a break and coming back to it all later. Pace yourself, is what I'm saying.

Chapter 1 - Communication

Blue Case: Staying Informed

You get immediately tossed into viewing some files on your PC. This isn't actually the datacard you were given. You can choose to read these or not, but the case is only completed once you read every file that has a "NEW" next to it. You can just scroll through them quickly. Regardless, you can leave the review screen at any time and return to active play.

NOTE: The game does not tell you how to access the files locked behind a password. I'm here to tell you that the password to those files is "1125". It's the Howard twins' birthday. It's not essential information, nor is it required for completing the Blue Case, but it's nice for lore purposes.

As you exit, Hal will get in touch with you. He'll ask for you to meet on the roof. This time there actually is nothing to do in HQ, so head up to the heliport and you'll find Hal....'s drone just partially obscured by some boxes. Talk to him and he'll reveal that the datacard basically contained information that points you to the next mission. Of course, it's a very off-the-books mission, because you'd be going into Zone 09 of the Ark, which was where the Pandemic happened, and it's a disavowed area by the government, despite the fact that people are still living there. Hal basically says-but-doesn't-say to meet him up at Harmony Square to go with him into Zone 09.

Well the story doesn't move forward unless you break the rules, so go down to the Garage and hop on your bike.

Chapter 2 - Chase

Welcome back to Harmony Square. There's a lot to do here. A total of two Red Cases and six Blue Cases can be tackled. Funny thing is you don't actually have to do any of it. Your destination is down in the southeast. This was a building you could have accessed in File 04, but the door leading out wasn't open. This time, you can get through the door right next to the vending machine, continue out to the alleyway, and Slash open the door with the big "UNION" label on it. Behind it is an underground access ladder, so head down.

Chapter 3 - Wall

You'll find Hal here. He'll confirm one last time if you're suuuure you want to join him on his little escapade. In for a penny, right?

Red Case: Going Beyond the Wall

Welcome to a new type of Case: stealth missions. Your objective is to make your way to the opposite side of the area. How you do this is up to you. The "cool" way of doing it is to slowly make your way forward, and either entirely avoid the guards or bind them up stealthily with your Legion. There's another way, though. If you get spotted, Hal will give you the option of trying again or just forgoing all the pageantry and busting your way through. If you do this, you'll have to face all the police in the area as well as any Drones they call in.

For the sake of this guide, let's assume you take the stealthy route. First thing to be aware of is that there's a "quick" Stealth Bind trigger. If you're behind a cop and close enough, simply tap ZL and boom, cop bound. In fact, once a cop is bound, he's effectively out of the action. Make sure you do the binding in a location where the cop can't be seen by another cop, because that will raise their alert level. Also make SURE you actually HAVE the prompt, otherwise you'll just slam your Legion into them, which will make them quite suspicious.

Speaking of which, a lot of things can raise a cop's alert level (marked by a percentage at the top of the screen). Entering their cone of vision, making noise, touching them, either with yourself or a Legion. Sprinting is too noisy and even jogging can be too loud if you're close enough. Best policy is to crouch-walk so you don't accidentally move too fast. Also, don't be afraid to use the IRIS, as that will make their vision cones appear in the main view.

There are seven cops in the area, including one at the end you're required to bind or KO so you can take his keycard. Two of the cops are right near your starting point, on either side facing away, so they're very easy to snag. There's another cop on either side mid-way up the walkway that patrol, so if you want to bind them you'll have to get in a position. Closer to the end are two more cops, and these two have a patrol route that overlaps, meaning one will likely notice if the other is bound. Either bound both together using a manual bind or make sure that one bind is out of vision of the other. The last cop is the one by the exit, but he's constantly facing along the main access route to him. To get there stealthily, look beyond the two cops close to each other. Out over the gap you'll see a pair of floating panels. If you hop onto these panels, you can use the Arm Legion to grasp the side and move them. Move a panel close to the exit, where there's a ledge underneath it, and jump from the panel to the ledge, climb up the ladder, and you'll be behind the last cop. Tie him and up and approach him to take his keycard, then leave via the marked exit.

Hop into the elevator and you'll be taken to the next section.

Red Case: Through the Dragnet

This next section is much thinner. There are four cops here. One is right in front of you as you start, pacing back and forth on the walkway, and is pretty easy to stealth-bind. The second is below you. He's got his back to a short wall (which you can't send a Legion over). To get close to him, you'll have to take a ladder down on the right side of the walkway, which is just past the first cop. You can't step close without being seen, but what you CAN do is start from the bottom of the ladder, manually move your Legion out to him and bind him safely from cover. You could also distract him with a can if you wanted to get closer.

The last two cops are at the end of the bridge, talking to each other. If you approach them straight on from the upper level, you'll be spotted. The way to avoid their attention is to take the lower path (which requires dealing with the second cop). At the far end of the lower path is stairs leading up right next to them. From the landing on the stairs halfway up, you should be able to snake out your Legion and get both of them with one manual bind. It does require some finesse and practice to get this perfect though. I suggest using the stairs on the left, simply because the camera is more forgiving on that side.

Alternatively, you can still go out guns blazing and get through this all the same. To finish this case, move down the walkway, and take a left at the vending machine.

Chapter 4 - Search

You're now officially "through the wall" into Zone 09. Now it's time to find some civilization and ask around. The route to the camp known as "Sector V" is basic but convoluted. It's really just following that major pathway and you're pretty much there, but the route kind cuts around itself. There are also three Red Cases and a Blue Case scattered around to find. As you approach the camp, Hal will point out the main entrance. Going up there and speaking to the guys there will simply see you rejected. You'll need to take a low route in. There are a couple of ways to this low route, but the easiest one for me to describe is for you to turn around and leave this "entry" platform until you hit a bridge over a gap. Look down from this bridge and you should a series of platforms. These snake around to the right side of the camp and you'll find your entry point down here. You'll know you got the right entry when you see a person marked "Lonely Woman" leaning against the wall.

Red Case: Asking Around

This is another investigation with responses section. In fact, it's the last one in the game. There are five keywords you need to collect for this investigation. They are:

  • "Hermits" - Quite frankly there are a ton of people talking about the Hermits, including the guys at the gate and the Lonely Woman you passed to get here, so don't sweat trying to find this one.
  • "use a drug" - There's a "Walking Man" pacing around the junk district and down past the vending machines. He'll give you this and the next one.
  • "stop redshift" - Walking Man
  • "liquid" - There's a "Shopkeeper" up near the gate, and also "Greedy Man" past the vending machines
  • "thin man" - Near "Greedy Man" are two kids and an older brother. Speak to "Older Sister" and she'll mention the thin man. This can also be found with other people.

Hal will then confer with you on what you've found thus far. The questions are answered in this order: "Hermits", "stop redshift", "use a drug", "liquid", "thin man". You're not done after this, though. Now you'll actually have to find a way into the Hermits' hideout.

  • "ventilation ducts" - There are a couple of ways to do this, but the simplest by far is to exit out the camp to the northeast and find the Hermits posted up out west. Get close and Hal will mention the potential of a "secret passage", but also eavesdrop on the Hermit guards and one will mention this keyword.

Learning this last keyword closes the case.

You have a new marker on your map. It's at the south end of the area. Formerly, this little ladder down to the open area denied you access. Now, you can go down the ladder. Go behind the ladder (around the left) and you'll see a duct on the back wall. Use the Arm Legion to pull it open, then crouch and enter. Turn to the right and you'll enter an area you can stand up in. Note all the junk piles in this area. You can use the Beast to dig up each of these piles. The one you actually want to hit is opposite the way you came in, which reveals another duct to crawl through.

Chapter 5 - Break-In

So begins your stealthy infiltration of the Hermits' hideout. Move along the duct. As you pass over grates, you can press A to look down and get some info, but none of it is what I'd call required. Head down the duct straight, and then turn left at the end and follow the duct to the overlook of an arena. You'll observe Hermits fighting chimeras, then their leader walking in, commenting on how their "latest batch" is effective in helping them fight. He then calls you out hiding in the ceiling. So ends your stealthy infiltration of the Hermits' hideout.

Red Case: Proving Your Strength

The Hermits leader wants to test how strong you are, so he sends his best after you. This fight begins with you facing three Hermit Slashers (with large weapons), Hermit Burners (throwing firebombs at you) and a Hermit Pilot sending his drone after you. It helps you the most to target the Pilot to end the drone threat.

Once those six are down, Kyle himself joins the fight. He wields what looks very similar to an X-Baton Gladius. He has sweeping strikes and flip kicks, tosses smoke grenades, tosses small firebombs, and as a signature move, flips into open space and stomps on his gladius, causing shocking bolts to flow out of the ground. It's basically a fight of getting around attacks you can and avoiding attack you can't. Once get him down below a quarter health, the fight will end.

Kyle admits your strength, at least enough to satisfy him. Follow him through his complex and into his "office", as it were. Speak to him once he sits down and he'll reveal that the drug he and people use is called "Blue Evolve" and strengthens them enough to fight chimeras. Next is to connect with this "thin man" supplier, a man named Douglas. Unfortunately, he seems to be missing. The good news is that he has a briefcase that he brought left behind. Take it so you can have the Beast Legion sniff it. Not here, though.

Chapter 6 - Cooperation

Follow the marker so you can make your way back out of the hideout. You can take an optional Red Case on the way if you want. Walk down the passage and to the elevator. Head out the passage and you'll emerge behind the main entrance to the hideout, and the guards will still be grumpy, but not repellent, at least.

Blue Case: Smells Like Trouble

Take out the Beast Legion and give it a good whiff of the case. Follow it as it tracks, through the busted commuter train, back to the lower section of Sector V and out to the open area. This time you'll actually enter this area. You'll get a short distance before the scent ends at a broken ladder. Looks like you'll need to get to the upper floor. Head inside the structure and turn on your IRIS to see a hanging platform above you, suspended only by a single wire. Use the Arrow Legion to cut it. You'll drop the ramp and also scare up a pack of Aberrations. Deal with them, then head up the ramp and head to the left. The path leads out to a bridge to the next structure.

Use the Arm Legion to pry open the wall blocking your way, and you'll have to fight a bunch more Aberrations. Once they're down, head up the stairs to the next floor. At the far end is a Laius, just hanging out. Defeat it, and continue following Douglas' scent to reveal a Gate. Hop in.

Chapter 7 - Rescue

After spending a lot of time in the real world in this File, finally you'll get some time in Cube World. Note the flickering blue in front of you. These become platforms when you pass a Legion over them. The platform will remain as long as the Legion stays on it. Once the Legion leaves, the platform disappears in about five seconds. The first path goes straight ahead. As long as you have an idea where the path is, you're pretty good just running straight ahead with the Legion by your side.

Head down the two slopes to the lowest floor and you'll be attacked by a pair of Claws. Once they're down, the marker on your map will point the path ahead, to some distant platforms. Send out your Legion to find the blue platforms that will get you there. Note that the path kinda veers to the left, and you'll have to chain jump to reach the next bit of solid ground. Once there, the red cube in front of you can be moved, and the Astral Matter to trigger it is distant behind you. Tag it with an Arrow and the cube will slide just far enough to accommodate some blue platforms under it. The path again veers left and there are a few gaps in it now, so be prepared to jump.

Red Case: Chimera Takedown

At the next solid platform, you'll be attacked by Hestia, an Arrow-type chimera. It can vanish from sight when it's not attacking, but if you call out your Beast Legion, you'll see a faded form and can actually target it, so use that instead of just attacking randomly. It will like to hang back and fire, similar to the Arrow Nemesis, so expect to be using your blaster mostly.

With the Hestia down, hop onto the nearby platform going up and down. Ride it up to the next level, which asks you to walk your way around some moving blocks, then throws in some more moving blocks, this time over the disappearing blue platforms. Head up the slope at the far end. Your next obstacle is to cross a gap where there's a series of advancing walls of red blocks that block your crossing. There are some blue platforms in between, so you could either chain jump to the blue platform quickly to get across, or turn around behind you to find another up-and-down moving platform and go over the top of the whole mess. Either is valid.

As you reach the top of the next slope, you'll be attacked by a Hawk. Defeat it and you'll find a second Hawk just beyond the next wall. A third Hawk shows up at the end of the path. Ignore the big red block here and follow the path to the right, across the blue platforms to the solid ground. There's another series of blue platforms to lead you back to the left, but there's another big red block here, sliding along the path. Send your Legion out to sit on the furthest blue platform you can reach, then wait for the red block to get close to you so you can get two clear jumps: one to the blue platform, then one to the solid ground before the red block comes back to push you off, then hop across the gap under the vertically moving big red block. You're safe on the next bit of ground.

Walk around the path and you'll get attacked by a Hawk and a Ker. Remember to Sword Slash the Ker's connection before dealing with them. Now, there are three quickly moving bits of Astral Matter off in the distance not far from the elevator platform. Make sure you focus with your Arrow Legion (click the Right Stick while aiming) so you can hit all three. Ride up the platform.

Continue up the slope and you'll run into a wall that needs to be Slashed open. Step on the two buttons behind it and ride up to where Douglas is.

Red Case: Rescuing Douglas

I'm sure you knew that empty space was too good to be true. Seven Claws will attack you here. Given their speed, it's best to find ways to slow them down or bind them up. Otherwise, you can just pick them off one at a time.

Once they're down, you face a nasty black Power-type chimera named Tartarus. He's a bit more of a handful than the usual Briareos. In addition to the usual Power-type attacks, he also has an invincible shoulder tackle (he glows yellow before using it) and a giant aura shockwave (a big circle appears around him before using it). At half health, he starts using some combo swings that have forward shoulder tackles in them, but it's not too fancy. Keep your distance when he's about to attack, then unload once he whiffs.

Chapter 8 - Chaos

Upon finding Douglas, you return back to the other side, where Kyle and his Hermits are waiting. In addition to taking Douglas' case of Blue Evolve, he also asks for your Legatus. Before things can get bad, they instead get ugly. Kyle's men convulse and redshift, becoming Aberrations.

Red Case: Hermit Aberration

The Hermit types of Abs actually have more health than regular civilian variants. Also you'll face your first "Gladius" Aberration, with a large weapon and more health than any of the others. The tactics are the same as other Abs, though. You'll have Kyle during this fight, and you'll get a bonus if you keep him protected.

Poor Kyle's a mess at this point, but you need to find Douglas, who rabbited in the confusion. Press ZL while looking at the nearby security camera and you'll get a hologram of Douglas running off. Chase that hologram up the ladder. As you reach the top, you'll get yanked from the ladder by an ambush of Aberrations. It's only a few, so defeat them and continue. You'll find another camera up here if you need to keep tracking Douglas, but the path is pretty obvious. Just follow the Red Matter and ohhhh-kay. That's probably not good. Continue across the bridge. The exploding astral stuff in the area pretty much narrows the path for you, so follow it.

Red Case: Chimera Takedown

As you enter a building with just stairs and walkways around an empty space, two Hawks will attack you. You don't have much room to move, so use long-range attacks or just send your Legion out to fight them.

Continue up the walkway. At the top, Hal will tell you to run back, so do so to avoid the encroaching astral stuff. Take a breath, then some platforms will appear in the center of the area. Hop to the moving platform, then use the other platforms to cross to the far walkway. Continue along the path. Defeat any Aberrations that appear and press on. You can help the woman that gets trapped under the rubble, but it's not required.

Red Case: Chimera Takedown

As you cross one of the clearings, a Diomedes will pop out to fight. He's the same as others you've faced before.

Continue along the path. It's a pretty straight run.

Chapter 9 - Deceit

Move along this balcony. Try to not knock over too many people on your way there. You'll get a little surprised on the elevator of a single Aberration, but once you're down the elevator, things slow down.

Hal suggests turning your IRIS on. Do so, and you'll spot Douglas. Go to him to find him already dead of a self-inflicted blaster wound. His case is empty and his stash is plundered. Check the camera outside to find out who took his stuff. After that, you'll hear a blaster shot. Investigate, and you'll find members of Neuron fighting Aberrations.

Red Case: Neuron in Need

Go out and give them a hand clean up all the Abs. Don't worry about how many there are because after about thirty seconds of fighting, this melee will be pre-empted by the arrival of Homunculus β. The Beta version is not stuck to the ceiling, and crawls around on all fours.

Its attacks involve swipes, slamming, and the purple mouth laser from the Alpha version. Try to stay real close to it to make the dodging easier. You can tie up each of its four limbs and doing so stuns it, making it wide open to heavy attack combos.

Once you drain half its health, it climbs onto the wall of the arena and starts shooting spikes. These spikes either erupt from the ground in clusters or get fired off the wall in clusters. Either way, avoid them while taking potshots. Eventually, it will slam back to the ground, so continue the beating. The next time it goes up to the wall, it will wildly fire its laser, which will knock several signs off the walls. The one you're waiting for is the big sign that slams down in the middle of the arena. Grab it with the Arm Legion and chuck it. This is another stun state and a chance for you to pile on.

Finally, the Homunculus will say enough of standing still and will quite simply skitter around the walls and floor, shooting spikes at you. You can try your best to shoot it down while it runs, but the real answer is to wait for it to come back to the floor and pull out your Legion for a Chain Counter. Once you connect the counter, you'll do a massive amount of damage, putting the creature of its misery.

Of course, it's not quite down yet, and it seems like you're out of options and energy, but who should come save you but a mysterious soldier in black armor, using a black and red Legion? Oh, it's just Akira.

Continue to the next File.

CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

If you're looking for other guides by him, you can search the Yakuza series or the LEGO series on GameFAQs.